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Domain 5 of AZ-204: Connect to and Consume Azure Services & Third-Party Services

The AZ-204 exam is the best option for anyone looking to work as an Azure Cloud Developer. The AZ-204: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure certification course provides a thorough understanding of the various solutions offered by Microsoft Azure. The AZ-204 certification examines applications and service’s design, development, testing, and maintenance skills in the Microsoft Azure Cloud environment.

Domain 5 of AZ-204

Azure Developer AZ-204 certification comprises a total of five domains:

The Microsoft Azure AZ-204 exam covers the domains necessary for an Azure Cloud Developer to operate.

AZ-204 certification comprises a total of five domains

In this article, we will discuss the fifth Domain of AZ-204, “Connect to and consume Azure services and third-party services.”

Domain 5 of AZ-204:  Connect to and consume Azure services and third-party services

The final domain of AZ-204 has a weightage of (15-20%). This domain is about communication between applications and services, and it deals with connecting to and consuming Azure and third-party services. This domain will teach you to use API management to construct and manage their application program interface and use Microsoft Azure’s numerous event-based and message-based services in your development solutions.

This course will teach you how to build and integrate these resources using the Azure Portal, Azure Command-line interface (CLI), Azure REST, and application code.

The Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure (AZ-204) certification exam’s last domain covers the following subtopics:

  • Implement API Management
  • Develop event-based solutions
  • Develop message-based solutions

Below is an overview of AZ-204’s fifth domain subtopics.

1. Implement API Management: This section will teach you how to use the API Management (APIM) service and modify and secure APIs and build backend APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). You will learn about the functionalities of Azure API Management and how to build API integration in Azure. First, you will learn about the Azure Application Programming Interface Management components and the use of the Azure Portal to create Azure APIM instances. You will learn how to create and document APIs in your applications. Then you will learn how to employ API keys and client certificate authentication to prevent your APIs from unauthorized use. Finally, you will learn how to add caching policies and implement throttling to avoid resource exhaustion to improve the performance of an Application Programming Interface (API). In the end, through this section, you will understand how Azure API Management works and how to give your applications secure and scalable API access.

2. Develop event-based solutions: This section will teach you how to use Azure Event Grid and Azure Event Hubs to create event-based solutions. You will learn to use Azure CLI to build event access control and route custom events to web endpoints. Azure Event Grid makes it simple to create applications based on event-driven architectures. You will learn how Azure Event Hubs capture events. And how to use Event Hubs to collect millions of events per second from linked devices and applications. In the end, through this section, you will have the skills and knowledge you need to design event-based solutions in Azure.

3. Develop message-based solutions: This section will teach you how to use Azure Service Bus and Azure Queue Storage to create message-based architectures in your applications. On Microsoft Azure, messaging services allow you to develop strong and adaptable solutions. First, you will learn how to send and receive messages using .NET. You will gain knowledge of how to set up messaging that connects applications and services across on-premises and cloud settings and how to integrate Azure Service Bus solutions. You will learn how to leverage Azure Queue Storage queues to implement solutions. Azure Queue Storage is a service that allows you to store massive amounts of data. After completing this section, you will be able to quickly identify the essential components of Azure Queue Storage and construct and manage queues and messages of Azure Queue Storage.

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Exam AZ-204

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