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Information Systems Auditor Online Training (Practical Hands-on)
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The Information System Audit Practical Approach course from Infosec Train is majorly focussed on providing a hands-on experience of Information System Audit to the candidates. This course is specially designed for candidates preparing for various IT audit certifications like CISA, CISM, CISSP, ISO27001, DISA etc. This course will provide with you a practical exposure of the IT audit field and teach you the key skills that an auditor must possess.

Course Highlights

  • 32 Hrs of Instructor-led Training
  • Learn with Practical Approach
  • Access to Recorded Sessions
  • Certified & Experienced Trainers

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Course Description


The Information System Audit Practical Approach course from Infosec Train is for security professionals who audit, monitor, and assess an organization’s information systems and business activities. Organizations need audit specialists with the knowledge and skills to identify significant challenges and security threats. This course will provide the candidate with auditing experience, knowledge, and skills to evaluate vulnerabilities, report on compliance, and institute controls within the enterprise.

  1. Laws, Regulations & Standards referred to in this course
  • ISO 27001
  • Information Technology Act, 2000 (Amendment Act, 2020)
  • System Audit circular issued by RBI, SEBI
  • Cyber security Audit circular issued by SEBI
  1. Case Studies discussed

In this Course we will be discussing the following Audits: –

  • Information Security Governance
  • Information Security Controls
  • IT General Controls
  • Cyber Security Audit

Entire Scope area of above audits will be discussed with Real life scenarios (dummy data) and examples.

Why Information System Audit course with Infosectrain?

InfosecTrain is a proficient technology and security training and consulting organization across the globe, specializing in various IT security courses and services. Our Information System Audit training aims to develop advanced skills required to audit IT Systems. You can leverage the following benefits with InfosecTrain:

  • We provide you a standard dummy audit report.
  • We provide a list of circulars applicable as mentioned in the IDR.
  • We provide the standard template of IDR.
  • We provide the standard template of RCM.
  • We provide the IT audit checklist that includes various controls around the domain.
  • We provide hands-on experience with our lab sessions.
  • We can help you present your qualifications and work experience for the designated profile.
  • We provide a flexible training schedule.
  • We provide recorded videos after the session to each participant.
  • We provide post-training assistance.
  • We create groups for discussion.
  • We also provide a certificate of participation to each candidate.
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Target Audience

  • Anyone who is interested in Information Technology (IT) / Information System (IS) Audit
  • Auditors interested to learn about IT / IS Audits
  • Beginners/fresher’s in Information System Audit
  • Qualified IT Professionals (like CISA, CISM, ISO27001 etc.) who want to learn practical aspects of IT / IS Audits
  • Chartered Accountant & Article Assistant who wants to make their career in IT Audits


The course is designed for fresher’s who are interested in IT Audit. Basic knowledge of MS Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) is required to analyse the data and prepare the draft report.


7 + 62 =

Course Objectives

  • Learn how to carry out an IT Audit from start to the end.
  • Gain some practical exposure in the IT Audit Field.
  • Prepare you for various IT certifications like CISA, CISM, CISSP, ISO27001, DISA etc.
  • Teach you the steps that should be included in the IT audit checklist.

Course Content

Understand the Context

  • Discussion on Risk Assessment to understand IT strategy and governance model of the Company. (Sample Risk Assessment Report will be discussed)
  • Conduct planning meetings with process owners / Vendors for process understanding


Audit Scoping and Planning

  • Understanding of Current State Assessment (As Is) of controls in audit areas
  • Obtain additional information on applications, systems, tools and data
  • How to Prepare of Initial data requirement (IDR) for Audit
  • How to Prepare customized Risk Control Matrix (RCM) for Audit

Fieldwork –Controls Design

  • How to review or evaluate documents / Evidences received from Company and vendors
  • Perform sample-based testing of security processes
  • Raising Additional requirement list for effectiveness testing (if require)
  • Document understanding of processes and controls

Fieldwork – Testing

  • Gap assessment – Identify gaps against the framework
  • Gain preliminary agreement on facts/findings.


  • Preparation and Distribution of Draft Report
  • Conduct a closing meeting to agree action plans, owners, and target dates
  • Integrate feedback and finalize the audit report, which would include Remediation Road map

IT Audit Interview preparation

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Course Benefits

Information System career benifits

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1. What is Information System auditing?
An audit of Information Technology (IT) infrastructure and business application’s management controls is known as an information systems audit.
2. Who is eligible to do an Information System Audit?
The Information System Audit can be done by a person with a career in IT Audit. It can also be done by candidates who have certifications like CISA, CISM, CISSP, ISO27001, DISA etc.
3. Who is an Information System Auditor?
Certified information systems auditors are frequently in charge of evaluating a company’s technological systems and determining any vulnerabilities in the organization’s structure. The person is frequently charged with developing an audit plan to examine potential risk areas, as well as carrying out and supervising that audit.
4. What are the types of audits?

The different types of audits are:

  • First Party audit
  • Second Party audit
  • Third Party audit
5. What is the role of an IT Auditor?

IT Auditors support firms by safeguarding the data stored in their technology system and internal controls. By spotting vulnerabilities in a system’s network and developing plans to patch them, they protect sensitive data against technological security lapses.

6. Is this a certification course?

No, this is not a certification course but it focuses on the practical approach required for various other certifications.

7. What does IT audit mean?

The study and assessment of an organization’s information technology infrastructure, applications, data use and management, policies, procedures, and operational processes against set standards or guidelines constitutes an information technology audit.

8. What is the scope of an Information System audit?
  • System security.
  • Standards and procedures.
  • Performance monitoring.
  • Documentation and reporting.
  • Systems development.
9. Why is IT auditing necessary?

To make sure that your system is secure against assaults, an IT audit is crucial. An IT audit’s primary goals are to assess the computer system’s accessibility, the security and confidentiality of the data they contain, and its accuracy, dependability, and timeliness.

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