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What is Amazon GuardDuty?

Monitoring the infrastructure and identifying the threats is essential and challenging in the cloud. But to detect the threats and protect the infrastructure and workloads, you must deploy additional software and security infrastructure with appliances, sensors, and agents. Setting up the security controls across all accounts requires collecting and analyzing tremendous amounts of data. It accurately detects the threats, prioritizes them, and responds to alerts without disrupting the business flow.

Amazon GuardDuty

Table of Contents

What is Amazon GuardDuty?
Features of GuardDuty
How does Amazon GuardDuty work?
Benefits of using Amazon GuardDuty
Why use Amazon GuardDuty?
Organizations using Amazon GuardDuty

Traditionally, this process requires a lot of expertise, even more time, and expense. To protect the AWS accounts and workloads, Amazon GuardDuty is the best suitable service in providing an intelligent threat detection service. This comprehensive blog is curated with a basic understanding of Amazon GuardDuty.

What is Amazon GuardDuty?

Amazon GuardDuty is a threat intelligence detection service that continuously monitors and seamlessly protects the AWS accounts and workloads. Using integrated threat intelligence, machine learning, and anomaly detection over multiple AWS data sources, GuardDuty delivers detailed alerts that help to prioritize and remediate threats. It also provides actionable detection techniques and helps to respond faster.

GuardDuty is simple to enable and run without deploying or managing software, and no risk of impacting the AWS accounts. It can optimize the cloud and scale the data, and collect all AWS accounts from centralized security accounts.

Features of GuardDuty

Amazon GuardDuty offers the various features as follows:

  • Amazon GuardDuty is easy to enable and supports multiple AWS accounts with one-click deployment.
  • It offers continuous monitoring and analyzing the AWS accounts and workloads in AWS Cloud.
  • It offers a highly available threat intelligence designed to manage resource utilization automatically, based on the activity levels of AWS accounts, workloads, and data stored in Amazon.
  • GuardDuty offers an in-built detection technique developed and optimized in the cloud.
  • It supports automated threat response and remediation for all security findings.
  • It gives accurate account-level threat detection that helps to detect all the signs of compromised accounts in AWS.
  • It allows managing all new accounts and existing accounts centrally.
  • It offers three severity levels of potential threats (Low, Medium, and High), indicating malicious activity that compromises the account.

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How does Amazon GuardDuty work?

Amazon GuardDuty is an automated threat detection service that monitors AWS accounts and workloads to identify suspicious activities. It further delivers a detailed security insights report by sorting up each threat based on the severity for remediation.

Amazon GuardDuty work

Reference: https://aws.amazon.com/guardduty/

1. Enable Amazon GuardDuty
The first step is to enable Amazon GuardDuty in all the accounts to monitor security threats.

2. Generate sample findings and explore basic operations
Amazon GuardDuty generates the report of the identified security threats that helps to investigate and respond to the threat.

3. Configure GuardDuty findings export to an S3 bucket
Configure the Amazon GuardDuty finding and export them to the S3 bucket for unlimited storage. It helps to maintain and monitor security threats in the infrastructure.

4. Set up Amazon GuardDuty finding alerts by SNS
Amazon GuardDuty enables the Amazon EventBridge, which is used to provide automatic responses by connecting the findings with the Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS).

Benefits of using Amazon GuardDuty

The following are the benefits of using Amazon GuardDuty:
*Centralized Management
It allows all AWS accounts into a single GuardDuty administrator account for ease and management.

*Integrated Threat Identification
GuardDuty has in-built integrated threat intelligence techniques and tools to monitor the data. It helps detect unexpected, unusual access to the data and other malicious activities.

*Enhance security with Automation
We can create automated responses to threats, remediation, and recovery using the outputs given by GuardDuty.

* Cost-Efficient
The cost of GuardDuty depends on the analysis of Cloud events, VPC workloads, and DNS logs. There is no constant price.

* Easy to enable
Installing the GuardDuty is quite simple with a few clicks; the rest of the process is fully automated and does not affect the Hardware and configuration setup management.

Why use Amazon GuardDuty?
Organizations invest massive amounts of time and resources in mitigating the potential threats that impact the business operation. Amazon GuardDuty is the best solution required to monitor and protect all AWS accounts in the AWS environments. It is a threat detection service used to collect and analyze data from various sources to detect the threats and deliver the consolidated findings of potential threats to remediate.

GuardDuty compares log data from AWS CloudTrail Event logs, DNS logs, and VPC Flow logs over security and threat detection sources to identify suspicious activities. It can identify compromised accounts, attacker reconnaissance, or compromised resources using unauthorized access or communication with malicious IP addresses.

Organizations using Amazon GuardDuty

The companies that are using the Amazon GuardDuty are as follows:

  • PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • AbbVie Inc.
  • MotivAction
  • SmartNews Inc.
  • Benchling
  • CDK Global
  • Liberty Mutual Group, etc.

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