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SC-200 Exam: Study Guide for SC-200

The SC-200 exam is for the Microsoft Security Operations Analyst. On passing this SC-200 exam, you will get the new Microsoft Certified: Security Operations Analyst Associate credential. The Microsoft Security Operations Analyst (SC-200) certification exam measures your ability to do technical tasks like defending against threats with Microsoft 365 Defender, Azure defender, and Azure Sentinel. As a Microsoft Operations Analyst, you will be responsible for ensuring that the organization’s information security is up to par and that the overall goal is accomplished. You will be accountable for threat management, monitoring, and response throughout their environment, utilizing several security solutions.

SC-200 Exam_ Study Guide for SC-200

Why SC-200?

Professional credentials were once considered desirable but not required throughout the hiring process. That changed a few years ago. Nowadays, obtaining a professional certificate that certifies declared experience is nearly the need for employment and having specific expertise in the relevant field. This is where your SC-200 certificate exam will help you achieve the pinnacle of success in your career. The SC-200 certification demonstrates your experience and understanding in the Microsoft security domain.

SC-200 Exam Domains

The SC-200 Exam covers the four domains mentioned below:

Domain 1: Mitigate Threats Using Microsoft 365 Defender (25-30%)

In this domain, you will learn to implement the Microsoft Defender for Endpoint platform, Microsoft Defender for Office 365 to detect, investigate, and respond to advanced threats. Find out how Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, Microsoft Defender for Office 365 can help your business stay safe, including device onboarding and security configuration, about your environment’s weakness by using threat and vulnerability management, and more.

Domain 2: Mitigate Threats Using Defender (25-30%)

You will learn how to use Azure Defender with Azure Security Center for workload protection and security in Azure, hybrid cloud, on-premises environments, and the purpose of Azure Defender, its interaction with Azure Security Center, and how to enable Azure Defender. You will also learn about Azure Defender’s cloud workload defenses and detections and how to integrate Azure Defender into your hybrid cloud environment.

Domain 3: Mitigate Threats Using Azure Sentinel (40-45%)

In this domain, you will learn how to plan, design, implement, manage, and configure an Azure Sentinel workspace and query log data using Kusto Query Language (KQL) statements in Azure Sentinel for detections, analysis, and reporting. You will also learn how to use Azure Sentinel queries to detect threats behaviors proactively. This domain is the most crucial section of the SC-200 exam.

SC-200 Exam Information

Certification Exam SC-200: Microsoft Security Operations Analyst
Number of Questions 40-60
Exam Duration 120 Minutes
Passing Score 700 (on a scale of 1000)
Retirement Date None
Language English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Korean
Exam Fee $165

How can you Register for the SC-200 Exam?

You can register for the SC-200 exam by:

  • Pearson VUE can help you schedule your exam.
  • On the official Microsoft page, click on ‘Schedule Your Exam.’
  • Use your email address to sign in to your Microsoft account. If you haven’t already done so, you must first sign up for a Microsoft account before attempting to log in. Also, enter the exam code SC-200 or the exam name, Microsoft Security Operations Analyst, to choose the exam.
  • Follow the instructions on the website to select the available data and time slot, then pay the fee.

How to Prepare for the SC-200 Exam?

Microsoft’s SC-200 certification proves that you can succeed, but it’s still not an easy process. If you want to be successful at work, you must study, obtain your qualifications, and genuinely develop the abilities necessary to be successful. The following are the preparation strategies and resources you can follow and achieve your SC-200 credential:

Be Prepared to Make a Commitment

It can be tough to pass the SC-200 certification exam if you are only half-hearted in your preparation. The first and foremost step in your SC-200 preparation is to commit to preparing. This demanding exam, like all other exams, necessitates complete concentration and considerable preparation. To gain a thorough knowledge of the ideas and topics covered in this exam, you will need to study and take practice exams.

Refer to Official Website

Before beginning your SC-200 exam preparation, always go to the official website. The exam’s official page provides all the relevant information about the exam. Microsoft’s Exam SC-200: Microsoft Security Operations Analyst official page also contains the outline of the latest SC-200 exam updated on July 23, 2021.

Create a Study Schedule

When preparing for the SC-200 exam, set some boundaries for yourself and focus your time. If you don’t, it will be all too easy to postpone or neglect your responsibilities.

Study Resources

Gather all of the study materials you can. There are tons of resources such as books, video lectures, and more available online to help you prepare, choose the best for you. Microsoft also provides exam study guides that can be helpful when preparing for the SC-200 exam. These books contain a wealth of helpful information that can be used in the classroom. Visit Microsoft’s official website to find books that will help you comprehend the exam objectives, and as a result, pass the exam and earn your SC-200 certification.

Instructor-led Training

Instructor-led training is one of the best preparation tools. You can enroll in instructor-led training programs to improve your knowledge of the subject. These courses feature resources such as certificate guides, additional study materials, video training courses by skilled professionals, study groups, live exam simulations, and much more to aid in your preparation.

Join Online Community

No matter where it takes place, a lively debate is always beneficial—the chances of finding a solution increase when a vast number of people are involved in a problem. As a result of these discussions, the research becomes more extensive. Discussion forums are fantastic at fostering the kind of community required to understand the topics covered in the examination.

Hands-On Experience

The most effective approach to learn and pass the Microsoft SC-200 exam, or any other technology, is to have hands-on experience with it. Microsoft provides you with free hands-on learning modules. Make sure you master all of the skills assessed in the SC-200 exam.

Practice Tests

Putting what you have learned into practice is the final step toward success. Using a practice exam to diversify your study strategy and attain the most significant potential results on the real thing is a fantastic way to get the best results in your examination.

Recommendations for Exam Day:

  • On the day of the exam, do not study
  • Eat healthily and keep yourself hydrated
  • Dress more comfortably as you will be sitting for an extended period
  • Remove any apparent incorrect responses from the questions before choosing
  • Relax and take your exam

SC-200 with InfosecTrain

Today’s world is competitive, and the brightest, best, and most qualified people earn a lot of money working in fascinating industries. Microsoft Certification is a fantastic way to expand your horizons and demonstrate to companies that you are the best of the best. The Microsoft Security Operations Analyst (SC-200 exam) certification training course from InfosecTrain gives you the skills and knowledge you need to pass the SC-200 exam. We are one of the best security training providers globally. Our SC-200 certification training course can help you gain a better understanding of information security.

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