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Importance of Azure Cloud Services

Importance of Azure Cloud Services

Cloud Service Providers When the Cloud was launched in the market, a few organizations bought the entire infrastructure, and now they provide these services to people across the globe. Thus, the Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) are the organizations that provide infrastructure, network services, or business a...

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What to expect during the AWS Exam_

What to expect during the AWS Exam?

Amazon utilizes decentralized or distributed IT infrastructure to make a few IT resources available on demand. Since the 1990s, they have put a considerable number of dollars into building and managing large-scale distributed and proficient IT infrastructure. AWS is an abbreviation of Amazon Web Services. It ...

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Choosing the right AWS certification for you

Choosing The Right AWS Certification For You

AWS is the most comprehensive and predominantly utilized Cloud platform worldwide. Millions of clients have shown their faith in AWS to boost their infrastructure and applications. Businesses, irrespective of their type and size, use AWS to bring down expenses, become more agile, and innovate faster. AWS rend...

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Top emerging Cloud Computing trends to look for in 2021

Top Emerging Cloud Computing Trends To Look for in 2021

Cloud computing has occupied a significant part of the technology market. The consequences of incidents experienced in 2020 have ensued most forecasts for 2021. Cloud computing sustained the world's economy, overall supply chains, and remote workforces during the coronavirus pandemic. It will continue to be a...

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How to Migrate the Server to Azure?

We can use Azure Migrate to migrate a server to Azure. Azure migrate is a service administered by Azure to render a centralized hub to appraise and migrate on-premises servers, infrastructures, applications, and data to Azure Cloud. It is a one-stop solution to not only just assess the infrastructure that we ...

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Career Range of Data Science and AWS

Career Range of Data Science and AWS

As technological advancements make our life much more comfortable, the increasing dependency of people on technology has given rise to more career options in the IT industry. Earlier, people had limited career platforms, but today data reinforces all the revolutionary technologies. From Social media to IoT de...

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All about the Azure Internet of Things (IoT)

All about the Azure Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been in quite a trend lately in the cyber world. Its gaining popularity as vast numbers of gadgets multiplies worldwide because it brings down operational expenses, power breakthrough customer experiences, and creates new revenue streams. As businesses worldwide face extraordi...

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Overview of the Azure storage

An Overview of the Azure Storage

Selecting the right storage solution is a crucial part of any project. Storage accounts are one of the most robust storage solutions in Azure. It is managed by Microsoft and provides an enormous file system service for the cloud, a messaging store for reliable messaging, a scalable object store for data objec...

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Azure VPN Gateways

Azure VPN Gateway

VPN Gateway is a Networking Service provided by Azure. Networking services allow the customers to connect their on-premises and cloud resources and assist in protecting and managing the networking for those services. They also lend a hand to the customers in delivering their applications. Azure Virtual...

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How is AZ-303 different from AZ-304

How is AZ-303 Different from AZ-304?

The new AZ-303 and AZ-304 exams are the modified versions of AZ-300 Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies and AZ-301 Microsoft Azure Architect Design, respectively. This exam requires subject-matter expertise in designing and implementing solutions that operate on Microsoft Azure, incorporating features like...

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All about AZ Security Course

All about Azure Security AZ-500 Course

Microsoft Azure is the second-biggest Cloud Computing platform, which is effectively growing. It was launched in 2010 and has now acquired a significant share in the market. It provides 100+ services in a variety of domains to more regions compared to the other Cloud service providers. More than 80% of fortun...

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All about AWS Security Course_

All About AWS Security Course

AWS is one of the largest Cloud Computing Platforms in the world and owns the largest share in the Cloud computing market. It is exponentially growing and as it obtains a more significant stake in the market, the requirement for ensuring its security from breaches and vulnerabilities increases proportionally....

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Top Learnings from Azure Security

Like the other Cloud platforms, Microsoft Azure is also entirely dependent on a technology called Virtualization, which emulates computer hardware in Software. This is made feasible by the evidence that a maximum number of the computer hardware operates by obeying an encoded set of instructions. Virtualized h...

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Top learnings from AWS Security

It's presumably nothing unexpected that security is one of the most popular game plays in the IT industry. In the age of cyberwarfare, security is the most important aspect of any organization or an individual. It's likewise profoundly imperative to our clients and any organization thinking about moving to th...

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Why CCSK with InfosecTrain

Cloud computing is the future of the Information Technology sector, and considering its security is an important aspect. CCSK, an abbreviation of Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge, is the first user certification for secure Cloud computing in the industry. CCSK is designed in such a way that it ensures ...

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How DNS Server works

How DNS Server works?

Ever wondered how do computer systems communicate with each other? In the world of the internet, the computers distinguish each other with a unique number referred to as IP address. They do not understand the common language used by human beings. So, how do they communicate with human beings? When we enter a ...

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AWS Certification Guide

Introduction An immeasurable reason for the massive rise in businesses moving online is a surge in user engagement. It's not only the large organizations these days that run online portals, but many small independent businesses also have a decent number of users. Sometimes, when there is a sudden rise in t...

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