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Cloud Security as a Career

Modern businesses are moving to cloud for obvious benefits of flexibility, scalability, efficiency, and affordability. However, with these increased opportunities comes an increased risk of security breaches. Therefore, organizations need cloud security professionals to safeguard their cloud deployments and maximize their cloud efforts.

The demand for cloud security professionals is growing steadily at a stupendous rate of 115% from 2020 to 2025. Enterprises are looking for cloud security experts who are well-versed with vendor-neutral as well as vendor-specific cloud skills pertaining to Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud among others.

Salary of Cloud Security Professionals

The average salary for a Cloud Security Engineer is

$1,36,485 per year

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Benefits of Cloud Security Training Courses

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Increase Your Earning Potential

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Stay Ahead of the Competition with Exceptional Skills and a Valid Certification

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Build your Credibility with Specialized Knowledge

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Enhance Job Security and Career Opportunities

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Boost Self Confidence

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  • arrow-down|infosectrainWhat is Cloud security?
  • With organizations rapidly embracing cloud and accelerating their digital transformation initiatives to remain competitive, they need to secure their cloud deployments from internal and external threats. Cloud security practices allow businesses to maximize the benefit from cloud technologies while ensuring security and protection of their digital assets hosted on the cloud.
  • arrow-down|infosectrainWhy Cloud Security Training is Important?
  • While cloud computing allows organizations to optimize their operations and use advanced capabilities for a modern, innovative approach, this transition to cloud-based environments can cause severe implications if not done securely. Therefore, cloud security is an expanding and highly in-demand field of great importance and numerous opportunities.
  • arrow-down|infosectrainWhat are the different Cloud Security roles and responsibilities?
  • The job roles associated with Cloud Security are:

    • • Cloud Security Engineer
    • • Cloud Security Administrator
    • • Cloud Security Architect
    • • DevOps Engineer
    • • Compliance Specialist
    • • Operations Lead

    Cloud Security responsibilities include ensuring proper measures and controls to protect cloud assets from internal or external threats.

  • arrow-down|infosectrain What are the top Cloud Security certifications?
  • The top Cybersecurity Certifications are AWS Certified Security Specialty, AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies, CCSK (Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge), CCSE (Certified Cloud Security Engineer) among others.
  • arrow-down|infosectrain How can I start a career in Cloud Security?
  • Cloud security requirements to begin a career are:
    • • You should have some fundamental knowledge of cloud
    • • Pick a cloud vendor for which you want to specialize – Amazon, Microsoft Azure, Google or others.
    • • Later, once you get accustomed to a cloud platform, it is easy to switch between vendors and learn platform-specific tools based on your requirements.