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How to become cloud security expert?

Want to build a career in cloud security? Read out this article and learn how you can start your cloud security career.

Information security has become one of the prominent concerns in the modern century. The adoption of cloud computing is increasing exponentially, and so is the dependence of businesses on technology. Therefore, you can witness a sudden rise in cloud security career opportunities in recent times. Cloud security is not so different than the security of on-premises infrastructure, albeit with subtle differences.

For example, cloud security does not involve the necessity for hardware or any maintenance facility. Cloud security solutions are available as IaaS and PaaS solutions thereby taking away the need for physical storage devices. The safeguards in cloud security can help in preventing data thefts, unwanted deletion of data or data leakage incidents. The following discussion aims to provide you with basic information on the ideal pointers to become a cloud security expert.

Why Should I Pursue a Career in Cloud Security?

The foremost factor in any discussions on cloud security career refers to reasons for pursuing your career in this field. One of the first and striking reasons to pursue a career in cloud security is the rising number of threats. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, data breaches, insecure APIs, malware injection and data loss are climbing up in numbers.

Therefore, the demand for reliable cloud security professionals is increasing considerably in recent times. Is the demand for cloud security professionals a good reason enough? Yes, there are a lot of threats to cloud security out there, and you can resolve them by improving your skills. However, you have to check your profile and background before thinking of entering a career in cloud security.

Existing Profile and Background

Before you start on a cloud security career path, you should take note of the existing role you have in the world of computing. If you want to become a cloud security expert, then you must start your career with familiarity in IT roles. Some of the notable roles in this purview include Enterprise Architect, Security Engineer, System Architect or Engineer, Security Administrator, Security Manager, Security Analyst, Security Consultant and Network Engineer or Network Architect.

Apart from working in these IT roles, you should also have the necessary soft skills for your cloud security career. Here is an outline of the important soft skills for cloud security professionals.

  • Passion for cloud computing and security.
  • Faster cognitive capabilities.
  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Mindset for early adoption.
  • Dedication to challenge self-knowledge and skills on a regular basis.

Skills Needed to Become Cloud Security Professionals

After an evaluation of your existing profile and soft skills, you can find the shortcomings you have to address for a promising cloud security career. The next important aspect that you have to focus on for a career in cloud security refers to skills for distinct layers of cloud security.

As a cloud security professional, you need to address the strategic, operational and tactical aspects of cloud security. Therefore, you should identify the essential cloud security skills that can establish your career according to your desired outcomes. Let us outline the various skills that you would need for each layer of cloud security.

Strategic Skills

The important strategic skills that you would need in this area for your cloud security career are,

  • Definition of cloud security policies and cloud security strategy.
  • Cloud security governance.
  • Definition of cloud security guidelines.
  • Cloud security assessment.
  • Cloud security risk management.
  • Defining IT & procurement security specifications.
  • Cloud service integration.

Operational Skills

The significant operational skills for an operational layer of cloud security are as follows,

  • Contingency planning.
  • Personnel security.
  • Incident management.
  • Vulnerability and patch management.
  • System integrity.
  • Configuration and change management.
  • Environment protection.
  • Maintenance of information integrity.

Tactical Skills

The tactical aspect of cloud security primarily involves selection and deployment of technology for cloud security. You would need skills in the following areas for your cloud security career.

  • Identity and access management.
  • Asset management.
  • Physical security protection.
  • Data protection.
  • Infrastructure and network protection.
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery.
  • Logging and monitoring.
  • Encryption key management.

Now, you know all the basic requirements to start off on a cloud security career path. You can clearly identify the relevance of your existing IT role and skillset for a career in cloud computing. Then, you can opt for certifications in cloud security or gain experience from hands-on participation in cloud-based projects. You could also complete a comprehensive cloud security training program for a good start to your career in cloud security.

Are You Ready to Begin Your Cloud Security Career?

As evident from the above information, you should opt for reliable cloud security certifications to become certified cloud security professional. In addition to the skills mentioned above, you should also learn and familiarize with the prominent cloud security standards, guidelines, best practices and frameworks. Many cloud service providers also provide official documentation and learning resources regarding cloud security.

You should also consider attending cloud security webinars to gain access to industry insights. Most important of all, you have to ensure comprehensive hand-on training with cloud security tools and technologies. You can opt for paid instructor-led training courses for strengthening your command over cloud security. So, don’t wait anymore and take the decision to start your cloud security career right now!

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