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RedTeam Expert Online Training Course
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The InfoSecTrain Red Team Training is designed to make you an influential Red Team expert who can counter cyber threats and perform effective penetration testing to detect those threats. Our Custom and structured Red Team Training course combines all the tools and techniques needed to become an effective Red Team Cyber Security expert. Learn to mimic the thought process and mindset of hackers & digital offenders and offensively safeguard sensitive IT Infrastructure with InfoSecTrain Red Team expert course!

RedTeam Course Highlights

  • 60 hrs of instructor-led training
  • 4 hrs/day Session
  • Certified & Experienced Trainers
  • Access to the recorded sessions

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RedTeam Course Description


There is a growing need for cyber security experts with the rising data sensitivity and protection mindset across the world. As the threats grow complex, mere protective measures fall short to do the job. It is then time for a Red Team penetration testing Professional to conduct offensive penetration testing that helps to reveal all the essential loopholes that can trigger an attack. Now, as a Red Teamer or Red Team Expert, you are expected to perform and know a range of tools, techniques, and skills that are necessary to attack IT systems to reveal vulnerable areas that require more robust protection. 

Any organization has multiple teams in their cybersecurity teams, and the Red Team is a crucial part of that structure. We provide you with hands-on training on foolproof red teaming techniques like identification, prevention, and mitigation of vulnerabilities leading to attacks. You will learn to mimic the mindset of a hacker and abuse/ violate IT systems and Infrastructure that are vulnerable to a possible future cyber attack/ threat. 

Our Red Team Training course has numerous practical sessions designed to create an environment of learning and application to build a robust upskilling process with an effective learning methodology. The course is created, designed, and reviewed by certified cybersecurity experts and Red Team certified professionals for budding Red Teamers out there! Our course has all the material that you will need to start your training process to be a skilled Red Team cyber security expert. The courseware contains various strategies and techniques like:

  • Abusing/ violating IT sensitive Infrastructure and security systems to detect loopholes
  • Hunting/ Finding vulnerabilities in IT systems to counter possible future threats
  • Learning to mimic the offensive hacker mindset and approach to IT abuse/ offense
  • Creating dynamic attack environments to perfectly analyse and assess a possible attack
  • Master the tools and techniques necessary to become a Red Team Hacking Expert!

Our Red Team Certified Training program is a one-of-a-kind course where you get to learn from the best of the best in offensive IT security. After completing this training course, you will be able to effectively plan and execute attacks on a range of IT systems and software, abuse and penetrate sensitive applications, learn about Golden ticket and ACLs abuse, and much more!

So, wait no more and enroll in this exciting course and open a world of opportunities in offensive cyber security!

Why Red Team Certified Training with InfoSecTrain?

The Red Team is a crucial part of any organization’s threat analysis and cybersecurity department consisting of Red Teams, Blue Teams, White Teams, and Purple Teams. Each team has specific roles to play in the cyber threat analysis and mitigation process of that organization. Red Team’s role in this process is crucial because the Red Team professionals are responsible for mimicking atual cyber threat/ attack scenarios by abusing and penetrating applications/ systems/ IT Infrastructure using a set of tools and techniques.We strongly believe in the power and potential of Red Team Ethical Hacking in safeguarding sensitive IT Infrastructure and systems from potential criminal attacks, and our course is designed to equip you with everything that is necessary to be a great Red Teamer. You will learn from highly experienced Red Team industry veterans and experts who can help you to navigate through the course via live instructor-led training sessions. InfoSecTrain has trained thousands of professionals across the globe and has created countless career opportunities in numerous lives.

Our courses range from Cloud security, IT security and audit, Programming, Soft Skills, and much more and our students are serving across global organizations. We train you in all the tools and techniques needed to be a Red Team expert, and we also enable you to participate in live training sessions for hands-on experience. You will be trained in a manner most ideal for you to achieve your dream of being a Red Team expert and start a gratifying and exciting career in cybersecurity.

Target Audience

  • Red Teamers
  • Bug Bounty Hunters
  • Security Analysts
  • Vulnerability Managers
  • Penetration Testers
  • IT Security Professionals
  • Security Consultants
  • Anyone who wants to learn the Offensive side of Cyber Security


  • A thorough understanding of Penetration Tests and Security Assessments
  • Prior knowledge on OWASP TOP 10
  • Understanding & Navigating Different OSes like Windows, Linux
  • Knowledge of Active Directory
  • Networking Basics
  • Familiarity with PowerShell Scripts


