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Enhance your Cloud Security Skills with Azure AZ-500

AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies can help you enhance your cloud security skills. Here’s how Azure AZ-500 certification exam could enhance your skills and take your cloud security to the next level.

Security is one of the paramount concerns for enterprises all over the world. Safeguards for sensitive information alongside the necessary infrastructure for their management are an inevitable aspect of the security of your computing infrastructure. Therefore, enterprises are looking for qualified candidates with reliable certifications to deploy, manage and maintain their security infrastructure.

The Azure AZ-500 certification exam is one of the ideal instruments that can help you pursue a promising cloud security career with Azure. The certification can help you improve your skills in cloud security alongside paving the path for becoming a certified Azure security engineer. The following discussion would reflect on the important details of AZ-500 exam and the ways in which it helps you.

Microsoft Azure AZ-500 Exam

The foremost factor that you should note about Azure AZ-500 certification exam is that it is ideal for aspiring security professionals for Microsoft Azure. If you want to become a Microsoft Azure Security Engineer, then you should qualify the AZ-500 certification exam. Azure security engineers have to take on responsibilities for the implementation of security controls and threat protection, safeguards for data, networks and applications on cloud and hybrid environments.

In addition, they have to look for vulnerabilities and address them through various security tools. Furthermore, security engineers would have to respond to various security incidents and work in collaboration or as part of large teams.

Before appearing for the Exam AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies, it is essential to note the experience and knowledge requirements. The knowledge and experience requirements can clearly showcase the impact of AZ-500 exam on improving cloud security skills of candidates. Here are the recommended knowledge and experience prerequisites for AZ-500 certification exam.

  • Comprehensive skills in automation and scripting.
  • In-depth understanding of networking, cloud N-tier architecture and virtualization.
  • Extensive knowledge of cloud capabilities and Azure products and services.
  • Basic awareness regarding other Microsoft products and services.

The Azure AZ-500 certification exam would contain performance-based technical questions. Candidates can register for the AZ-500 certification exam with a registration fee of $165 USD. The AZ-500 exam is available in four languages such as English, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Japanese.

The next important detail that could showcase how AZ-500 exam helps you improve cloud security expertise refers to exam domains. The domains of the exam showcase the various abilities tested in the exam alongside establishing the professional responsibilities of a Microsoft Certified Azure Security Engineer. The AZ-500 certification exam covers the following domains.

  • Management of identity and access.
  • Implementation of platform protection.
  • Management of security operations.
  • Security of data and applications.

Candidates should note that Microsoft introduces frequent changes in its certifications to accommodate new and emerging topics. According to the official page of AZ-500 certification exam, the content of the exam would update on July 29, 2020. A deeper dive into the information about the update would show you that Azure would change the weightage of each domain in the new update.

How Does AZ-500 Exam Improve Your Skills in Cloud Security?

With a clear idea about the topics covered in AZ-500 certification exam, we can now analyze how it improves your cloud security expertise.

Skills for Identity and Access Management

One of the foremost highlights of AZ-500 exam is the considerable emphasis on identity and access management. Preparing for the AZ-500 exam requires candidates to develop skills for configuration of Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) according to different workloads. In addition, you would also have to learn about the configuration of Microsoft Azure AD Privileged Identity Management.

Skills for Implementing Platform Protection

The next important cloud security skill that you can gain by preparing for Azure AZ-500 certification is platform protection. Candidates need expertise in the implementation of network and host security with tools such as Azure firewalls, network security groups and more.

In addition, you should also gain skills in container security and concepts related to Azure resource management security. Most important of all, candidates would also have to develop skills in RBAC roles and configuration of subscription and resource permissions.

Improvement in Other Areas

Some of the other areas of cloud security that candidates should prepare for the AZ-500 exam also improve their cloud security skills. You can learn methods for configuring security policies for data management or configuration of security for data infrastructure. Knowledge and practice in these areas can strengthen the cloud security expertise of an individual.

Are You Ready to Improve Your Skills In Cloud Security?

If you want to improve your skills in cloud security alongside gaining favourable employment opportunities, then AZ-500 is the perfect pick. You would earn not only the tag of a certified Azure security engineer but also learn exceptional security skills.

Your preparation for the Azure AZ-500 exam would also help you gain practical insights into different areas of cloud security. The role-based focus of Azure certifications also ensures that you can develop skills that are required in modern job roles. As a result, you can gain the relevant skills for the existing cloud security landscape.

So, don’t waste any more time and start improving your skills in cloud security with AZ-500 certification exam right now!

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