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What to expect during the AWS Exam?

Amazon utilizes decentralized or distributed IT infrastructure to make a few IT resources available on demand. Since the 1990s, they have put a considerable number of dollars into building and managing large-scale distributed and proficient IT infrastructure. AWS is an abbreviation of Amazon Web Services. It was launched by Amazon as a cloud computing platform to allow other organizations to take advantage of this reliable IT infrastructure. There are numerous scenarios in which AWS is an efficient option for running web applications or organization portals. A small manufacturing company can use its expertise in expanding its business through quality production while leaving IT management to AWS. A large enterprise spread globally can utilize AWS to deliver training to its distributed workforce. An architecture consulting company can use AWS to get high compute rendering of its construction prototypes. A media company can use AWS to provide different content types such as videos, ebooks, and audio files to its clients.

What to expect during the AWS Exam_

Rising Popularity of AWS certifications

AWS provides a straightforward signup process. Just enter the details of your credit card and use AWS’s services. Along with this, AWS’s servers’ capacity is six times more than its competitors in the market, so it can always handle more traffic on the website. It is also a trusted vendor as many major firms like Netflix, Twitch, and Linkedin use it. Since it offers a flexible pricing method, it is the first choice of organizations for their Cloud computing services. These reasons lead to a growing demand for AWS professionals in the market. They are employed in the IT industry, Telecom industry, FMCG companies, and more. So, it is favorable for a candidate to get an AWS certification to increase their chances of employability.

AWS Certifications

AWS currently offers a total of 12 certifications under four different categories. The categories are:

  • Foundational level
  • Associate level
  • Professional level
  • Specialty level

But it is very important for a candidate to choose the right certification. It must align with your interests, skills, and experience. Once you have chosen the right certification, you must start your preparations in that direction.

Exam Pattern

When you are entirely prepared to appear for the exam, you must have an in-depth understanding of all the topics covered in that domain. All AWS exams cover a lot of areas that you must be familiar with. You must have a solid understanding of every topic to be able to answer with confidence. AWS certification exams include questions in the multiple-choice or multiple-answer pattern. Each question narrates a genuine situation and may include graphics or charts for further elaboration. Multiple-choice questions have four or more possible options to the scenario, but only one of them is the correct answer.

Multiple-answer questions have four or more options, but the correct answer will be more than one option. Relax and read the questions very carefully, and do not make any assumptions beyond the information proffered in the question.

In the exam, there will be an option of “mark later” for every question, which you can review later. When you have explored the entire set of questions, the system will list all the questions. Each question will show the option you selected as your answer. The questions that you “marked for later” will be displayed with an asterisk next to them. You have the chance to rapidly revisit the questions you skipped or to review all your answers.

The Environment of the Exam

You can take the AWS exam via either the Pearson VUE or PSI network of testing centers. You will be required to show two forms of personal identification for admission to the exam center. Essential ID structures incorporate authentic and current government-issued driver’s license and passport, while the secondary identification forms include Debit/ATM cards or a second primary ID form. You can now take all the AWS certification exams from home itself in an online proctored manner.

The security strategies for AWS tests are incredibly severe and forbid any personal items like notes, phones, laptops, backpacks, notepads, food, or drink in the exam premises. Devices like eyewear, watches, or GPS tracking devices are subject to inspection if worn on the exam premises. You may demand a whiteboard and marker from the exam delegate, and some facilities will also allow you to have paper and pencil. The full admission specifications and security procedures are outlined in the first steps of the exam scheduling process.

Signing up for an exam at Pearson VUE is an excellent way to take your certification exam and keep safe because they’re the authorized exam proctors appointed by AWS. The main technical requirements while opting for an online exam are:

  • A Windows 8+ or macOS 10.13+ computer with webcam, microphone, and headphones/speakers (Older Windows OS or Linux/Unix machines are not allowed).
  • A secluded and peaceful place with no other people around
  • A good internet bandwidth with no extra security measures such as a VPN

If you study hard and prepare yourself well, you’re sure to score higher. If you pass the exam, you will receive an AWS Certified logo, e-certificate, and a digital badge in your AWS Certification Account within five days.

AWS with Infosec Train

Several companies globally have observed great success with AWS. Tech goliaths like Facebook, LinkedIn, Netflix, etc., have applied the benefits of AWS services to enhance their business efficiency. Due to this widespread usage, AWS professionals are in high demand and highly paid in the market. Take your initial step towards getting certified by joining Infosec Train as we are the leading training provider that will give you exposure to the distinctive challenges. We are one of the prominent training providers and are globally recognized. Our highly skilled and certified trainers design the entire action plan and coach you towards laying a strong foundation of AWS to upskill your knowledge to a proficient level. AWS Certification Training with Infosec Train will help you have a better comprehension of the subject.

AWS Certified Security

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