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Give Your Cloud Career a Boost with AWS Certifications

Are you a cloud professional? If yes, it’s the right time to give your cloud career a boost with AWS certifications. Check out the how you can enhance your career with an AWS certification.

The numerous functionalities of cloud computing have introduced prominent revisions in the world of technology. IaaS and PaaS solutions, the prominent uses of cloud computing in digital marketing and many other cloud-based projects showcase the rising popularity of cloud computing.

Therefore, IT careers have recently witnessed a formidable rise in the number and variety of cloud-based job roles. Aspiring candidates can use official certifications as valid tools for gaining access to promising job roles on public cloud platforms.

AWS certifications are one of the industry-recognized benchmarks for cloud expertise in different domains of cloud computing. They are proven instruments for giving you the necessary platforms to propel your career in cloud computing further.

However, many cloud computing professionals face various doubts regarding the potential of an AWS certification for boosting their cloud career. The following discussion attempts to address such doubts by reflecting on the benefits of AWS certificates.

How are AWS Certificates Important?

AWS introduces the official certifications in 2013 as a measure to prove their credibility in the existing market. The certifications aim at testing the cloud skills of candidates according to different roles. Candidates can find AWS certifications in four different categories such as Foundational, Associate, Professional and Specialty certifications. Many of you might be wondering why AWS in particular when you can go for Azure or Google Cloud.

The answer to such questions lies in the market share of AWS among public cloud vendors. Presently, AWS owns almost 47% of the public cloud market, and almost 40% of cloud-based platforms use Amazon’s servers. These figures alone are enough to drive your motivation to become an AWS certified professional and boost your cloud computing career. However, you would need some other reasons to confirm the benefits of AWS certificates for your cloud career.

Recognition of AWS Certificates

The first and foremost reason to emphasize on AWS certifications is their recognition in the cloud community. Many people working in the AWS landscape either have one certification already or aim to achieve one soon. A certification on your resume is definitely an attractive proposition to potential employers.

With the short supply of cloud professionals, AWS certificates can help you grab the opportunity to specialize in particular cloud computing aspects. Speciality certifications such as Data Analytics Specialty or Security Specialty certifications could help you become ideal candidates for higher positions.

Prove Your Commitment to Continuous Learning and Professional Development

The value of an AWS certification does not rely solely on the fact that it helps you prove your skills. The certification showcases your effort to continuous learning and professional development. Employers find these traits very promising in any candidate for cloud-based job roles.

They can be assured that candidates are dedicated to their tasks and responsibilities while maintaining a proactive attitude. These skills help you prove your abilities to cope with rapid changes emerging in the world of cloud technology.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Speaking of value, AWS certifications keep you ahead of the competition for many higher job roles in cloud computing. As you validate your AWS skills required specifically for a particular cloud-based job role, your chances of being hired increase considerably.

However, is that all? No! AWS certified professionals can command higher salaries and cloud computing professionals report salary hikes after obtaining certifications. In addition, you would also have a formidable tool for negotiating better deals when moving to new roles.

How to Use AWS Certifications to Boost Your Cloud Computing Career?

Therefore, you can clearly notice how AWS certificates can boost your cloud career. However, you need to have the right guidance regarding different essential pointers to use AWS certificates to their best. Here are the essential pointers that can help you plan out your professional leap in cloud computing with AWS certifications.

  • Set a Long-Term Vision

Have a firm and precise understanding of where you want to go. You need to set a long-term vision for your career and establish your career objectives accordingly. As a result, you can choose the ideal AWS certificate exams and proceed on the right track.

  • Improve Your Knowledge of Cloud Computing

Never compromise on your understanding of cloud technology if you want to boost your cloud computing career. You should ensure appropriate training for each certification exam thoroughly with reliable instructor-led training courses. A thorough review of AWS documentation and research on existing AWS solutions can help you strengthen your command over cloud skills.

  • Gain Hands-On Experience

The final, yet most critical recommendation for gaining maximum output from AWS certifications is a hands-on experience. Practical experience can help you gain fluency in different AWS products and technologies. Hands-on labs and open source projects are great recommendations to earn practical experience.

Are You Ready to Prepare for AWS Certifications?

So, now you can go ahead and boost your cloud computing career with AWS certifications. However, you have to be careful in the selection of the right certification for you. Evaluate your skills and existing cloud-based job role or on-premises IT role.

The identification of skill gaps can help you select the ideal training paths for advancing your career in cloud computing further. Therefore, don’t waste time anymore and start preparing for your preferred AWS certification right now!

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