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All about Azure Security AZ-500 Course

Microsoft Azure is the second-biggest Cloud Computing platform, which is effectively growing. It was launched in 2010 and has now acquired a significant share in the market. It provides 100+ services in a variety of domains to more regions compared to the other Cloud service providers. More than 80% of fortune 500 companies trust Microsoft Azure for their cloud service requirements, and there are more in the queue that is migrating to Microsoft Azure in order to satisfy their business needs. It is an online portal that enables us to access and manage Microsoft’s resources and services. Azure’s service offerings are frequently updated and improved to provide user satisfaction. Since Cloud suppliers own broad server farms that have quantities of workers, stockpiling frameworks, and serious segments that are basic to an association’s working, it’s security is worthy of attention.

All about AZ Security Course

Microsoft Azure Security Certification

The Microsoft Azure Security course provides IT professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to implement security controls, maintain an organization’s security posture, and identify and remediate security vulnerabilities. This is a certified course by Microsoft, which is referred to as AZ-500 or Azure Security Engineer Associate. Candidates who qualify for the AZ-500 exam earn the ‘Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate Certification.’ Microsoft Azure renders privacy, integrity, and accessibility of client information, alongside empowering transparent accountability. Azure’s framework is designed from facility to applications for supporting a tremendous number of clients simultaneously, and it gives a reliable foundation after which organizations can meet their security requirements. The Microsoft Azure Security Technologies AZ-500 certification is Microsoft’s new role-based affirmation program that comprehensively understands the Security domain of Microsoft Azure Cloud administration.

If you are willing to do the Microsoft Azure Security engineer (AZ-500) Certification, then it is recommended to do the following certifications prior to the Microsoft AZ-500 Certification:

  1. Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900: It provides an indispensable knowledge of different modules of Microsoft Azure. You can choose the AZ-900 – Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Online Training & Certification Course with Infosec Train.
  2. Microsoft Azure Administrator AZ-104: This certification authorizes the proficiency of a candidate in heading the cloud services that include computing, networking, storage, security, and other Microsoft Azure cloud potential. You can choose the AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator Training & Certification with Infosec Train.

Reasons to choose AZ-500 Certification

Azure embellishes you with an extensive exhibit of configurable security possibilities and the ability to manage them so you can tailor the security to meet the remarkable necessities of your organization’s deployments. A few advantages of the AZ-500 certification are:

  1. It is advantageous for engineers who need to provide considerable security for the Azure-based digital platforms and play an imperative job in securing an organization’s data.
  2. It furnishes you with hands-on experience so you can deliver security tasks in a superior manner in your day-to-day job.
  3. It is an addition to the set of skills you own.
  4. It builds your probabilities of getting hired swiftly.
  5. It provides you a sounder understanding of the security fabrication of MS-Azure.
  6. Since it offers a comprehensive picture of your organization’s IT security posture, you can recommend measures to enhance it.
  7. It helps you in preventing, detecting, and responding to threats with expanded perceptibility.
  8. It presents coordinated security monitoring and policy management and operates with a fair-minded ecosystem of security arrangements.
  9. This certification is influential because it increases your desirability as a candidate and advances your profession.

Recommended prior knowledge of Azure

The AZ-500 Azure Security Engineer Exam, much like the MS-500 test, covers a wide range of subjects and technologies. You must have a fair amount of information on the Azure technologies if you consider taking this test. You must be able to comprehend the distinctive Azure platform technologies and how to secure them. It is recommended to take the Azure AZ-900 (Azure Fundamentals) or the AZ-103 (Azure Administrator) exam first to introduce yourself to Azure technologies. This is certainly not essential for taking the AZ-500 exam, yet it is a fair start.

Reference Material

In order to master the AZ-500 course, you can use the following resources:

  1. Microsoft Learn
  2. Azure Documentation
  3. Azure Forum
  4. Channel 9
  5. Microsoft Azure Blog
  6. Azure Tuesdays with Corey
  7. Microsoft Learning Community Blog

AZ-500 Exam details

Exam Pattern Subjective and Objective
Duration 150 minutes
Number of questions 40-60
Passing score 70% (700 out of 1000)

Domains of AZ-500

Azure Security AZ-500 Course

Manage Identity and Access 20%-25%

Microsoft Azure Identity and Access Management solutions assist IT in defending access to applications and resources beyond the organizational data center and into the cloud. This authorizes additional levels of validation, such as multi-factor authentication and conditional access policies.

Implement Platform Protection 35%-40%

Microsoft Azure Implementing Platform Protection is all about understanding cloud security and building a secure network. The major focus is to learn about implementing host security, platform security, and subscription security.

Secure Data and Applications 30%-35%

Microsoft Azure Securing Data and Applications is all about configuring security policies to manage data, securing data infrastructure, encrypting data at rest, and Azure Key Vault. The central focus is to understand the implementation of the application lifecycle.

Manage Security Operations 15%-20%

Microsoft Azure Security Operations Management is all about configuring security services and policies, along with managing security alerts. The major focus is to learn about remediating security issues and creating security baselines.

AZ-500 with Infosec Train

Training helps you have better knowledge and reinforces your origin of any subject, so it is imperative to pump for the appropriate training provider. You must also make sure that the training center is certified and acknowledged by international certification bodies. We at Infosec Train have exceptionally learned trainers who have expertise in their fields. We are a leading training provider and are globally recognized. Earning Microsoft Azure certification is an absolute asset on so many levels. So, start your preparations by making the right choice of AZ-500 certification training with Infosec Train.

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