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Choosing your apt AWS Certification

Cloud computing has shifted gears and now designing, deploying and managing applications on cloud is amongst desired skill sets.AWS has been the market leader for a long time in the running now and serves as a point of reference for all others in the field.But why would anyone choose an AWS certificat...

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Which is the better Cloud Platform- Azure or AWS?

There has been a constant debate about the most suitable, client friendly cloud available and there is a potent tussle between Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS).  AWS is quite popular with its customer base and its revenues are a proof of the same. The revenue data shows that the run rate of AWS matches up...

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Domain 2: Asset Security

‘Asset’ as specified by Google is “a useful or valuable thing or person”. In context to this, asset in an organization can be information, equipment or facilities that have great value. Protecting assets is an important component of security programs and the second domain of the CISSP exam throws ligh...

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Domain 1: Security and Risk Management

The first domain of the CISSP exam is ‘Security and Risk management’. This domain of the CISSP exam expects the candidates to know the following sub-objectives:The concepts of confidentiality, integrity, and availabilityThe candidate is expected to know the three core principles of Information ...

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Raise The Bar With CEHV10

Cyber security as a profession is continuously evolving and so is its demand for the skilled professionals. With the rise in the number of organisation on the web, there has been a remarkable rise in the number of cyber attacks. This is consistently increasing the demand for cyber professionals with refined s...

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