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SailPoint IdentityIQ Implementation & Developer Exam Prep Online Training
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SailPoint is a leading player in the global Identity Access management space with the largest market share as well as the highest demand for professionals with its software expertise. Our SailPoint IdentityIQ Implementation & Development training program is designed to prepare you with all the essential and foundational knowledge necessary to administer, implement and develop in the SailPoint IdentityIQ Identity & Access Management Software.

Sailpoint Course Highlights

  • 40 Hrs of Instructor-led Training
  • Training Completion Certificate
  • Dedicated Session for Interview Prep
  • Overview of CyberArk, Hitachi ID, OKTA

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Sailpoint Course Description


Sailpoint IdentityIQ is the leading Identity & Access Management solution provider with a global adoption rate of 75%, with its integrated governing systems that delivers specific Identity Governance capabilities like compliance control, access request, provisioning, and password management in application in leading organizations across the world. Grab fundamental concepts and skills necessary to administer and develop in the SailPoint IdentityIQ software ecosystem and take your career prospects to the next possible level. Gain essential SailPoint developer skills while complementing the same with effective administration knowledge to strengthen your conceptual and practical understanding of the platform.

Our Sailpoint IdentityIQ Implementation & Developer training program is specially designed with three key modules to train your skills effectively, Implementation, Administration & Development essentially prepping you for a wide array of SailPoint roles. Get additional downloadable resources, SailPoint Documents, Cloud VMs and virtual machines that are necessary for enhancing or complementing your learning experience. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be eligible for a wide array of SailPoint jobs like SailPoint IIQ developer, SailPoint Administrator, SailPoint IIQ expert, etc.

Understand the concepts and components of the IdentityIQ architecture and its key features, explore the application on-boarding process and correlation; train about executive troubleshooting, debugging and control; learn to smoothly go through workflows, reports, provisioning broker, and engine and build your true SailPoint IIQ capabilities. These skills are highly crucial in bagging that lucrative SailPoint role that you’re eyeing for yourself! Also, we have added a 4 hours long Interview session at the end of this program that will train you in essential SailPoint Interview questions and answers and make you completely job-ready.

Currently, SailPoint is both a Pathfinder and a Market Leader in the global Identity & Access Management space while delivering high level solutions  enhancing identity governance, operational efficiency, security delivery, etc. to enterprises with complicated security environments. This SailPoint IdentityIQ course or SailPoint IIQ course is designed to uplift your career prospects in the Identity Management field with its leading tool!


The growth of the SailPoint IdentityIQ business is being driven by the increased need for identity management systems in the future years. Most firms choose SailPoint to reduce risks and enhance business growth by managing user access. As a result, there is a greater demand for specialists who can manage and develop the solution in their companies.

The InfosecTrain SailPoint IdentityIQ-Admin and Developer training course is designed to give you advanced knowledge of the IAM solution through a balanced mix of practical and theoretical information. Professionals who want to manage and create SailPoint solutions for their companies should take this course.

The course provides 4 hours of interview preparation. It will also cover additional IAM/IDM/PAM products such as CyberArk, Hitachi ID, and OKTA.

Sailpoint technology provides excellent career opportunities around the world, with very high salaries for certified professionals. As a result, the course will assist you in furthering your IAM career.

Use IdentityIQ’s power to keep your company safe and compliant.

Target Audience

SailPoint Exam Prep Training is suitable for anyone who is willing to get through the certification exam. If you are :

  • An aspirant looking forward to start the career in SailPoint
  • A professional who want to change the career domain to identity and access management (IAM)
  • A Software Developer or Tester
  • Java Developer
  • Anyone who has Java knowledge and interested to start their career in SailPoint IAM

Our SailPoint course will prove to be truly beneficial for you.


There are no prerequisites for SailPoint IdentityIQ Training but it is recommended to have

  • IdentityIQ login and access management knowledge and
  • Java and MySQL programming languages knowledge.


  • SailPoint® is a registered mark of SailPoint Technologies Inc.
  • We are not an authorized training partner of SailPoint.


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Sailpoint Course Content

This Sailpoint IdentityIQ Implementation & Developer Training program is divided into two parts, Part 1 or Administration & Part 2 or Development for better comprehension and insight. 

