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Top 5 Reasons to take up Cloud Certification

Cloud and its security have become a field of interest in the corporate sector. There is a growth in the number of industries moving to the cloud, and there is an equal increase in the services being offered by the cloud. It was in 2006 that the concept of cloud computing got introduced. Ever since this domain has made remarkable progress. The surveys clearly state that the functioning of many industries is banked on cloud technology. Cloud is a crucial part of I.T infrastructure, and Operational Technology, Healthcare, and Automotive are a few of the other industries that have now begun to pave their way to the cloud realm. Let us have a look at five robust reasons to take up cloud certifications.

Demand for cloud services

The migration of industry services to the cloud has raised a parallel need for skilled cloud engineers. Cloud computing has become a go-to solution for many of the existing problems faced by companies, and here are some examples. The healthcare and automotive industries are optimizing their data management practices by using cloud storage services. Industry 4.0 has begun to integrate Scada and PLCs to remote plants through the internet. Small scale businesses also have endless benefits of using the cloud as a resource. The cost-effective solutions, scalability of resources, and interoperability of services are some of the reasons why cloud computing technology is adopted on a large scale and is going to stay for a very long time. A cloud engineer bridges the gap between complex problems in an organization to cloud solutions. The certifications like AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate, Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate AZ-104 and Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect train you for all the essential skills and aligns you with the industry demands.

Promises a remarkable growth in career

Cloud Certifications are an excellent source to help you grow in your career. They provide you with immense knowledge and hands-on skills to develop applications and models in your cloud environment. Every organization that deals with cloud infrastructure need proficient employees to develop and design their requirements. Each certification is intended for a specific job role and takes care of different areas of cloud computing. If you are a fresher, you can start with Azure fundamentals or Cloud computing courses to gain an overall understanding. An AWS Certified Developer – Associate, is the right course to learn to deploy, developing, or debugging cloud-based applications. It provides you a core understanding of Amazon Web Services and its architecture. A Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect similarly trains you to manage Google-based cloud technology and leverage its services. There are manifold of cloud certifications out there, and you can choose a pertinent one for your professional advancement.

Benefits appraisals and earning potentials

The cloud service market requirement is increasing, hence the salary of a cloud professional is bound to hike up by the end of 2021. The cloud certifications will help the professionals to upskill themselves and land themselves a well-paid job. According to Indeed reports of January 2020, a cloud engineer in India on an average earns about 7 lakh per annum. The salary varies according to the job roles and the companies that are hiring. For example, a Solutions Architect earns about ₹6,46,077 and a SysOps Engineer about ₹8,35,000. While you climb up the ladder and gain experience, your salary will increase. If an individual hones their skills and updates themselves to industry standards, the pay is bound to raise twice as much as you earned in the beginning.

Provides entry to Cloud Security

Cloud Security is the crux of all the areas in cloud computing. Just like cybersecurity protects traditional I.T assets cloud security protects the cloud assets using firewalls, VPN, and various SIEM tools. There are several certifications specially designed to train an individual in cloud security aspects. Certified Cloud Security Professional Certification(CCSP) ensures that an individual can design  secure architecture and implement regulatory compliance frameworks. This certification also trains a professional in cloud-related legal, risk, and compliance measures. CCSK is another certification that covers all the foundational knowledge required by a security professional. These certifications are stand-alone and need a few years of work experience or no experience. In itself, Cloud Security is a very vast field, where these certifications help you head-start your career in the security domain. Cloud penetration testing and cloud forensics are a few other areas that are booming with career opportunities.

Endorses you as a suitable candidate

All the cloud security certifications are designed meticulously to upskill the learner with industry requirements. These certifications are aligned with the industry needs and help you stand out and validate your skillset. Cloud Certified individuals will always have the upper hand compared to others as they would have acquired complex problem-solving skills. The unfilled job vacancies depict the lack of skilled cloud experts and signals how these certifications can be an effective way to grab those opportunities. Certifications are a unique way of attaining industry-level experience. If you are a fresher or someone looking for growth, cloud certifications can help you achieve a position in this industry.