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Rediscover Your Cloud Career with Microsoft Azure Certifications

As a professional in the IT sector, you all would agree to the fact that Cloud Computing is the most flamboyant technological evolution witnessed in the field of technology. This technology has been fastest adapted for personal as well as for business purposes. If we have an online presence, we are using the cloud, irrespective of the purpose. Thus, the use of the internet today cannot be thought of without the cloud. With such tremendous growth, the cloud platform is offering a huge opportunity to the professionals for career growth. Microsoft Azure certification is one of the ways to get a great start in the Cloud domain.

While talking about a career in Cloud computing, we just cannot ignore the importance of certifications in this domain. Since certifications are the validation of the updated knowledge in a particular domain, you will always feel privileged being a certification holder. There is no doubt over the importance of certification over the hand-on-experience. Coming back to the Cloud computing certification, we must look for the preferred certification to stand tall among our peers. There are many certifications available for a better career in cloud and here I am specifically talking about Microsoft Azure Certifications. Attending to Microsoft Certification Training would be an additional help to get through your exam. Before we get into the details of the benefits of this certification, let’s quickly understand what is Microsoft Azure?

For the past seven years, Azure is doing well in its focused sector of cloud services.

– can handle large-scale parallel batch computing as per the customer software requirement
– many different programming languages, tools, and frameworks, including both Microsoft-specific and third-party software and systems, are supported by it.

Azure cloud services have been categorized into 18 main product types:
Compute, Web, Data Storage, Analytics, Networking, Media and content delivery Network, Hybrid integration, Identity and access management (IAM), Internet of things, Development, Security, Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, Containers, Databases, DevOps, Migration, Mobile, and Management.

Azure charges as per customers’ service requirement. This pricing is an important reason to give it a strong hold in the cloud service.

If you are looking for the reasons to convince yourself to become Microsoft Azure Certified, here are some of the benefits:

These certification holders have experienced drastically increased opportunities as it offers
– A higher number of regions than some other cloud supplier
– Unmatched crossover capacities
– The most grounded knowledge
other important reasons for the popularity of Microsoft Azure are:

Flexibility of Storage
Flexible, protected, secure, and performance-efficient storage benefits are offered by Azure. By using Azure applications that run efficiently, unaffectedly and scale from millions of clients can be made without extra coding.

Superior Hybrid Capabilities
simple portability and a dependable, reliable stage between on-premise and Cloud are encouraged by Azure. There is an extensive scope of crossover or hybrid associations including VPNs, CDNs, and Express Route associations offered by Azure which enhances the use and execution. This impresses the big business sectors.
Excellent mix of IaaS and PaaS Services
Azure offers an excellent mix of IaaS and PaaS Services. An organization can outsource its framework on Azure through laaS and pay only for whatever they have used. They can make their web applications and settings without buying through Pass.

Assured Security
Azure offers one of the best security services for the data thus, organization are relaxed about the privacy of their data.

With all these benefits and services, Azure manages to be one of the favorite cloud service providers in the market. This trust and reputation make Microsoft Azure Certification one of the most accepted and globally recognized. Since Azure services are being adopted by the new customers consistently, the preference for the Azure certified professionals is also increasing. Post successful completion of this certification you can start your career in the cloud as:

• Cloud Computing Engineer
• Azure Cloud Engineer
• Microsoft Azure Developer
• Microsoft Azure Cloud Solutions Architect
• Microsoft Azure Analytics Manager, etc.

If you are looking for Azure certification classes to get guidance to achieve this certification, you must get yourself enrolled to InfosecTrain. They have Azure Certification Courses for both end users and organizations that use cloud services. You can choose either regular or online training as per your convenience. For more information please visit the official website of InfosecTrain.

Sweta Choudhary
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