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AWS Certification Guide


An immeasurable reason for the massive rise in businesses moving online is a surge in user engagement. It’s not only the large organizations these days that run online portals, but many small independent businesses also have a decent number of users. Sometimes, when there is a sudden rise in the number of visitors, there is a desperate need to follow the measures to improve a website’s performance, traffic management, security, and other factors.

A hoist in user traffic can cause a sudden crash in the servers if it’s not well managed. So, we need a way to upscale or downscale capacity depending on the number of users visiting the website at any given point in time, without investing a considerable amount of money on these multiple resources. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a leading Cloud Service provider globally, a comprehensive and broadly embraced Cloud Platform.

A vast number of clients account AWS to control their foundation and applications. Regardless of their type and size, organizations utilize AWS to bring down costs, get more dexterous, and improve quicker. AWS gives on-request conveyance of innovation administrations through the web.

What is AWS?

AWS, an abbreviation of Amazon Web Services, is a Cloud computing platform that came into existence in 2002. It was then merely used as a means to provide tools and services to developers to incorporate features of Amazom.com to the website. It offered its first cloud offering in 2006, and then there was no looking back as in 2016, it surpassed its $10 bn revenue target. Today AWS offers 100+ cloud services that are spread across a wide range, due to which the AWS Cloud Platform is used by 45% of the global market.
AWS or Amazon Web Services is a secure Cloud computing Platform that furnishes computing power and offers database, networking, content storage, and much more. The platform bestows an on-demand delivery of technical services and follows the ‘Pay as you go’ pricing model, which means you’ll only pay for the services that you used offered by AWS.

Services of AWS
AWS provides a wide range of services across various domains, which are as follows:

  1. Compute Services: It provides a Compute service that can assist the app development process from start to finish that is developing, deploying, running, and scaling the application up or down as per the obligations. The popular services of this domain incorporate EC2, AWS Lambda, Amazon Lightsail, and Elastic Beanstalk.
  2. Storage Services: It provides a Storage service that enables you to store, access, supervise, and monitor data to make sure that costs are decreased, agility is increased, and innovation is stimulated. This domain’s popular services incorporate Amazon S3, EBS, S3 Glacier, and Elastic File Storage.
  3. Database Services: It offers Database services to stock the user data, which you can optimize and manage as per the needs. The popular services in this domain incorporate Amazon RDS, DynamoDB, and Redshift.
  4. Networking Services: It provides networking services to separate your Cloud infrastructure or scale up your work requests depending on future needs. The popular networking services in this domain include Amazon VPC, Amazon Route 53, and Elastic Load Balancing.

Some other domains that AWS provides services in are Analytics, Blockchains, Containers, Machine Learning, Internet Of Things (IOT), etc.

AWS Certification and its benefits:

If you investigate the prevailing market situation, you’ll find out that AWS is the leading Cloud Service provider and has dominated a major part of the business as compared to any of its competitors. So if you’re an AWS Certified Cloud practitioner, you’ll always have the edge over others. There are certain advantages of earning an AWS certification:

  • An AWS certification authenticates your cloud abilities and specialized aptitude.
  • AWS Certification clears your vision of the Cloud Architecture.
  • The certification multiplies the odds of employability as AWS is globally accepted.
  • It encourages further advancement of your knowledge.
  • It initiates better approaches for circumstances and keeps you a stride ahead in the employment market.
  • It provides an in-depth understanding of the implementation of Cloud services.
  • It will get you a decent climb in your career and salary.
  • It manifests that you are truly dedicated to proficient development and persistent learning.
  • It gives augmented value to businesses and customers looking for Cloud-based services.
  • This certification proliferates opportunities as Cloud Technology is exponentially growing.

Exam details

There are plenty of courses that come under AWS. If you want to gain expertise and master the entire AWS Cloud Architecture, here are the list and order in which you can get certified:

  1. Foundational certifications: The ‘AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner’ certificate is the initial certification that does not demand any prior experience. An essential comprehension of AWS cloud administrations is adequate to take this certification program.
  1. Associate certification: The Associate level certifications are followed by ‘AWS Certified Solution Architect’, ‘AWS Certified SysOps Administrator’, and ‘AWS Certified Developer Associate’.
  1. Professional certification: The certifications that are at the professional level are ‘Solution Architect Professional’ and ‘AWS Certified DevOps Engineer.’
  2. Specialty certification: The certifications that fall under this category are ‘AWS Certified Advanced Networking’,  ‘AWS Certified Security Speciality,’ ‘AWS Certified Machine Learning Speciality’, ‘AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder,’ ‘AWS Certified Database Speciality’, and ‘AWS Certified Data Analytics Speciality’.

The details differ for each of the exams. Earlier, it was required to pass the Associate Level exam in order to appear for the Professional or Speciality Certifications, but it is not mandatory now.

How to prepare for the AWS exam

Although the approach to crack each of the above exams differs, there are some points that you can always take into consideration:

  • Using Documentation as the Primary reference:

You can take the help of an Exam manual to get a general thought of the exam format. It gives you a bit more extensive pragmatic information and better ideas of the exam. You can consider taking a reference from Prepare for Your AWS Certification Exam.

  • Using Study materials:

There is a surplus amount of study materials for the AWS exam available in the market. Ensure if the study material you have chosen will help you follow the correct approach with its details. It is commended that you refer to the most relevant ones.

  • Registering under a Training Course:

There are plenty of training videos or online training available on the internet for the AWS exam. InfosecTrain is a leading training provider that offers a wide variety of courses, including the one for the AWS exam. You can opt as per your requirement from AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate,  AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Training & Certification, AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate, AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional, and AWS Certified Security – Specialty Training (SCS-C01). It will not only prepare you for the exam but for the future implementation of your knowledge as well.

  • Proper Management of Time

Time management is a significant part of each commitment, work, or task in your life. So to dominate in the AWS test, plan your arrangements as right on time as could be expected under the circumstances. Follow the methodology of SWOT examination. It will urge you to recognize your qualities, shortcomings, openings, and dangers. Attempt to zero in on your shortcomings and submit a decent measure of time every day for steady planning.

  • Practice as much as possible:

The practice extends your arrangement and grows your knowledge of the subject. It strengthens your qualities and encourages you to distinguish your shortcomings. Step through ordinary Mock examinations with the goal that you audit yourself and judge your enhancements. Mock tests likewise oblige you with the true-blue test insight.

AWS Certification with InfosecTrain

A number of companies around the world have found great success with AWS. Tech giants like Facebook, LinkedIn, Netflix, etc have taken advantage of AWS’s services to enhance their business efficiency.  Due to this widespread usage, professionals are in high demand and highly paid in the market.. Take your first step towards getting certified by joining InfosecTrain as we are the leading training provider that will provide you an exposure to the distinctive challenges. Our highly skilled and certified trainers designed the entire action plan who coach you towards laying a strong foundation of AWS to upskill your knowledge to a proficient level.

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