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Information Security as a Career

Information Security is one of the fastest growing careers of the decade. Since information security skills are required across different industries and geographies, Information Security professionals will always be huge demand. Information Security Certification Training Courses help professionals gain the requisite skill set to become successful in this domain.

Top Information Security Training Topics

Also specialize in different areas such as

Information Security Trainings usually cover different tools, techniques and processes adopted by companies to protect their digital assets and data. Cyber security professionals also specialize in network security, program security, digital signature authentication, and data security workflows. Infosec Train also offers the complete portfolio of Information Security Courses including EC Council Courses, CompTIA certification courses, ISACA certification courses, Data Privacy courses, and other Online Information Security Training programs.

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Role-Wise Salary of Information Security Professionals

The median annual salary for Information Security professionals is $102,600.
This figure is more than double the median salary of professionals across all industries ($45,760).

Informationsecurity Professionals Salary|infosectrain
Informationsecurity Professionals Salary|infosectrain
Informationsecurity Professionals Salary|infosectrain
Informationsecurity Professionals Salary|infosectrain
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Benefits of Information Security Training

  • Benefits of Informationsecurity|infosectrain

    Increase Your Earning Potential

  • Benefits of Informationsecurity|infosectrain

    Stay Ahead of the Competition with Exceptional Skills and a Valid Certification

  • Benefits of Informationsecurity|infosectrain

    Build your Credibility with Specialized Knowledge

  • Benefits of Informationsecurity|infosectrain

    Enhance Job Security and Career Opportunities

  • Benefits of Informationsecurity|infosectrain

    Boost Self Confidence

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Information Security Consultant & Trainer


  • arrow-down|infosectrainWhat is Information Security?
  • Information Security is a practice of applying policies and principles to ensure data protection in an organization. The objective of Information Security measures is to ensure integrity, confidentiality, and availability of data and networks, also known as CIA triad.
  • arrow-down|infosectrainWhy Information Security Training is Important?
  • Information overload has exposed our data and information assets to malicious users. Hence, it is imperative to define an Information Security policy to tackle these concerns and stay ahead of the latest emerging threats. An effective Information Security strategy involves a number of tools, measures, practices, and administrative controls, which can only be applied by undergoing Information Security Training.
  • arrow-down|infosectrainWhat are the different job roles associated with Information Security?
  • As a beginner, individuals with cybersecurity knowledge can start off as Information Security Specialists/analysts, Incident & Intrusion Analysts, Cybercrime Investigators, while moving up towards high-level roles such as CISOs, CSOs, CIOs etc.
  • arrow-down|infosectrainWhat are the top Information Security certifications?
  • The top Cybersecurity Certifications are CEH, CompTIA Security+ at the beginner’s level. CISM, CISA and CISSP are the top certifications for advanced-level positions.
  • arrow-down|infosectrainHow can I start a career in Information Security?
  • To begin a career in Information Security, the most popular beginner-level certifications are CEH v12, CompTIA Security+, Advanced Penetration Testing.