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Top Learnings from Azure Security

Like the other Cloud platforms, Microsoft Azure is also entirely dependent on a technology called Virtualization, which emulates computer hardware in Software. This is made feasible by the evidence that a maximum number of the computer hardware operates by obeying an encoded set of instructions. Virtualized hardware can use Software to function like real hardware by mapping these software instructions.

Cloud providers manage a huge number of data centers, each having a massive number of physical servers that execute virtualized hardware. It flows on a large group of servers and networking hardware. It, in return, hosts a complex collection of applications that control the operation and configuration of the Software and virtualized hardware on these servers. This complex orchestration is what makes Azure so ground-breaking. It makes sure that users no longer have to invest their time maintaining and upgrading computer hardware, as Azure will deal with it.

Microsoft Azure is an actively expanding and second-largest cloud computing platform currently in the market. Along with this, it is an online portal that allows us to access and manage Microsoft’s resources and services. It offers a host of services on different domains such as Compute, Database, Content Delivery, and Networking. It can host your existing application and also provide the development of a new application.

It also allows you to enhance the on-premises applications. In Azure, the customer can easily scale up and scale down the application as per the fluctuation in demands. Microsoft Azure is used by more than 80% of the fortune 500 companies. Cloud providers own extensive data centers with numbers of servers, storage systems, and severe components critical to an organization’s work, so its security is significant.

Microsoft Azure Security Certification

Perhaps the best motivation to utilize Azure for your applications and services is to exploit its wide exhibit of security tools and capabilities. These tools and capabilities assist in making security arrangements on the secure Azure stage. Microsoft Azure renders confidentiality, integrity, and availability of customer data, along with enabling transparent accountability.

Azure’s infrastructure is designed from facility to applications for aiding a large number of clients at the same time, and it gives a reliable establishment whereupon organizations can meet their security prerequisites. The AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies is Microsoft’s new role-based certification program, which offers a clear understanding of the Security domain of Microsoft Azure Cloud service. Applicants who qualify for the AZ-500 exam receive the Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate certification.

Path to Microsoft Azure Security Certification (AZ-500)

It is not obligatory but is recommended to do the following certifications before opting for the Microsoft AZ-500 Certification:

  1. 1. Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900: It delivers an integral understanding of various components of Microsoft Azure. You can opt for AZ-900 – Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Online Training & Certification Course with InfosecTrain.
  2. 2. Microsoft Azure Administrator AZ-104: It validates the competencies of candidates in managing cloud services, including computing, networking, storage, security, and other Microsoft Azure cloud capabilities. You can opt for AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator Training & Certification with InfosecTrain.

Benefits of AZ-500 Certification

Azure furnishes you with a wide exhibit of configurable security alternatives and the capacity to control them so you can customize security to meet the exceptional necessities of your organization’s deployments. Some benefits of the AZ-500 certification are:

  1. 1. It is beneficial for engineers who want to specialize in providing security for the Azure-based digital platforms and play a vital role in protecting an organization’s data.
  2. 2. It gives you hands-on experience so you can perform security tasks in a better way in your day-to-day job.
  3. 3. It is an add-on to the set of skills you own.
  4. 4. It increases your probabilities of getting hired faster.
  5. 5. It offers you a better understanding of the security structure of MS-Azure.
  6. 6. Since it provides a comprehensive view of your organization’s IT security posture, you can suggest measures to improve it.
  7. 7. It aids you in preventing, detecting, and responding to threats with increased visibility.
  8. 8. It presents integrated security monitoring and policy management and operates with an open-minded ecosystem of security solutions.
  9. 9. This certification makes a difference because it increases your desirability as a candidate and advances your career.

