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Let’s Learn About the Roles & Responsibilities of an AWS Solution Architect

An AWS certified solutions architect is an individual who is responsible for building and maintaining the cloud computing infrastructure of a business. An AWS solutions architect must possess an in-depth understanding of architectural services and principles used to build a technical cloud strategy.

Let's Learn About the Roles &amp_

An AWS Solutions Architect is expected to have both technical and business skills in the right balance. Their primary concentration must be on technical judgments concerning the influence and solutions upon the business outcomes. The solution architect must have the skill of explaining the complicated problem more thoroughly to the management team.

Being an AWS Solutions architect means that you have to develop the high-level solutions of the cloud and transfer the current ones to the cloud.

In this blog, let me tell you the main focus of a solution architect must be on, AWS solution architect certification benefits is, skills needed to become an AWS solution architect, and the roles and responsibilities of an AWS solution architect.

The main concentration/focus of an AWS solutions architect must be on:

  • Understanding the usage of technologies that gives a solution for many business problems.
  • Identifying the platform on which the tech stack or framework must be used for building a solution.
  • Maintaining the interactions between the application modules.
  • Identifying the third-party platforms or frameworks that cause risk to the organization.
  • Building solutions for the organization’s problems.

Advantages of having an AWS solutions architect certification:

If you are willing to get AWS solutions architect certification, then you are doing a good job because there are many benefits, and they are:

  1. Good Increments/high pay: If you are a trained and certified AWS solutions architect, you will be paid more than your colleagues.
  2. High need for AWS Experts: Every organization is trying to move their data to the cloud. Hence the demand for experts in designing the solutions for the complex problems in the cloud is also increasing. Therefore, there are many job opportunities for AWS solutions architects.
  3. Essay earnings: Getting certified always consumes a lot of time and needs hard work, but AWS certifications are not that difficult and time-consuming compared to the other certifications. You just need good guidance. That’s it.
  4. Induction of commitment: It takes a substantial amount of effort, time, and hard work to get AWS certified. Such kind of commitment of an individual is immersive significantly to the employer. Simply having an AWS certification is a symbol of your commitment and dedication.      

Skills required to become a certified AWS solutions architect:

Now let’s see the skills required to become a certified AWS solutions architect:

1. AWS Skills: For being an AWS architect, the primary skill required would be AWS skills, so you must have a deep knowledge of AWS services, AWS concepts, like creating an architecture, AWS architecture working, the best practices in AWS, and many more.

2. Problem-solving skills: No matter what the job is, this skill is essential worldwide, and if you are working as a solutions architect, you have to solve every problem that your client faces.

3. Linux/UNIX: Like many websites and software are hosted on Linux-based systems, you must know Linux-based operations like shell scripting to survive as an AWS solutions architect.

4. Secure and cost-optimized architectures: The AWS solutions architect must be able to build cost-optimized and secure architectures simultaneously. In simple terms, the architecture or the website built by an AWS solutions architect must not be breached by a hacker/attacker.

5. Programming languages: For AWS solutions, architects create an architecture and assume a java application is running. They must understand what run times are and what environment changes they have to make to run the Java application.

Few general skills that are expected from an AWS solutions architect are:

  • Time management
  • Flexibility
  • Analytical assessment
  • Decisiveness

Roles and responsibilities of an AWS solutions architect:

  • An AWS solutions architect must be able to build a business-level system.
  • He has to execute architectural analysis daily.
  • Making sure that the appliance architecture team delivers the system solutions to the architect’s business team.
  • Developing, improving, and managing the procedure of service design.
  • Plan, build and arrange standard business solutions as required.
  • An AWS solution architect has to prepare and present a technical presentation, test plan, and lab reports for various solution areas.
  • They have to communicate with the sales team to complete conversions.
  • They work on consumer stipulations, analyze their specification, and conduct product recommendations.
  • They must communicate with the IT team to effectively implement the architectural solutions.
  • They are responsible for selecting suitable software and hardware integration.
  • Their role is to oversee the given program and guide the team members.
  • AWS solution architect will support organizations to transfer their physical infrastructure to the AWS cloud.
  • They are responsible for designing the cloud infrastructure as per your budget.
  • They also concentrate on non-functional things like reliability, usability, and performance.
  • Their prominent role is to eliminate data leakage. They have to calculate the general mistakes and application downtime.
  • They have to address the technical risks, problems, and ideas from time to time.
  • They are responsible for monitoring the system regularly to make sure that the organization’s goals are met.
  • Finally, they have to communicate with the client to present the entire team effort.

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