9 + 65 =

RedTeam Course Content

  • Introduction to Pen-Testing
    • Penetration Testing Benefits
    • Types of Penetration Testing
    • Penetration Testing Methodologies
    • Law & Compliance
    • Planning, Managing & Reporting
  • Hands On with Linux
    • The Linux Filesystem
    • Basic Linux Commands
    • Finding Files in Linux
    • Managing Linux Services
    • Searching, Installing, and Removing Tools
    • The Bash Environment
    • Piping and Redirection
    • Text Searching and Manipulation
    • Backgrounding Processes (bg)
    • Jobs Control
    • Process Control
    • File and Command Monitoring
    • Downloading Files
    • Persistent Bash Customization
  • Scripting Skills
    • Introduction to Shell
      • Script Basics
      • Global Declarations
      • Variable basics
      • Escape characters
      • Basic redirection and pipe
      • Understanding Conditions
      • Understanding Loops
      • Recursion and Nested Functions
      • Function Attributes
      • The Linux Execution Environment with Scripts
      • Restricted Shells
    • Introduction to Python
      • What is Python?
      • Python: Favourite of Hackers
      • Data Types and variables
      • Control Flow and Data structure
      • Functions, Functional Programming and File Handling
      • Exception Handling
      • Creating Managing File and Directory Access
      • Raw Socket basics
      • Socket Programming with Python
      • Servers and Clients architecture
      • Creating Sniffers (wired and wireless)
      • Creating packet injector
  • Introduction to Red Team’s Plan and Execution
    • What is Red Teaming?
    • Red Team Attack Lifecycle (Phases)
    • Red Team Infrastructure
    • Enterprise Environment Overview
    • Technologies Exploitation in Red Teaming
      • Web Technology
      • Network Technology
      • Physical Red Teaming
      • Cloud Technology
      • Wireless
    • Why organizations need Red Team?
    • Red Team Exercise Execution
  • Information Gathering & Enumeration
    • Types of Information Gathering
    • OSINT: Case Study
    • Extensive OSINT Enumeration
    • Google Search
    • Google Hacking
    • User Enumeration & Phishing
    • Forward Lookup Brute Force
    • Reverse Lookup Brute Force
    • DNS Zone Transfers
    • Port Scanning

Null Sessions

  • Enum4Linux
  • VRFY Script
  • Python Port
  • Red Team Kill Chain
    • Initial Access & Delivery
    • Weaponization
    • Command & Control
    • Credentials Dumping
    • Lateral Movement
    • Establishing Persistence
    • Data Exfiltration
  • Advanced Windows Exploitation
    • Operating System and Programming Theory
    • Win32 APIs
    • Windows Registry
    • What are Macros?
    • Creating Dangerous Macros using Empire
    • Microsoft Office Phishing using Macros
    • Executing Shellcode in Word Memory
    • PowerShell File Transfers
    • VBA Shellcode Runner
    • PowerShell Shellcode Runner
    • Reflection Shellcode Runner in PowerShell
    • Client-Side Code Execution with Windows Script Host
    • Credential Replay Attacks
    • Credential Discovery
    • Hashing Concept
      • Pass the Hash (PTH)
      • Kerberoasting and AS-REP Roasting
      • Pass the Ticket (PTT)
  • Binary Analysis and Exploitation
    • WinDbg and x86 Architecture
    • Introduction to x86 Architecture
    • Introduction to Windows Debugger
    • Accessing and Manipulating Memory from WinDbg
    • Introduction to IDA Pro
    • Static-Dynamic Analysis Synchronization
    • Double Pivoting
    • Windows Defender Exploit Guard
    • Binary diffing with BinDiff 5
    • Visualizing code changes and identifying fixes
    • Reversing 32-bit and 64-bit applications and modules
  • The Metasploit Framework
    • Exploring Metasploit Framework
    • Using Metasploit Auxiliary
    • Using Exploit Modules
    • Staged and Non-Staged Payloads
    • Working with Multi Handler
    • Working with Meterpreter Session
  • Exploiting Overflows – Linux & Windows
    • Stack Overflows Introduction
    • A Word About DEP, ASLR, and CFG
    • Replicating the Crash
    • Controlling EIP
    • Stack Overflows and ASLR Bypass
    • ASLR Introduction
    • ASLR Implementation
    • ASLR Bypass Theory
    • Windows Defender Exploit Guard and ASLR
    • Understanding SEH
    • Exploiting SEH Overflows
    • Understanding the low fragmentation heap
    • Heap Overrun/Overflow
  • Privilege Escalation
    • Windows Privilege Escalation
      • Understanding Windows Privileges and Integrity Levels
      • User Account Control (UAC) Bypass: fodhelper.exe Case Study
      • Insecure File Permissions: Servio Case Study
      • Leveraging Unquoted Service Paths
      • Windows Kernel Vulnerabilities: USBPcap Case Study
    • Linux Privilege Escalation
      • Understanding Linux Privileges
      • Insecure File Permissions: Cron Case Study
      • Insecure File Permissions: /etc/passwd Case Study
      • Kernel Vulnerabilities: Case Study


