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AWS Cloud Penetration Testing Online Training Course
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Boost your career by learning penetration testing/ pentesting skills for the AWS cloud in this holistic learning-based training program. Learn to manage and strategize in ownership-based platform penetration testing that teaches the core concepts of penetration testing in AWS. Gain a deep understanding of the threat and security landscape in AWS Cloud and perform potential penetration testing activities in this landscape. Explore the power of penetration testing and out-of-the-box cloud security strategies to master AWS cloud pentesting & security in this AWS Cloud penetration testing program.

AWS Penetration Testing Course Highlights

  • 24 hrs of instructor-led training
  • Post Training support
  • Certified Trainer
  • Access to the recorded sessions

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AWS Penetration Testing Course Description


The AWS cloud computing platform is the leading scalable cloud service provider and platform globally with over 200+ different cloud hosting services and solutions like compute and storage, security management, content delivery, network infrastructure, and much more! Hence, the capabilities of AWS can be bifurcated into three broad categories of definition: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). Currently, AWS is considered the most popular player among cloud Infrastructure and hosting vendors, with over 32 percent of the market share as per Statista.

When it comes to penetration testing in the AWS cloud, it is quite different from regular penetration testing practices. Penetration testing in AWS is limited to User Operated services only with permissible areas of testing clearly defined. There have been numerous security breaches in AWS in the last few years, exposing various vulnerabilities in its platform such as leaking S3 Buckets, Compromised AWS Environments, and multiple types of Misconfigurations. Our AWS pentesting or cloud penetration testing course is designed to equip you with all the necessary skill sets required for performing practical penetration testing activities in the AWS cloud platform. You will learn about various threat scenarios and vulnerabilities associated with AWS and cloud computing and set up a test environment in AWS to conduct penetration testing activities to reveal vulnerabilities and sensitive information.

Why AWS Cloud Penetration Testing Training with InfoSecTrain?

InfoSecTrain is a leading player and training provider in cyber security, Information security, and cloud computing & security fields. Our alumni are spread across the globe, holding leading positions in leading cyber security teams and organizations. This cloud pentesting course is designed to equip you with all the essential skills and knowledge required to perform effective pentests in the AWS cloud environment.

Learn about the fundamentals of cloud security and penetration testing in the cloud, explore the AWS security environment, explore Linux fundamentals and various types of vulnerability assessment processes, learn to conduct effective pentests in cloud environments, and explore security auditing processes in AWS in this all-in-one AWS  pen-testing course. Get an in-depth understanding of the security and threat landscape in the AWS cloud while understanding the difference in AWS pentesting processes.

Become a master cloud penetration testing professional with this course by taking advantage of hands-on pentesting sessions in live AWS environments. Create your test lab to explore vulnerabilities and reveal sensitive information using penetration testing skills in the AWS cloud. Learn career-defining techniques and skills to effectively safeguard data and information in the most widespread cloud computing platform in the world and significantly boost your career prospects. Take advantage of live instructor-led sessions from veteran cloud security experts and detailed doubt clearing sessions and enjoy the merits of the most comprehensive AWS cloud penetration testing training program ever!

Target Audience

  • AWS Penetration Testing course is designed for:
  • AWS Architects and Security Specialists
  • Cloud Architects who wish to learn offensive security in AWS Cloud
  • Anyone who is interested in securing their cloud infrastructure
  • Anyone who want to start with Cloud Pentesting


  • Good understanding of key AWS Services
  • Familiar with Linux and AWS CLI
  • Knowledge in security concepts and Controls


3 + 21 =

AWS Penetration Testing Course Objectives

  • Learn about threats and security scenarios in AWS Cloud
  • Grasp the fundamental concepts of cloud security and penetration testing
  • Learn about AWS security services, AWS CLI and Cloud Shell, IAM Policy JSON Walkthrough, penetration in public cloud platforms etc.
  • Explore vulnerability assessment and how to conduct various penetration testing activities in the cloud
  • Explore security auditing in AWS
  • Create test scenarios in the AWS cloud to conduct penetration testing activities to reveal vulnerabilities and crucial information
  • Empower your career as a penetration tester in the leading cloud solutions and platform providers across the world

AWS Penetration Testing Course Content

Module 1: Cloud Security & Penetration Testing fundamentals

  • AWS Security Fundamentals
  • Overview of AWS Security Services
  • AWS CLI & Cloud Shell
  • IAM Policy JSON walkthrough
  • Penetration testing concepts and methodologies
  • Penetration Testing in a public cloud platform.
  • AWS Acceptable usage policy and penetration testing guidelines
  • Deploying Kali Linux

Module 2: Linux Fundamentals

  • Linux architecture
  • File Permissions
  • Package management
  • User management & Sudo

Module 3: Vulnerability Assessment

  • Vulnerability assessment concepts
  • CVE & CVSS
  • AWS Inspector

Module 4: Pen testing the Cloud.

  • Enumerating and Understanding AWS services
  • Setting up a penetration testing environment in AWS
  • Installing the prerequisites on your Kali Linux
  • Vulnerable IAM accounts
  • Misconfigured EC2 Instances
  • Misconfigured Elastic Load Balancers
  • Misconfigured S3 Buckets
  • Privilege escalation
  • Data and Information enumeration
  • PACU Framework for AWS Exploitation

Module 5: Security Auditing in AWS

  • Cloud Audit Concepts
  • Common Cloud auditing tools (ScoutSuite, Prowler, etc.)
  • AWS Trusted Advisor
  • CloudSploit
  • Creating a sample audit checklist for various services

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