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SOC Expert Combo Online Training Course

The SOC Expert training course has been meticulously designed to provide advanced SOC operations, processes, and architecture knowledge to aspiring candidates. Learn to recognize and respond to information security incidents, create and track security events like alerts, conduct security investigations, detect security incidents in real-time by monitoring and analyzing data activity. 

80 hrs

Live Sessions


  • Course 1
    SOC Analyst Training
  • Course 2
    SOC Specialist Training
  • Master's Certificate
    You will get certificate by Infosectrain

SOC Expert Combo Course Benefits

SOC Expert Combo Course Highlights

  • Instructor-led hands-on training
  • 4 hrs/day Session
  • Certified & Experienced Trainers
  • Access to the recorded sessions

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SOC Expert Combo Course Description


SOC professionals are at the core of the organization’s security teams. They are on the cutting edge of cyber defense, detecting and responding to suspicious activities and cyber threats as they arise.

The SOC Expert training course at InfosecTrain is a tailored course designed to learn how to avoid, identify, assess, and respond to cybersecurity threats and incidents. It aims to help you master over trending and in-demand technical expertise to perform advanced SOC operations.

This training course comprises of two levels:

  • Level 1-SOC Analyst
  • Level 2-SOC Specialist

The course begins with the fundamentals of SOC teams and Blue Team operation architecture before moving on to more advanced topics such as digital forensics, incident response, threat intelligence, and SIEM (Security Incident and Event Management) solutions.


Why SOC Expert Training with InfosecTrain?

InfosecTrain is a proficient technology and security training and consulting organization across the globe specializing in various IT security courses and services. Our SOC Expert training aims to develop advanced skills required in the Security Operation Center. You can leverage the following benefits with InfosecTrain:

  • We engage with SOC Analysts to help them understand effective techniques and best practices.
  • We provide hands-on experience with tools like Splunk, Security Onion, AlienVault OSSIM, Wireshark, IBM QRadar CE.
  • We can help you present your qualifications and work experience for the position of SOC Analyst role.
  • We deliver hands-on training with Labs.
  • We provide a flexible training schedule.
  • We provide recorded videos after the session to each participant.
  • We provide post-training assistance.
  • We provide a certificate of participation to each candidate as well.

Target Audience

The SOC Expert training course is exclusively designed for:

  • Technical Support Engineers
  • System Administrators
  • Security Consultants
  • Cyber Security Analysts
  • Security System Engineers
  • SOC Analysts (L1 & L2)
  • Information Security Researcher


  • Prior knowledge of networking fundamentals, OS basics, troubleshooting is recommended
  • Experience as an entry-level SOC Analyst, Cyber Security Analyst, Information Security role
  • Experience of two years in the Information Security domain
  • Security+ or CEH Certification Experience Equivalent

Exam Information

There is no particular exam for this course, and its curriculum is meant to help participants pass a variety of exams to become SOC Experts.

SOC Expert Combo Learning path

  • Course 1
    SOC Analyst Training
  • Course 2
    SOC Specialist Training
  • Master's Certificate
    You will get certificate by Infosectrain


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SOC Expert Combo Course Objectives

This SOC Expert training course allows you to:

  • Understand the Security Operation Center (SOC) team operations and  architecture
  • Understand Blue Team operations architecture
  • In-depth knowledge of digital forensics, threat intelligence, incident response, vulnerability management, and endpoint analysis, VAPT
  • Understand technical strategies, tools, and procedures to safeguard data for your organization
  • Understand essential SOC tools like Splunk and Security Onion
  • Understand how to recognize threats, implement countermeasures, and essential concepts of threat hunting
  • Understand the advanced concepts of SIEM technology like ELK Stack Primer and IBM QRadar

SOC Expert Combo Course Content

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SOC Expert Combo FAQs

1. What is SOC in Cybersecurity?
In Cybersecurity, SOC stands for Security Operation Center. A Security operation center in a central facility in an organization that employs security professionals, technology, processes to analyze the security incidents and respond to Cybersecurity threats.
2. What does a SOC Analyst do?
SOC Analyst is a front-line defender of the security infrastructure of an organization. He monitors and analyzes the Cybersecurity incidents and coordinates the response plan with other SOC team members. Other responsibilities of a SOC analyst include log analysis, reporting the ongoing or potential security threats, and creating disaster recovery plans as per the organization’s need.
3. What is the difference between NOC and SOC?
A network operation center (NOC) is responsible for providing uninterrupted network services in an organization. On the other hand, SOC deals with servers, applications, security technologies, and processes to identify security threats.
4. What makes a good SOC Analyst?
A SOC analyst must possess strong analytical and communication skills to work efficiently within a SOC team. Apart from this, an in-depth understanding of network security, reverse engineering, application security, incident response, ethical hacking, SIEM solutions, and digital forensics is necessary for SOC analysts.
5. How does a SOC team work?
The SOC team includes SOC Analysts, IR automation engineers, and managers who look after various SOC processes and coordinate with the incidence response team. The team members monitor all the ongoing activities on the network and servers and analyze the security incidents. Common Cyberattacks are prevented using security tools such as IDS, IPS, or firewall, but it requires human security experts to thwart complex cyberattacks.
6. What is SIEM?
SIEM stands for Security Information and Event Management. SOC teams use SIEM solutions to collect data from all over the network. SIEM tools gather all the useful information and store it at a centralized location where analysts can identify the security incidents and mitigate the possible risks.
7. What is a Tier 1 SOC analyst?
The Tier 1 or L1 SOC analyst is a triage specialist. A Tier 1 SOC analyst’s responsibility is to monitor the incidents and determine their urgency and severity. He alerts the Tier 2 SOC analyst by raising the trouble ticket and manages the security tools.
8. What is a Tier 2 SOC analyst?
A Tier 2 or L2 SOC analyst respondS to threats. He identifies the infected system and determines the scope of the attack. His other responsibilities include collecting data for the investigation and formulate remediation and recovery plans.
9. What is a Tier 3 SOC analyst?
A tier 3 or L3 SOC analyst review the vulnerability assessment report. He uses advanced threat intelligence methodologies to find out the security threats present in the system. Tier 3 SOC analysts are well-versed in conducting penetration tests to detect vulnerable endpoints in the network.
10. How much do SOC Analysts make?
An average salary of a SOC analyst is $88,831 in the US. In India, SOC analysts can make INR 4,81,473. SOC analysts’ salary may vary as per the work experience and job positions (L1, L2, L3 SOC analysts).
(Sources: salary.com and payscale)

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