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CEH v11 Certification_ Exam Preparation and Clearance Tips

CEH v11 Certification: Exam Preparation and Clearance Tips

The world now is fully occupied with new and advanced technologies. In this new and advanced technology, data is the crucial factor that needs to be protected. With the increasing volume of data day-by-day, the hackers target the data with various malicious intent, and on the other hand, certified ethical hac...

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Getting to know CTIA

Getting To Know CTIA (Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst)

About Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst (CTIA) Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst (CTIA) is a combination of cybersecurity and threat intelligence to help identify and reduce business risks and  unknown threats into known threats. It allows cybersecurity professionals to increase their skills in bu...

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Top Cyber Threat Intelligence Tools

Top Cyber Threat Intelligence Tools in 2021

Cyber threat intelligence is used for collecting necessary information about new and old threat actors from various sources. The collected data is analyzed, processed, and converted into useful threat intelligence. This intelligence is further utilized to develop automated security control solutions and creat...

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How Much Do Ethical Hackers Earn?

How Much Do Ethical Hackers Earn?

Ethical hacking offers prosperous career opportunities to certified experts in the market. It is a demanding job that rewards well, provides a sense of accomplishment, and never gets boring or dull. Today, thinking about a career in ethical hacking is a great option. You must also go through the article if yo...

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CTIA course outline

CTIA Course outline

Some organizations have the resources and skills to secure their IT infrastructure against security threats; however, many organizations cannot do so. Organizations have a state-of-the-art security software solution or pay thousands of dollars for security tools. Even after that, no organization is entirely s...

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EC-Council Certified SOC Analyst (CSA): What you need to know

The Certified Soc Analyst (CSA) is a certification hosted by the EC-Council that validates IT security professionals' skills and expertise to join a Security Operation Centre (SOC). SOC is a team of Cybersecurity professionals responsible for monitoring and responding to an organization's security threats. Th...

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Career opportunities after earning CEH certification

The Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification, hosted by the EC-Council, is one of the most sought-after cybersecurity credentials that validate candidates' skills to assess and exploit the vulnerabilities to prevent possible cyber-attacks. The CEH certification covers the latest tools and methodologies to...

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Threat Intelligence Everything That You Should Know

Threat Intelligence: Everything That You Should Know

What do you understand by Threat Intelligence? In today's scenario, digital technology is at the forefront of any industry. Although the internet has offered many advantages to the users, it has also paved the way for technical threats such as cyber-attacks. When it comes to cyberattacks, threat intelligen...

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How to prepare for CTIA

How to Prepare for CTIA?

In the competitive world, it becomes necessary to prove your credibility of knowledge, skills, and expertise in every field. Having a certificate in a particular domain makes you the ideal candidate for the job. One such certification is CTIA or Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst. This CTIA certification c...

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What’s new in CND v2.0

Overview With the wake of COVID-19, organizations have enabled workplace flexibility for their employees by promoting work from home culture. Thus, providing hackers an opportunity to exploit the vulnerable points and take advantage of the human factor. According to Tessian, 45% of respondents mentioned dis...

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What’s New in CEH v11

Adhering to their approach of thinking like a hacker, EC-Council is all set to launch the latest version of CEH: CEH v11, adding in the curriculum the latest advancements in the field of cybersecurity. Domains have been kept intact, but new segments have been introduced with the addition and removal of a few ...

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CCISO Certification The CCISO stands for the Certified chief information security officer. It is a high level of certification that is hosted by the EC-Council. CCISO certification aims to produce top-class information security executives for the industry. The exam content and course outline are developed ...

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Top ECSA Tools with Infosec Train

EC-council certified security analyst (ECSA) program offers comprehensive methodologies of advanced pen testing and their implementation on modern security infrastructure, operating systems, and application environment. ECSA training program focuses on how real-life penetration testing takes place. ECSA i...

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‘CISSP’ or the ‘Certified Information Systems Security Professional’, CISM or the ‘Certified Information Systems Auditor’, CASP or the ‘CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner’ and CCISO or ‘Certified Chief Information security officer’ are all Information security domain’s leading certif...

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Hacks and Tips To Understand Everything About CND

Need for certifications Cybersecurity being an imperative domain, is in the utmost need of skilled professionals but, there is a shortage of people fit for the job. The need for skilled professionals and unfilled job roles has always been a matter of concern for the organizations. To bridge the gap between...

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How to prepare for EC Council CHFI Certification?

Need for Cyber Forensics. Recent years have seen digital forensics become an integral part of the cybersecurity community. This field helps us in collecting, preserving, analyzing, and reporting the evidence against cybercriminals accused of breaking the law. It works on the principle that ‘Every con...

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Why Are Ethical Hackers Important For Every Organisation?

If you are an Entrepreneur wondering about the need of an Ethical hacker in your organization, this blog will definitely act as an eye-opener regarding cybersecurity and will make you to immediately act upon the cyber safety of your organization. Any business, irrespective of its size/turnover is dependent on...

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CCISO vs CISSP : Choose The Best For Yourself

The field of cybersecurity is desperately in need of skilled professionals. There are various Cybersecurity certification courses available in the market, which make it tough for the individuals to decide the best one to suit their requirement. CCISO vs CISSP is one of the confusion that the aspirants try to ...

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