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Everything You Need to Know About the SC-900 Exam

SC-900 is the Microsoft Security, compliance and Identity fundamentals exam, is intended to know, estimate, and evaluate your expertise in:

  • Security, Compliance, and Identity.
  • Access management solutions and Microsoft identity.
  • Microsoft compliance solutions and Microsoft Security solutions.
  • Through this blog, you will get a complete idea of how you can pass the exam. SC-900 exam is a part of Microsoft Certified: security, compliance, and fundamentals. Furthermore, this certification targets people who are eager to educate themselves in Security, Compliance, and Identity(SCI) fundamentals over Microsoft services or other cloud-related services.

    Everything you need to know about the

Who should attend the exam?

The SC-900 exam targets three types of audiences. They are:

  1. Shareholders of a business.
  2. New or current IT professionals.
  3. Students who are fascinated by security, compliance, and identity solutions.

Knowledge required:

Before attending the SC-900 exam, we should possess a clear idea about Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure. You must possess the capacity to grasp security, compliance, and identity concepts and know how they can range over Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure to provide end-to-end and holistic solutions.

If you are confident enough, you can register for the exam.

Exam scheduling and registration:

You can register for the exam in two different ways they are:

Pearson VUE: registering in Pearson VUE is one way.
Certiport: A SC-900 aspirant can also register their exam in certiport.

SC - 900

SC-900 exam course outline: The syllabus of SC-900 course exams is divided into four parts, they are:

SC-900 part 1: Includes the topics like Security, Compliance, and Identity.
SC-900 part 2: Includes topics like Access Management and Microsoft Identity Solutions.
SC-900 part3: Incorporates Microsoft Security Solutions.
SC-900 part4: Describes the capabilities of Microsoft Compliance Solutions.

SC-900 Exam Course Outline

Exam details:

you have to attempt around 40-60 questions in the Microsoft SC-900 exam questions will be in the form of:

  1. Choosing the right answer questions.
  2. Questions based on scenarios.
  3. Drag-and-drop questions.
  4. Mark review, drag and drop questions.
  5. Questions like configuring in the right series, etc.
  6. and other details of the Microsoft SC-900 exam are:

SC-900 Exam Details

Exam policies:

There are specific rules/policies you must follow while attending the exam; Microsoft sets these rules. You have to follow them no matter what at the exam center and throughout the exam time.

Few rules are:

Exam retake policy: the Microsoft security, compliance, and Identity exam retake policy is if you failed in the first attempt, you could retake the exam within 24 hours, but if you failed it for the 2nd time, you must wait 14 more days to retake it. (why wait for 24 hours or 14days? Take up our SC-900 course to nail it in the first attempt).

Exam cancellation or reschedule policy: Microsoft offers the facility to reschedule or cancel your appointment; however, if you cancel your exam six days before your appointment, there is no need to pay anything. But if you cancel your appointment before five or below days, you have to pay the fee.

How to prepare for the Microsoft SC-900 Exam: Aspirants must gain sufficient knowledge to pass the exam SC-900: Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity fundamentals exam. While there are many learning methods, we will discuss four main types to make it simple for you.

Practice Tests: I think practice tests are one of the best methods to get ready for your exam. Because doing many practice tests, you will get an idea of the type of questions asked, you know how to manage your time and which domain to concentrate on first. So do as many practice tests as you can.

Microsoft learning platform: Microsoft provides many learning facilities to pass the SC-900 exam. Navigate to their official website to get all the necessary information and knowledge from the offered study guide.

Microsoft Docs: Microsoft Docs is called a powerhouse of knowledge because it provides detailed information regarding all the certifications. Furthermore, if you are using Microsoft Docs for this exam, you will get clarity on different scales of the exam, and it also holds modules that help you get the complete experience about concepts of SC-900.

Online study: you can opt for online training with good trainers with experience, make sure the trainers explain every concept in your way, attend demo classes to get an idea.

Introducing Infosec Train, InfosecTrain provides you the recorded sessions; trainers at infosec train are well-experienced industry experts. They will ensure you get every concept and explain it with real-time examples.

Now, as a final touch up let us discuss a few commonly asked questions and common doubts you may have about the SC-900 exam:

How and when will you get the exam results?

A notification will pop up right after you finish it. You will also receive a printed report which includes your score and the feedback.

Will you get a numerical score for every domain?

No, you will not get a numerical score for every domain/module. You will receive a complete score and status of pass/fail.

What is the process of calculating the score?

Once after finishing your exam, the system will collect your points, compare them with the cut-off score, and generate a pass/fail status report in the form of a bar chart.

Can you review your answers?

Yes, you can review your answers for many questions, but you cannot review the yes/or no questions. The monitor will alert you that you cannot check them when you attempt yes/no questions.

What’s next if you fail the exam?

Well, there is no need to feel bad about this. Prioritize your skills, know where you’re lacking, go through the challenging concepts first. And then, you can attempt the exam again after 24 hours.

SC-900 with Infosec Train:

We are proud to announce that Infosec Train is one of the best globally recognized companies that focuses on Information security services and IT security training. Enroll in our SC-900 certification training course to experience the practical sessions and excellent training from the best trainers.

SC - 900-02

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