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Top Vital Skills to Become An Awesome AWS Professional

AWS is the most extensive and widely used Cloud platform around the world. Millions of customers have put their trust in AWS to help them improve their infrastructure and applications. Businesses of many types and sizes leverage AWS to save costs, become more flexible and innovate more quickly. Amazon Web Services is abbreviated as AWS. Amazon created it as a cloud computing platform so that other businesses may benefit from their dependable IT infrastructure. AWS is a viable choice for operating web apps or organization portals in a variety of circumstances.

Top Vital Skills to Become An Awesome AWS Professional

A small manufacturing firm may focus on growing its business through high-quality production while outsourcing IT administration to AWS. AWS may be used by a major corporation with a worldwide workforce to offer training to its employees. AWS may be used by an architecture consulting firm to get high-resolution renderings of its building prototypes. A media firm may utilize AWS to deliver numerous sorts of content to its customers, such as movies, ebooks, and audio files.

Skills Required by an AWS Professional

There are some skills that an AWS professional must have to stand out in the market. These skills shouldn’t be like Joey Tribbiani’s acting skills but Monica Gellar’s cooking skills.


An AWS professional must have an understanding of the following:

1. Cloud Technology: To master any cloud computing platform, whether it’s AWS or Azure, the first and most important skill is to have a fundamental grasp of cloud patterns and technologies. You must not confuse the computing cloud with the monsoon cloud that reminds you of the rain and fritters. You must first understand what cloud technology is and how it has been changing the picture of the tech market lately.

2. Coding Skills: When we talk about the fundamental AWS Cloud Practitioner profile, we’re not necessarily talking about programming. However, when it comes to AWS professionals in general, many of the AWS profiles demand some coding knowledge and expertise. It is recommended that you have an understanding of JSON, node.js, Java, or Python but any programming language will suffice in my opinion because all programming languages operate in a similar manner.

3. Communication: Communication is the key to excel in your career and AWS is no different. It doesn’t matter how good an AWS professional’s design is if he/she can’t communicate it to other engineers, managers, and experts. One has to learn how to communicate your ideas to your team via emails, papers, and presentations in a way that persuades them that your approach is the best. Improve your presenting abilities, learn to write in a clear and concise manner, and utilize an infographic tool to demonstrate complicated situations. A single slide with an infographic is always better and more interactive compared to multiple slides with numerous bullet points each.

4. Database: Because many businesses are increasingly adopting or moving their databases to the cloud, having a basic understanding of DBMS systems such as SQL, MySQL, and others will be beneficial. If you want to become an expert, you must have some experience with database technology. It is also advantageous to have some experience and knowledge of on-premises relational and non-relational databases.

5. Data Storage: Every AWS professional should know how to store data in the cloud. When working with AWS, you must be able to choose when to employ which of the various data storage choices provided. You’ll need to compare different capabilities, performance, and prices, and choose the best way to store your organization’s data. You can select from simple, yet powerful, bucket storage using S3 to Relational Database Service (RDS) and all the way to full-fledged Hadoop clusters for your data storage needs.


6. Networking: Because all activities in a cloud platform include networking, networking is not only an important part of Amazon cloud, but it is also a fundamental notion for the whole cloud technology. In order to master AWS, you must have advanced knowledge of networking concepts and technologies. To begin, you need to have a basic grasp of IP addresses and the differences between public and private networks. You must also learn to architect and implement networking solutions.

7. Operating System: It is very essential for a cloud professional to have an inside-out knowledge of at least one operating system. Most businesses that work with online applications and scalable environments use Linux as their first preference for an operating system. So it is recommended that you gain a deep understanding of Linux. It will be beneficial for a cloud professional to learn to use it.

8. Overview of Public and Private Cloud: This is something that must be learned before starting your journey with AWS. There are four types of cloud deployment models: Public, Private, Hybrid, and Community. It is very important to understand the difference between these four and their usage.

9. Security: Cloud computing is a shared technology. A lot of organizations have their data on the cloud which are like crowned jewels for hackers. So, security is a major concern for cloud users. An AWS professional must be able to address the security concerns and fix the encountered issues.

10. Virtualization: It is critical to understand virtualization technology in order to grasp the cloud. Virtualization not only plays an important part in the Cloud, but it is the Cloud itself. Virtualization is a home technology that allows several operating systems (virtual machines) to operate on a single physical computer. Each virtual machine has its own processor, memory, and storage space, as well as its own operating system.

AWS with InfosecTrain

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