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Everything About AWS Cloud Penetration Testing Course

Everything About AWS Cloud Penetration Tester Course

Table of Contents

What is Cloud Penetration Testing?
What is the AWS Cloud Penetration Testing Course with InfosecTrain?
What  You’ll Learn?
Career Benefits of AWS Cloud Penetration Testing Course
Why AWS Cloud Penetration Testing Course?

What is Cloud Penetration Testing?

Cloud penetration testing (also known as cloud pen testing, cloud computing penetration testing, or cloud pen test) replicates a controlled cyber attack to find security vulnerabilities in a cloud environment. A cloud penetration test involves security specialists conducting a simulated and permitted cyberattack against a customer’s cloud assets.

Cloud penetration testing can be performed on internal cloud networks, virtual machines housed in the cloud, external cloud services, and cloud configurations. It can also look at user permissions, access controls, and hosted services within the cloud.

What is the AWS Cloud Penetration Testing Course with InfosecTrain?

The storage and retrieval of data over the internet are referred to as cloud computing. Cloud computing does not keep any data on your computer’s hard drive and allows you to access data from the CSP’s remote data center infrastructures. AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a cloud computing platform that provides versatile, dependable, scalable, user-friendly, and cost-effective cloud computing solutions. Amazon Web Services or AWS is Amazon’s complete and user-friendly computing platform.

When it comes to AWS cloud pen testing, it differs significantly from standard penetration testing procedures. In AWS, penetration testing is limited to user-operated services, with acceptable testing regions specifically articulated. As we know, the cloud is now a part of our daily life for storing and managing our data and many other services.

  • Our cloud pen testing course will provide you with the necessary skills and expertise to conduct efficient pen tests in the AWS cloud environment.
  • In this course, you’ll learn about various threat scenarios and vulnerabilities related to AWS and cloud computing, as well as how to set up a test environment in AWS to conduct penetration testing operations to uncover vulnerabilities and sensitive data.

This cloud penetration testing training course will assist you in understanding various fundamentals of cloud security, AWS security environment, exploring Linux fundamentals, and different types of security vulnerability assessments in cloud environments.

As a result, you’ll discover career-defining approaches and abilities for properly safeguarding data and information in the world’s most used cloud computing platform, boosting your career chances dramatically.

What  You’ll Learn?

Take a glance at what you’ll learn and understand in this course:

  • This course will teach you the fundamentals of AWS cloud security and penetration testing.
  • This course will teach the concepts of the AWS pentesting process, security assessment methodologies, AWS JSON walkthrough, and IAM concepts.
  • You’ll learn how to identify vulnerabilities, conduct various penetration testing tasks in the AWS cloud, and explore security auditing in the AWS cloud.
  • You’ll learn how to use the AWS cloud to develop test scenarios for penetration testing to uncover vulnerabilities and vital information.

Career Benefits of AWS Cloud Penetration Testing Course

The topic of cloud computing appears to be gaining traction, as many businesses are migrating to the cloud. Given the influx of data and the complications of managing it, cloud computing is considered a lifesaver by companies struggling with data storage and handling issues. Because of the increased use of cloud platforms, cloud computing is unlikely to fall off the top of the trending list anytime soon. As a result, you will benefit from this training to help you land a profitable job with one of the Fortune 500 corporations. Here are some of the most common AWS cloud penetration testing jobs:


Career Benefits of AWS Cloud Penetration Testing Course

  1. AWS Cloud Security Expert: AWS Cloud Security Experts are in charge of the complete execution of secure cloud architecture in an organization. In addition, they’re in charge of exploring and assessing existing cloud structures, as well as developing new and improved security approaches for cloud-based systems.
  2. AWS Cloud Security Solutions Expert: The AWS Cloud Security Solution Expert is responsible for executing the construction of projects to improve processes and establish a secure infrastructure security incident management, vulnerability management, intrusion detection, and incident response domains.
  3. AWS Cloud Security Engineer: AWS Cloud Security Engineers are experts at managing security systems and tools related to cloud technology. They play a critical role in safeguarding an organization’s assets. They’re in charge of exploring and assessing existing cloud infrastructures and developing new and improved security approaches for cloud-based systems.
  4. AWS Security Application Lead: The AWS Security Application Lead is in charge of the main point of contact in any organization that leads the effort to design, create, and configure applications.

Why AWS Cloud Penetration Testing Course?

As cybersecurity professionals, we understand the importance of penetration testing as part of a comprehensive security program. One of the primary benefits is discovering vulnerabilities and potential security gaps in our systems and ensuring that security policies are appropriately established and functioning effectively.

The penetration testing method is changing as more organizations utilize cloud technologies. It’s critical to evaluate the new issues that cloud-based IT services bring with them. In AWS, penetration testing is restricted to User Operated Services, clearly defined acceptable testing areas. In recent years, AWS has seen numerous security breaches, exposing various vulnerabilities in its platforms, such as leaking S3 buckets, compromised AWS environments, and various forms of configuration errors.

Therefore the market of AWS cloud security is a major concern for organizations. Furthermore, as cloud computing becomes more prevalent, relying only on the cloud, expands the threat environment by providing threat actors with more ways and opportunities to execute crimes. So, to prevent cloud-based attacks, we’ll need professionals to deal with them. And here is where cloud penetration testing professionals come in handy for detecting vulnerabilities in the cloud.


Why AWS Cloud Penetration Testing with InfosecTrain?

An AWS cloud penetration tester’s career prospects are excellent. If you are interested in taking your AWS cloud security career to the next level, InfosecTrain is here. This course from InfosecTrain is 24 hours of instructor-led training that covers all fundamentals of penetration testing on the AWS cloud platform.

There are numerous reasons why you should participate in InfosecTrain’s AWS cloud penetration testing course, including:

  • You’ll learn the considerable technical skills and tools required for a career in AWS cloud penetration testing.
  • You’ll get access to online videos, study materials, and practical and live sessions with our highly qualified instructors.
  • We also provide post-training support if you require assistance with your course after you have completed it.
  • If you have any doubts during your training, the trainer will immediately clear them up.

AWS Cloud Penetration Tester

So go to InfosecTrain right now to learn all about AWS Cloud Penetration Testing. The AWS cloud penetration testing abilities are becoming increasingly sought-after and valuable in today’s security-conscious digital world.


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