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CyberArk Online Training Program Course
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CyberArk focuses on privileged access management and offers the most complete security solution for any identity, be it human or machine, across business apps, remote workforces, hybrid cloud workloads, and the DevOps lifecycle. The CyberArk Training course at Infosectrain is for experts who wish to be recognized for their technical knowledge of Identity and Access management in the industry.

CyberArk Course Highlights

  • 24 Hrs of Instructor-led Training
  • Training Completion Certificate
  • Interview Prep
  • Lab Access – Virtual Labs
  • Access to Recorded Sessions

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CyberArk Course Description


The CyberArk training develops your skills and provides the expertise needed to build, deploy, and configure the Privileged Account Security Solution. CyberArk course provides a variety of options to choose from. Through real-world scenarios, our participants will gain hands-on experience establishing CyberArk infrastructure, defining authentication types, and more. This course covers password management in-depth, as well as software aspects such as backup and troubleshooting. Each level displays knowledge of CyberArk Privileged Access Security Solution, which is both innovative and industry-leading.

Why CyberArk Training with InfoSecTrain?

InfosecTrain is one of the finest security and technology training and consulting organizations, focusing on a range of IT security training and Information Security services. InfosecTrain offers complete training and consulting solutions to its customers globally. Whether the requirements are technical services, certification, or customized training, InfosecTrain is consistently delivering the highest quality and best success rate in the industry.

  • We have certified and highly experienced trainers who have an in-depth knowledge of the subject.
  • Our training schedule is flexible and we also provide recordings of the lectures. 
  • We deliver post-training support.
  • We also bring forth an interactive Q & A session.

Target Audience

  • IT Security Professionals
  • Vault Administrators
  • Professionals interested in building their career in CyberArk programming


  • It is recommended to have a basic knowledge of programming
  • Interest in enhancing career and critical skills in CyberArk


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CyberArk Course Objectives

  • Gain the skills and expertise needed to build, deploy, and configure the CyberArk Privileged Account Security Solution
  • Learn to set up authentication methods 
  • Grasp concepts such as architecture and procedures of CyberArk privileged account protection program
  • Gain knowledge of securing and deploying Central Policy Manager (CPM), Privileged Session Manager (PSM), and Password Vault Web Access Manager (PVWA) in a distributed or load-balanced architecture 
  • Ability to backup CyberArk vault

CyberArk Course Content

Module 1: Privileged Identity Management – Introduction

  • Enterprise pain areas
  • Associated risk
  • Expected Solution

Module 2: CyberArk Overview

Module 3: CyberArk Solution Components

  • CyberArk Vault
  • Password Vault Web Access Manager
  • Privileged Session Manager
  • Central Password Manager
  • CyberArk Vault Client.

Module 4: Overview of CyberArk functioning

Module 5: CyberArk Infrastructure Installation

  • Installation Pre-requisites (Network, Software OS/Hardware)
  • CyberArk Port awareness.
  • CyberArk Vault Installation.
  • CyberArk Active Directory Integration.
  • CyberArk Email Notification engine configure awareness.
  • Cyberark CPM Installation.
  • Cyberark PVWA Installation.
  • Cyberark PSM Installation.
  • Cyberark Vault Client Installation.

Module 6: CyberArk Policy Configuration Overview

Module 7: CyberArk Policy Creation

  • Master Policy
  • CPM Platform Policy
  • Scheduled Task
  • Services

Module 8: CyberArk Safe Management

  • Safe Creation
  • User addition (Ldap)
  • User Access Matrix
  • Dual Control
  • Object Level Access Control

Module 9: CyberArk Account Integration

  • Windows
  • Unix/Linux
  • Network Device Overview
  • Security Device Overview.

Module 10: CyberArk Use Cases

  • User OnBoarding
  • Privileged Single-Sign-on
  • Password Reconciliation
  • Access privilege of User Accounts in PAM
  • Authentication (2-factor) Overview
  • Dual Access Control
  • Auditing/Reporting
  • Session Recording
  • Users OffBoarding

Module 11: CyberArk Vault Backup Activity

Module 12: CyberArk Trouble Shooting

  • Creating an encrypted credential password file for pvwaapp user
  • Creating an encrypted credential password file for gw user
  • Creating an encrypted credential password file for a password manager user 
  • Creating an encrypted credential password file for psmapp user creating an encrypted credential password file for psmgw user
  • Unlocking and password resetting of all above-mentioned system users

Module 13: CyberArk DR Overview

  • DR Vault
  • DR CPM
  • DR PSM

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CyberArk Course Benefits

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Student-infosectrain Certified & Experienced Instructors
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video1-infosectrain Access to Recorded Sessions

CyberArk FAQs

1. What is CyberArk used for?

CyberArk is primarily a security solution for password management and the protection of privileged accounts. It secures privileged accounts in businesses by automatically keeping track of passwords.

2. In terms of cyber security, what is CyberArk?
CyberArk is the world’s leading identity security company. CyberArk is the most complete security product, focusing on privileged access control.
3. What’s the difference between SailPoint and CyberArk?
Identity governance from SailPoint gives access to systems, applications, and data based on user roles and established access policies across any platform or application, whether on-premises or in the cloud. CyberArk also secures a company’s most valuable assets by lowering the danger posed by privileged accounts, credentials, and secrets.
4. Is CyberArk simple to grasp?
The advantages and disadvantages of CyberArk are plain and simple to comprehend. CyberArk is a company-wide identity and access management system.
5. Which products does CyberArk provide as a service?
PAM as a Service from CyberArk enables enterprises to identify, enroll, and manage privileged accounts and credentials in on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments, all from a single cloud computing solution that is simple to deploy and maintain.
6. Is CyberArk a cloud-based service?
CyberArk Secures Endpoints with Cloud-Based Privileged Account Security.
7. Is CyberArk a Software as a Service (SaaS)?
In on-premises, cloud, and hybrid settings, CyberArk Privilege Cloud is a software-as-a-service solution for securing, regulating, and monitoring privileged access. CyberArk’s solution was created from the bottom up to assist enterprises in effectively managing privileged account credentials and access rights, proactively monitoring and regulating privileged account activity, and promptly responding to threats.
8. What are the advantages of CyberArk?
  • Ensures the security of your networks, accounts, passwords, and devices
  • Speeds up the privileged lifecycle management activities and automates the procedures
  • Removes the veil of anonymity that comes with using shared privileged accounts and ensures accountability
  • Increases the flexibility and functionality of the module, allowing customers to address and satisfy their granular audit criteria
  • Makes the implementation of corporate security strategy simple

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