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How to Become an AWS Solution Architect?

Amazon is one of the most popular companies globally that provides everything from E-commerce to cloud service, known as Amazon Web Services. AWS is one of the commonly used cloud computing services used by many businesses or organizations because it helps you in everything from content delivery to database migration.

How to become an AWS Solution Architect

As many organizations are using AWS, career opportunities have touched the peaks for cloud computing professionals. Out of all the available AWS certifications, AWS Solution Architect is in high demand, so in this blog, let us see how to become an AWS Solution Architect.

Let us start with

Who is an AWS Solution Architect:

Now the primary responsibility of an AWS Solution Architect is to help you deploy your applications upon the AWS platform, which is nothing but a cloud computing platform.

Well, you can deploy your applications on the cloud by yourself, but when it comes to organizations deploying applications on the cloud, it is very complex. And that is where an AWS Solutions Architect can help. In simple terms, AWS Solutions Architects migrate the organization’s physical infrastructure to the cloud. They are also responsible for creating and designing cloud infrastructure that cuts costs and addresses the factors like reliability, scalability, performance, and usability.

How to become a Certified AWS Solutions Architect:

Note: AWS Solutions Architect- Associate certification is not at all easy, and you cannot pass it just by doing some practice tests. This exam is wholly scenario-based, and this exam is designed so that only people who have hands-on experience with AWS services can pass it.

Now let us see the seven significant steps to become an AWS Solutions Architect:
1.Gain AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification:

Of course, you can undeviatingly attend the AWS Solutions Architect certification exam but, if you do not hold any background in AWS engineering, then I will strongly suggest you do this certification first so that you will be strong at your foundations. This exam is quite easy, and you can pass it in approximately two weeks.

In my opinion, though you have prior acquaintance and experience with AWS, you can still take up this exam because it may introduce you to the various AWS services that you may not practice before.

Personal tips to achieve this certification:

  • Take notes of all the concepts and configure them to act as a study guide during your preparation.

2. Do ACGs AWS Certified Solutions Architect- Associate course:
If you are a total fresher, ACGs AWS certified solutions architect course alone is not sufficient to get you through all the fundamentals of AWS, but it is still an incredible course and acts as a good foundation for your exam preparation.

Personal tips to achieve this certification:

  • As mentioned, having detailed notes is very useful.
  • Do not forget to get hands-on lab exposure. I suggest adopting AWS to learn AWS.

3. In-depth knowledge of particular AWS services:
As I said, ACGs AWS Certified Solution Architect- The associate course is not enough for a newbie. You have to know the following AWS services also:

  1. Amazon Virtual Private Cloud: Amazon VPC permits us to transfer the AWS resources inside a Virtual network which is very alike to your usual network inside your data center. By incorporating the advantages of utilizing the scalable AWS infrastructure.
  2. Amazon S3: Amazon S3(Simple Storage Service) primary purpose is to protect, store, and retrieve the data from “buckets” on any device, from any place, and at any time. An S3 service is a flat architecture. A user forms a bucket, and the bucket keeps the objects inside the cloud.
  3. Amazon RDS: Amazon Relational Database Service makes it easy for us to set up, operate, and scale a relational database within the cloud. It also offers us resizable and cost-efficient capabilities.
  4. Amazon Kinesis: Amazon Kinesis offers us the capabilities to buffer, process streaming, and ingest data in real-time so that we can receive penetrations in seconds or minutes instead of days or weeks.
  5. Amazon Lambda and Serverless Components: Amazon Lambda is a serverless compute service that automatically executes your code and automatically handles the underlying compute resources.

Serverless will show up very frequently in the exam, so you have to concentrate on this concept more.

4. Get a good grip on Aws Storage Services:
You will witness many scenario-based questions on the storage services. For example, you will be given a situation and ask to choose one storage service like:

What do you prefer, EFS or EBS?
5. Utilize the test-taking strategies:
While attending an exam, there will be many strategies that you have to apply. A few of the essential techniques are:

  • You will always find many questions with multiple options, then try to eliminate the wrong ones by thinking on the basis of real-time scenarios.
  • Read the questions two to three times and understand them properly.
  • In the actual exam, you can mark answers as “mark for review” and use that option to go back and check the answers.

6. Get Guidance:
Even though you follow all the mentioned steps, it is suggested to get guidance like attending online classes and hiring an instructor. So that you can have a person who clears your doubts, InfosecTrain has certified trainers who have years of industry experience and will teach you all the concepts quickly and with real-time examples.

After following all the steps mentioned above, you can attend the AWS Solutions Architect certification exam, and you will be officially certified as AWS Solutions Architect- Associate.

AWS Solutions Architect- Associate exam details:

AWS Solutions Architect- Associate exam details

AWS Solutions Architect- Associate exam content outline:

AWS Solutions Architect- Associate exam content outline

AWS Solutions Architect- Associate course with InfosecTrain:

InfosecTrain is one of the best globally recognized training platforms focusing on Information security services and IT security training. Enroll in our AWS Solutions Architect- Associate Certification Training course to experience the practical sessions and excellent training from the best trainers.

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