  • Lateral Movement & Pivoting Techniques
    • Lateral Movement and Network Pivoting
    • File-Less Lateral Movement Methodologies
    • Understand Local, Remote Port Forwarding Using Chisel, various proxies etc
    • Multi-level in-depth network pivoting in Windows & Linux OS
    • Lateral Movement with SSH
    • SSH Hijacking Using SSH-Agent and SSH Agent Forwarding
  • Advanced Web Attacks
    • OWASP Standards
    • Broken Web Application
    • ATutor & JuiceShop
    • Web Traffic Inspection using Burpsuite
    • Atmail Mail Server Appliance: from XSS to RCE
    • Session Hijacking
    • Session Riding
    • Authentication Bypass and RCE
    • Injection Attacks
    • ATutor LMS Type Juggling Vulnerability
    • Attacking the Loose Comparison
    • Magic Hashes
    • JavaScript Injection Remote Code Execution
    • Cookie Deserialization RCE
    • Server-Side Template Injection
    • XSS and OS Command Injection
    • Advanced XSS Exploitation
    • RCE Hunting
  • Introduction to Wireless Security
    • Cracking Wireless Encryptions
    • Cracking WEP
    • Cracking WPA, WPA2 & WPA3
    • WIFI-Phishing
    • Dos Attack: WIFI Jamming
    • Securing WAP
    • Auditing and Reporting
  • AWS Pen testing
    • Building and setup AWS pen testing Environment
    • Exploiting S3
    • Understanding and exploiting Lambda Services
    • Testing IAM privileges
    • Case study For Capital One Attack.
  • Mitre ATT&CK Red Teaming
    • Follow Mitre ATT&CK Framework
    • Playing with Mitre
    • Testing with Caldera
    • Atomic Red Team Test for MITRE-ATT&CK
    • Utilizing LOLBAS for stealth persistence & Data Exfiltration
  • Deliverables – Report Writing
    • Defining Methodology
    • Types of Reports
      • Executive Summary
      • Detailed Reports
    • Adding Proof of Concept
    • Creating Drafts
    • Risk Rating Factors
    • Automating Reports
    • Report Writing Tools

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RedTeam Course Benefits

RedTeam Expert Online Training Course

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Benefits You Will Access Why Infosec Train

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RedTeam FAQs

1. What am I going to learn in the Red Team certified training program?

You are going to learn the various effective methods that empower and equip a Red Teamer to conduct offensive IT penetration testing to perform various penetration attacks for threat identification. You will learn skills like:

  • Attack Planning and Execution
  • Configuring an RT infrastructure for effective attack simulation
  • Exploring various attack cycles and methodologies like-
    • Abusing and penetrating applications
    • Privilege escalation
    • Impersonification of other users
  • Enumeration of various active directories, emails, etc.
  • Golden/ silver ticket, ACLs abuse,etc.
  • Optimizing and configuring PowerShell scripts for AD-related abuses
2. What does a Red Team Hacking expert do?
A Red Team hacking expert performs various types of penetration testing and attacks related to direct cyber threats in order to identify and eliminate vulnerabilities in the security infrastructure of an organization or the government. A Red Team expert efficiently mimics the thought process and vulnerability detection of that of a Hacker to identify potential loopholes in systems that can trigger a cyber attack or threat. They make use of a variety of tools and techniques that can analyse threats, create attack simulations and identify areas of improvement in complex IT infra.
3. How do you become a skilled Red Team Expert?
The first and foremost requirement of any budding or potential Red Teamer is to learn the ropes of offensive IT security testing and protection. He/she needs to get into the offensive mindset of digital violators and approach systems accordingly. You also need to take a training course that will upskill you in all the tools and techniques that you need in order to perform penetration attacks, create attack simulations, conduct threat detection and identification activities. You need to ensure that the training program has enough hands-on training and practical sessions to equip you with all the skills that you need to actually conduct penetration attacks and threat analysis.
4. What are the different career options at my disposal after I complete the Red Team Certified Training Program?
You can choose from a range of career opportunities and options around the world once you successfully complete your Red Team hacking certification. Red Teamers with good Red Team certified training are in top demand across all industries in the world due to the rising threat of cyber attacks. From banks to hardcore industries, employers are seeking skilled penetration testers who can conduct proper threat analysis of their IT infrastructure and suggest corrections/ mitigation options. So, career roles are diverse and range from White Hat Hackers, Ethical Hackers, Cyber Security Analysts, Threat Analysis expert, Security Audit Analyst, etc.
5. What are the different career prospects in Red Team Hacking?
There are a variety of career prospects that you can choose from after completing this training course. You can also choose to upskill further and even try for certifications of global reach. You can also try for different IT security standards that can help you to try for even bigger career goals and opportunities.

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