Part 1  of Training Administrator: IAM overview and Its Key concepts, Product Architecture – Installation – Deployment, Overview and Product Architecture,Implementing  Risks and Policies, Certifications, Roles, Troubleshooting, Debug, Console, Reporting, Lifecycle Manager

Part 2 of Training Developer: Introduction to Workflows, IdentityIQ Default Workflows, Workflows Operation, Creation and modifying Workflows, Process Editor Tabs, Accessing the XML, XML Content,  Reference Syntax, Monitoring Workflows, Components of a Form, Defining Custom Forms, Forms Models, Form Examples, Overview of QuickLinks, DynamicScope, QuickLinkOption, Filter Strings and Values for search, Sailpoint Object Model, Walk through Sailpoint database, Custom Rules (Query Sailpoint objects),Certification Rules (Exclusions / Pre delegation), Object Exporter,Workgroup Exporter / Importer

SailPoint Training Course Topics:

  • IdentityIQ Business Purpose
  • IdentityIQ Overview
  • IdentityIQ Common Components
  • Overview of an IdentityIQ Project

Product Architecture – Installation – Deployment

  • Understanding the Product Architecture
  • Understanding the Installation Procedure for IdentityIQ
  • Understanding the Installation Procedure for SailPoint IdentityIQ Patching

Exercise 1- Overview and Product Architecture

Identity cubes:

  • Identity Cube Overview
  • Applications/Connectors
  • Identity Mappings
  • Aggregation of Data
  • Capabilities/Scoping/Workgroups

Application On-boarding, Correlation

  • On-boarding Applications
  • Account Correlation, Manager Correlation
  • Application Configuration

Exercise 2 – Risks & Policies

Risks & Policies

  • IdentityIQ Policy Overview
  • Policy Types
  • Defining Policies
  • Discovering and Handling Policy Violations
  • Identity Risk Model
  • Refreshing and Interaction with Risk scores

Exercise 3 – Certifications


  • Certifications and Access Reviews
  • Types of Certifications
  • Certification Lifecycle
  • Certification Configuration
  • Making Certification Decisions
  • Certification Decisions

Exercise 4-  RBAC–>  Roles


  • Role Definition
  • Role Management Benefits
  • Role Model Overview
  • Role Mining
  • Role Management Pointers

Exercise 5 – Troubleshooting, Debug, Console

Troubleshooting, Debug, Console

  • Factors in successful Troubleshooting and Debugging
  • Logging, Options and Configuration
  • Debug Page
  • Best Practices
  • Reporting Architecture of SailPoint IIQ

Exercise 6- Reporting


  • Defining Data Sources
  • Report Column Configuration
  • Query Configuration

Exercise 7–  Lifecycle Manager

Lifecycle Manager

  • Change Lifecycle
  • Key feature and Considerations
  • Access Request Process
  • Addition Access and Identity Management Options
  • LCM Configuration
  • Additional LCM functionality


  • What is a Workflow?
  • Workflows in IdentityIQ
  • Key Workflow Concepts
  • Workflow case, variables, steps and approvals
  • Workflow Troubleshooting

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Sailpoint Course Benefits

Sailpoint IIQ Implementation & Developer

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Sailpoint FAQs

1. What is IdentityIQ in SailPoint?

IdentityIQ by SailPoint is an enterprise identity and access management (IAM) solution that provides automated access certifications, policy management, access request and provisioning, password management, and identity intelligence.

2. How trustworthy is IdentityIQ?
Each credit bureau’s FICO® or VantageScore® credit scores are available through IdentityIQ, and your score will always be accurate based on the most recent reporting.
3. What is the role of a SailPoint developer?
The Sailpoint Developer helps with application development, installation, and/or management and the strategic design and implementation of Identity Solutions.
4. Is SailPoint a free and open-source solution?
SailPoint is an open-source identity governance platform that empowers businesses of all sizes to build an identity-enabled company by merging data, devices, and apps.
5. What is the meaning of Identity and Access Management (IAM)?
IAM (identity and access management) ensures that the right people and job roles in your business have access to the tools they need to execute their tasks.
6. Is Identity and Access Management (IAM) an element of cyber security?
IAM is a cybersecurity best practice that gives you more control over who has access to what information. IAM security enhances the efficiency and efficacy of access control across the organization by detecting, authenticating, and approving users while banning unauthorized ones.
7. What are the responsibilities of an identity and access management engineer?
Designing, creating, testing, implementing, and integrating Identity and Access Management systems and solutions is the responsibility of the IAM Engineer.

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