Objectives of the exam

  1. 1. Head in the Cloud: Cloud computing, in general, has encountered a utilization blast among organizations, associations, and even individual clients, with Microsoft Azure being one of the most-loved platforms. Cloud computing technology provides comparatively a reduced upfront cost for access to so many services. Using Cloud computing is an easy decision, be it an individual or an entire corporation. It is not required to invest a huge sum of money in creating your own infrastructure or buying specialized hardware. Microsoft Azure renders all the fundamentals incorporating directories, email servers, web hosting, and storage, with a horde of other advantageous and convenient features to address everyone’s needs.
  1. 2. Continual Growth: There is around 90% of companies are making use of cloud technology. Truth be told, the development of cloud computing is outperforming the development of the entire IT area. This is obviously the surge of what might be in the future. Microsoft Azure contends with other distributed computing networks from Amazon and Google, yet Azure has figured out how to assemble a more regarded reputation among clients. As per Microsoft, each and every day, more than 1,000 new clients are pursuing Azure. The fact that around 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies are taking advantage of Microsoft Cloud is simply one more clue that Azure is the best and the most brilliant.
  1. 3. For the love of Azure: Azure being flexible is the most common reason that it is the first choice for many companies, individual users, and IT professionals. This flexibility translates directly into affordability as Cloud computing does not require purchasing pricey hardware, specialty software implementation, or maintenance. Microsoft Azure has a pay-as-you-go pricing feature, so you do not have to strain your budget to include resources that are of no use to you. Individuals, small and medium-sized corporations love this angle, as it permits them to remain well inside their methods while accepting premium cloud computing technologies. As they grow, they can expand abilities with more storage and features as per the requirements. Microsoft Azure has demonstrated to be one of the most secure stages to date, with elaborate privacy settings and assured security options on multiple levels. It has become the most believed distributed computing foundation of the U.S. government, an immediate impression of its dependability.
  1. 4. Azure experts are in demand: With many more clients moving to the Microsoft Azure cloud, there has been a surge in the interest of proficient individuals who comprehend the intricate details of cloud computing and its application and management. Microsoft Azure certification will give you an initial experience working with cloud technology, show you the complexities of deploying and developing businesses utilizing all the advantages of the cloud, and instruct you on creating the most out of this innovation with insignificant expenses.

Recommended Azure knowledge

The AZ-500 Azure Security Engineer Exam, similar to the MS-500 test, covers a wide scope of topics and technologies. Prior to thinking about taking this test, you should initially have great information on the Azure technologies themselves, which bodes well. You ought to understand what are the distinctive Azure platform technologies to figure out how to secure them. So a decent method to do that is to take the Azure AZ-900 (Azure Fundamentals) or the AZ-104 (Azure Administrator) exam first to become familiar with Azure technologies. This isn’t a prerequisite for taking the AZ-500 test, yet it is a decent beginning. On the off chance that you know about Azure technologies, at that point, you can proceed to take the AZ-500 Azure Security Engineer Exam immediately.

Exam details

Exam Pattern: Subjective and Objective
Duration: 150 minutes
Number of questions: 40-60
Passing score: 70% that is 700 out of 1000

Domains of AZ-500 :

Manage identity and access 20%-25%

  • Configure Azure Active Directory for Azure workloads and subscriptions
  • Configure Azure AD Privileged Identity Management
  • Configure security for an Azure subscription

Implement platform protection 35%-40%

  • Understand cloud security
  • Build a network
  • Secure network
  • Implement host security
  • Implement platform security
  • Implement subscription security

Secure data and applications 30%-35%

  • Configure security policies to manage data
  • Configure security for data infrastructure
  • Configure encryption for data at rest
  • Understand application security
  • Implement security for application lifecycle
  • Secure applications
  • Configure and manage Azure Key Vault

Manage security operations 15%-20%

  • Configure security services
  • Configure security policies by using Azure Security Center
  • Manage security alerts
  • Respond to and remediate security issues
  • Create security baselines

AZ-500 with InfosecTrain

Training helps you have a better comprehension and reinforces your foundation of the subject, so it is imperative to pick the right training provider. You must also make sure that the training center is certified and acknowledged by proper authorities. We at InfosecTrain have exceptionally learned trainers who have expertise in their fields. We are one of the prominent training providers and are globally recognized. Earning Microsoft Azure certification is an absolute asset on so many levels. So, start your preparations by making the right choice of Microsoft AZ-500 Certification: Azure Security Technologies Training & Certification with Infosec Train.

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