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Various Google Cloud Certifications

The Google Cloud Platform is simply another high-quality offering from Google. As the most well-known name in the Internet sector, Google entered the cloud race in 2011, after AWS and Azure, the current leaders. GCP has grown at an astounding rate since then, and GCP is now used by the majority of Fortune 500 organizations for their cloud needs.

Various Google Cloud Certifications

The Importance of Google Cloud Certification
Let’s keep GCP aside and think: why do we need any certification? Because certifications demonstrate that you are capable of performing your duties and that you are well-versed in your field.

For example, assume you are hiring for a marketing manager, and two people are competing for that position now; one has a marketing certification and the other doesn’t; whom do you prefer to hire? The one with the certificate, right?

The same thing happens in the Google Cloud job position, so if you are willing to enter into a Google Cloud career, here are a few Google Cloud Certifications you can pursue.

How to get GCP certification:
Because so many firms are shifting to a cloud architecture, cloud computing is the hottest technology now and will be for a lot longer. As a result, it is an excellent time to work in the cloud. Here are a few tips to get you started, and let us consider getting cloud architect certification here.

Direct path to get certified
• Learn the principles of cloud computing and the Google Cloud Platform.
• Learn how to architect with Google Cloud Platform.
• Begin constructing comprehensive apps, including design and processing.
• Take the Cloud Architect Exam and earn your certification!

Alternate path
• Learn the principles of cloud computing and the Google Cloud Platform.
• Learn how to architect with Google Cloud Platform.
• Take the Cloud Engineer Exam and earn your certification!
• Begin designing entire applications by processing and designing
• Take the Cloud Architect Exam and earn your certification!

Various Google Cloud Certifications
Cloud Digital Leader certification
A Cloud Digital Leader can explain the capabilities of Google Cloud’s core products and services and how they help businesses. The Cloud Digital Leader may also explain common industry use cases and how cloud technologies can help a company succeed. The Cloud Digital Leader test is job-role agnostic and therefore does not necessitate prior Google Cloud expertise.

Cloud Engineer certification
Obtaining certification as a Google Associate Cloud Engineer will demonstrate proficiency in the fundamentals of working with Google Cloud. This includes, among other things, managing storage and databases, creating a cloud solution environment, and defining access and security.

Cloud Architect certification
Organizations can use Google Cloud technology with the help of professional Cloud Architects. They design, create, and manage strong, secure, accessible, highly available, and flexible solutions that drive corporate objectives with a thorough knowledge of cloud architecture and Google Cloud.

Google Cloud Data Engineer certification
Experienced Data Engineers collect, transform, and publish data to enable data-driven decision-making. A Data Engineer must be able to design, implement, operationalize, protect, and analyze data processing systems with a focus on scalability and efficiency, security and compliance, fidelity and dependability, and adaptability and portability. Pre-existing machine learning models must also be able to be used, deployed, and constantly trained by a Data Engineer.

Google Cloud Network Engineer certification
In the Google Cloud, a skilled Cloud Network Engineer designs and oversees network infrastructures. This person can be a part of networking or cloud teams, collaborating with architects to build cloud infrastructure. To ensure successful cloud implementations, the Cloud Network Engineer utilizes the Google Cloud Console and/or command-line interface and expertise with hybrid and multi-cloud connectivity, network services, implementing VPCs, application and container networking, and security for established network architectures.

Cloud Security Engineer certification
On the Google Cloud, a Cloud Security Engineer helps organizations plan and develop secure workloads and infrastructure. Using Google security technologies, this individual builds, builds, and maintains a secure infrastructure based on an awareness of security best practices and industry security standards. The Cloud Security Engineer ought to be knowledgeable in all different facets of cloud security, such as organizational structure and policies, identity and access management, data protection utilizing Google technologies, configuring network security defenses, collecting and analyzing Google Cloud logs, incident response management, and illustrating an overview of dynamic regulatory considerations.

Cloud Developer certification
Professional Cloud Developers use Google-recommended strategies and tools to create highly available and scalable applications. They’ve worked with cloud-native apps, managed services, developer tools, and next-generation databases in the past. Cloud developers are indeed capable of debugging and tracing code using at least one common programming language and providing relevant metrics and logs.

Final words
Preparation and training are very important beforehand because of the thoroughness and difficulty of Google Cloud certification exams. As a surprise, Google does not give a score at the end of an exam; instead, it simply reports a “Pass” or “Fail” result, which isn’t very helpful when it comes to figuring out where to study if you fail. This is another reason why preparing for the exam thoroughly is so important, and that is where InfosecTrain’s certification can help. So, check out our website for more cloud certifications.

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