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OT/IT Security helps protect devices, networks, systems, and users. The OT/IT Security training programs at InfosecTrain are the Most Comprehensive programs which include labs, scenario-based learning, practical application and mock exams for a 360 degree learning experience.

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What is OT/IT Security? +
OT/IT security refers to the integration and protection of both Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) environments within an organization. OT encompasses the hardware and software that monitors and controls physical devices, processes, and events in industrial settings, such as manufacturing plants or critical infrastructure. IT, on the other hand, involves the technology used for information processing and business operations. OT/IT security aims to safeguard the convergence of these two domains, addressing the unique challenges posed by the integration of traditionally isolated industrial systems with broader information technology networks. This approach ensures a comprehensive and cohesive security strategy that spans both operational and informational aspects of an organization's technology infrastructure.
Why is OT/IT Security Training Important? +
OT/IT security training is vital as it equips professionals with the skills to navigate the convergence of Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT). This training is essential for understanding and mitigating unique cybersecurity risks in industrial settings, fostering integrated security approaches, and ensuring compliance with industry regulations. It also enables effective incident response, promotes collaboration between traditionally separate OT and IT teams, and contributes to the protection of critical infrastructure, emphasizing the resilience and continuity of operations in the face of evolving cyber threats.
What is the difference between OT Security and IT Security? +
Operational Technology (OT) security and Information Technology (IT) security differ in their core focus and objectives. OT security is specialized for safeguarding industrial control systems, SCADA, and critical infrastructure, emphasizing the safety, reliability, and availability of physical processes. It addresses unique challenges such as longer system lifecycles, specialized communication protocols, and a lower tolerance for disruptions.
On the other hand, IT security focuses on protecting digital information, business operations, and traditional computing systems. It deals with standard networking protocols, has a higher risk tolerance, and often involves more frequent updates. While both are integral to overall cybersecurity, their distinct environments and priorities require a nuanced and integrated security strategy, especially in the context of the growing convergence of OT and IT.