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Security Testing Training Courses

Infosec Train is a leading IT security training and certification provider that is appreciated by the professionals and consumers worldwide. Through their years of industry and teaching experiences, our certified and highly skilled SMEs have designed customized training courses for IT professionals as per the market requirement. The courses aim to fulfill the need of the rapidly growing market of testing, not just for Red Teaming but also for the blue team and security analysts. The course curriculum is structured to mold individuals into highly skilled professionals by proffering them with a deep insight into the cybersecurity domain.

Benefits/ Features of our customized courses

  • The courses provide candidates with appropriate skill sets to test the modern security infrastructures and establish the best security measures to safeguard the organization from potential adversaries.
  • The training programs are organized to help candidates learn the concepts more efficiently.
  • The training starts with a basic understanding of cybersecurity skills and gradually moves toward advanced technologies in cybersecurity.
  • Our dedicated labs provide a hands-on practical environment that exhibits real-like enterprise network architectures. This environment includes challenges varying from moderate to difficult levels. As candidates move forward during the course, they encounter top defenses of modern-day, and they will be able to perform best practices and tricks to invade the advanced security postures.


Customized courses offered by Infosec Train

Advanced penetration testing course

The Advanced Penetration Testing (APT) Course at Infosec Train has been designed by the subject matter experts of the industry. The training empowers the candidates to understand various post-exploitation techniques and the latest techniques to dodge antivirus while understanding the customization of attacks.

It enables the candidates to enhance the knowledge about more Advanced Penetration Testing concepts such as wireless penetration testing, network penetration testing, web application penetration testing, and social engineering penetration testing. The course helps in transforming the candidates into elite penetration testing professionals.

Catch the Flag (CTF)

Infosec Train’s Capture the Flag (CTF) Training is a perfect opportunity to learn the ethical hacking skills from the industry expert. It focuses on upskilling the existing knowledge of professionals regarding Pen testing and provides them with practical experience for expanding their skill set. CTF training program comprises of various tasks and challenges to polish the problem-solving skills of candidates.


MITRE ATT&CK Framework Training offered by Infosec Train is customized for the cybersecurity professionals to provide in-depth knowledge of the various adversary tactics and techniques to defend a network against the most sophisticated cyberattacks. The MITRE ATT&CK training is an opportunity to get familiar with the ATT&CK framework. The training enables candidates to ensure the overall security of an organization, identify the loopholes in the security posture, and prioritizing risks.

Network penetration testing course 

Network Penetration Testing Training is designed to teach professionals about network-based ethical hacking, which would help them evolve into a professional penetration tester. The Network Penetration Testing Course will help you understand the various exploitation techniques hackers might use on a network. The candidates will be able to identify and exploit the vulnerabilities within the network. The course aims to help you learn all the skillsets, which will allow you to use the latest Penetration tools to protect the network infrastructure of an organization.

Web application penetration testing course

WAPT course focuses on the techniques required to identify and exploit web applications’ vulnerabilities. After completing the course, the candidate will be able to assess the security of web applications by performing manual and automated penetration testing. Web Application penetration test is quite popular among all the penetration testing as it evaluates the risk associated with the third-party applications. Having the Knowledge of Web application penetration testing makes professionals an excellent choice for any organization to protect the web-based application against any malicious attack.


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