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Cyber Defenders 101 Free Cyber Security Fundamentals Fastrack Online Training

Free Cyber Security Fundamentals Fastrack


A campaign to endorse and expand cybersecurity skills through complimentary training


Next Batch
8 - 11 July 2024



The need to address a worldwide Cybersecurity skills gap of 3.4 Million Professionals

Our Mission

Training 1 Million Professionals in Cybersecurity Skills by 2025

Who Can Benefit?

A Fresher looking to explore cybersecurity as a career option

An Instructor looking to add value & meaning to your work

An Institution looking to diversify and train or hire cybersecurity educators

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Note - To maintain high interactivity, recorded sessions will not be available for this course.

Program Highlights

Upskill for FREE

At InfosecTrain, we are committed to making the internet a safer place for all. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our groundbreaking FREE training initiative with a bold mission.

Expert Guidance

Industry experts not only train you on the essentials of cybersecurity, but also give career guidance and provide valuable insights into the job opportunities in this field.

Train the Trainer

By training educators, we create a ripple effect that ensures students across the educational spectrum receive essential cybersecurity knowledge.

Course Description

In an era when cyber threats are advancing at an unparalleled pace, the need for proficient cybersecurity experts is at its peak. A recent study by the Center for Strategic and International Studies highlights a critical challenge facing the industry: an 82% gap in the cybersecurity workforce, underscoring a significant talent shortage. To address this growing concern, InfosecTrain has introduced a free cybersecurity training course, pioneering a cybersecurity workforce development initiative to bridge this gap.
This free cybersecurity training program is designed to bridge the significant skills gap, estimated at 3.4 million professionals worldwide, by providing comprehensive training in cybersecurity fundamentals, ethical hacking, network and web security, and much more. This unique chance to acquire critical knowledge and skills in the fast-changing cybersecurity landscape, completely free of charge, offers immense personal and professional development. Moreover, it plays a significant role in bolstering online security for all. We offer free cybersecurity courses for beginners, instructors, and institutions to enhance their cybersecurity knowledge and capabilities at no cost.



  • arrow-down|infosectrain What is Cyber Security Training?
  • arrow-down|infosectrain What is this Free Cyber Security Training Online Course all about?
  • This Free Cyber Security Training Online course is a monthly batch that anyone can join at no cost. The course offers foundational knowledge on protecting against cyber threats, understanding cybersecurity, and implementing effective security measures.
  • arrow-down|infosectrain Who can enroll in this free course?
  • Anyone interested in learning about cyber security, from beginners to experienced IT professionals, can enroll. These courses are open to students, career changers, and anyone looking to enhance their security awareness or professional skills.
  • arrow-down|infosectrain Do I need any prior knowledge or experience to start?
  • Having prior knowledge is helpful, but it is not required.
  • arrow-down|infosectrain How can I learn cyber security for free?
  • - Access this comprehensive training course at no cost by simply filling the form and registering for the course.
    - Utilize a vast array of freely available cybersecurity educational videos.
    - Explore in-depth guides, blogs, tutorials, and webinars seasoned cybersecurity professionals provide.
  • arrow-down|infosectrain How does this course stay updated with new cybersecurity threats?
  • This course:
    - Ensures inclusion of the latest developments and emerging threats through regular updates
    - Taught by experienced trainers with expertise in cybersecurity
    - Utilizes real-time case studies and examples for hands-on experience
  • arrow-down|infosectrain Are there interactive elements or hands-on practice included?
  • Yes, there are some practical elements, including:
    - Real world cybersecurity scenarios to experience through defense exercises
    - Quizzes and assessments
  • arrow-down|infosectrain How can I sign up for a free cybersecurity course?
  • Follow the simple steps below:
    1.Fill the form above by giving your basic information like name, email and phone number.
    2.Click on Reserve My Spot and submit the form.
    3.Check your email for the joining link and complete course details.
    4.Join at the specified date and time shared.
    5.learning your free cybersecurity course.
  • arrow-down|infosectrainAre there any additional costs associated with this free course?
  • No, there are no additional costs associated with the free course.
  • arrow-down|infosectrainAre recorded sessions available for this free cybersecurity course?
  • To maintain high interactivity, attendance and two-way communication, recorded sessions will not be available for this course.
  • arrow-down|infosectrainHow can I get my CPE certificate?
  • After attending all the sessions, you will be asked to submit your feedback.
    Once you submit the feedback, your CPE certificate will be mailed to you on your registered email address within 3-5 working days.
  • arrow-down|infosectrainHow can I make the most out of these free cybersecurity courses?
  • To make the most out of these courses:
    - Dedicate consistent time to studying
    - Engage with community forums or study groups
    - Practice hands-on skills through simulations or personal projects
    - Seek feedback and mentorship from professionals in the field
    - Never stop learning.
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