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European Privacy Training – CIPP/E Online Training & Certification Course
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European Privacy Training at Infosec Train is intended for the IT security professionals to enhance their knowledge and establish them as an expert in data protection. The training covers the concepts of data privacy and data protection, European data protection laws and regulations, 99 articles of GDPR regulation, and more. European Privacy training will also help candidates in the preparation of the CIPP/E exam.



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CIPP/E Prep Course Description


European Privacy training at Infosec Train helps you to learn the basics of data privacy and European data protection. It covers all the essential elements to understand and implement the data protection laws and regulations. At the end of European Privacy training course, you will gain the skills required for the role of data protection officer, controller, and processor.

After the completion of the course, you will be prepared to take the Certified Information Privacy Professional/Europe (CIPP/E) exam. The CIPP/E certification recognises and demonstrates your knowledge in the various parts of the Information Privacy by analyzing your skills .

Why European Privacy Training?
With the data breaches becoming highly sophisticated in the recent years, the importance of data protection has also been increasing. As a result, the demand for Information Security and Data Protection professionals is at its peak at present. Infosec Train European Privacy training covers everything right from the official regulation of the GDPR to the Key domains that needs to be considered for the preparation of the CIPP/E exam. The European Privacy training gives you an in-depth understanding on how to apply governing data collection, processing, and management.
Career Benefits

European Privacy training course can prove as a milestone for your data privacy and data protection career with the following benefits. The course will help you to

  • Understand the basic concepts of data privacy and data protection
  • Understand data protection principles, challenges, issues
  • Understand the responsibilities of a data protection officer, processor, and controller role
  • Understand the concepts, methods, approaches, and techniques for the protection of data
  • Prepare for the Certified Information Privacy Professional/Europe (CIPP/E) exam
  • Achieve a global recognition and establish yourself as an expert in Data Protection

Target Audience

  • Individuals interested to gain knowledge about the principles of data protection
  • Individuals seeking to pursue a career in the field of Data Protection
  • Individuals engaged in Information Security and Personal Data Protection
  • Individuals preparing for the Certified Information Privacy Professional/Europe (CIPP/E) exam


A fundamental understanding of the data privacy, GDPR, and data protection legal requirements.


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CIPP/E Prep Course Objectives

European Privacy training course enables you to understand the basic concepts of data  privacy and data protection. It helps you understand the all about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) covering all its 99 articles. This training will also help you understand the responsibility of a data protection offer in data handling, processing, and controlling.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the fundamentals and basics of Data Protection
  • Knowledge of the role of a data protection officer, processor, and controller
  • Good knowledge of the principles, issues, and challenges of data protection
  • Understand different methods and techniques for the protection of data

CIPP/E Prep Course Content

Introduction to Privacy

  • Definition
  • Purpose of Privacy
  • Privacy in Security
  • Information Privacy
  • Security and Privacy

Key Terms and Acronyms

GDPR Regulation 

  • 11 Chapters (99 Articles)

Introduction to European Data Protection

  • Origins and Historical Context of Data Protection Law
  • European Union Institutions
  • Legislative Framework

European Data Protection Law and Regulation 

  • Data Protection Concepts
    • Personal Data
    • Sensitive Personal Data
    • Pseudonymous and Anonymous Data
    • Processor and Processing
    • Controller
    • Data Subject
  • Territorial and Material Scope of the General Data Protection Regulation
    • Establishment in the EU
    • Non-establishment in the EU
  • Data Processing Principles
    • Fairness and Lawfulness
    • Purpose Limitation
    • Proportionality
    • Accuracy
    • Storage Limitation (Retention)
    • Integrity and confidentiality
  • Lawful Processing Criteria
    • Consent
    • Contractual Necessity
    • Legal obligation, vital and public interest
    • Legitimate interests
    • Special categories of processing
  • Information Provision Obligations
    • Transparency principle
    • Privacy notices
    • Layered notices
  • Data Subjects’ Rights
    • Access
    • Rectification
    • Erasure and Right to be Forgotten
    • Restriction and objection
    • Consent, including right of withdrawal
    • Automated decision-making including profiling
    • Data portability
  • Security of Personal Data
    • Appropriate technical and organizational measures
    • Breach notification
    • Vendor management
    • Data sharing
  • Accountability Requirements
    • Responsibility of controllers and processors
    • Data protection by design and default
    • Documentation and cooperation with regulators
    • Data protection impact assessments
    • Data protection officers
  • International Data Transfers
    • Rationale for prohibition
    • Safe Harbor and Privacy Shield
    • Model Contracts
    • Binding Corporate Rules
    • Codes of Conduct and certification
    • Derogations
  • Supervision and enforcement
    • Supervisory authorities and their powers
    • The European Data Protection Board
    • Role of the EDPB
  • Consequences for GDPR violations
    • Infringement and fines

Compliance with European Data Protection Law and Regulation

  • Employment Relationship
    • Legal basis for processing of employee data
    • Storage of personnel records
    • Workplace monitoring and data loss prevention
    • EU Works councils
    • Whistleblowing systems
    • ‘Bring your own device’ (BYOD) programs
  • Surveillance Activities
  • Direct Marketing
  • Internet Technology and Communications
  • Cloud computing
  • Web cookies
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Social networking services
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Case Studies / Practical Examples

Best Practices and Key Areas

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CIPP/E Prep Course Benefits

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