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Advanced Penetration Testing Online Training Course
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Advanced Penetration Testing training course by Infosectrain focuses on demonstrating advanced techniques to perform penetration testing. The APT online course will not only train you to perform professional security but will also teach about the next most important thing which is the findings and the report making. This training will help you to prepare for the LPT Master Certification.  


APT with KALI Linux Course Highlights

  • Hands-on exposure with diverse vulnerabilities
  • Real-like scenarios for practical understanding
  • Interactive training sessions and Q/A rounds
  • Certified and expert instructors

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APT with KALI Linux Course Description


The Advanced Penetration Testing Course at InfosecTrain has been designed by the experts of the industry. This training will be great for the participants, who are very interested in learning the penetration testing and IT security techniques. The participants will gain experience on efficient Exploit Writing, Advance Sniffing, Web Penetration Testing, Mobile Testing, Documentation and Reporting, and a lot more about the techniques of Penetration Testing with Kali Linux.

  • This training assures to transform the candidates into elite penetration testing professionals.
  • Other IT professionals who are willing to expand their current knowledge.


Why Advanced Penetration Testing Training ?

Our APT Training will help you to have an in-depth knowledge of :

  • Attacking the latest operating systems, such as Windows Servers and Linux servers
  • Identifying system vulnerabilities that can be exploited by a malicious intruder
  • Identifying vulnerabilities that exist in an unpatched operating system
  • Breaching the security of a network or system
  • Testing intrusion detection and response capabilities
  • Analyzing and addressing your system’s weaknesses, through penetration testing
  • Breaking into a highly-secured organization from the ‘outside’
  • Moving around a network without being detected by IDS/IPS
  • Avoiding common security features, such as locked-down desktops, GPOs, IDSs/IPSs/WAFs

Target Audience

  • Security consultant
  • Penetration tester
  • Firewall administrator
  • System architect
  • System administrator.


  • Basic understanding of networking and servers
  • Understanding of a programming language like Python recommended


2 + 68 =

APT with KALI Linux Course Objectives

This advanced pen testing training include the understanding of:

  • Installing and configuring Advanced Penetration Testing lab setup
  • Reconnaissance types
  • Vulnerability analysis, classification, and identification
  • Vulnerability scanning using OWASP ZAP, w3af, Wapiti, Vega scanner, Metasploit’s Wmap and using Lynis for hardening
  • SQLMap, Metasploit framework and other open source and closed source tools to find exploitation and attacks
  • Post exploitation techniques
  • Exploiting vulnerable services in Windows and Unix
  • Spoofing, spinning and access maintenance
  • Social engineering using BeEF , phishing frameworks,
  • Implementing network security
  • Security tools
  • Denial of Service (DoS) attacks and wireless network attacks
  • Mobile platform hacking
  • Top vulnerabilities of OWASP and mitigation
  • Report Writing

APT with KALI Linux Course Content

  • Introduction to Linux
  • Intelligence Gathering
  • Scanning and Enumeration
  • What is hashing?
  • Scripting
  • Exploitation
  • The Metasploit Framework
  • Post -Exploitation
  • Wireless Exploitation and Wireless auditing
  • Web Application Penetration Testing
  • Data Collection,Evidence Management, and Reporting

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APT with KALI Linux Course Benefits

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