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Grab the Learning Bonanza with up to 50% OFF on Combo Courses + Buy 1 Get 4* FREE on All Courses*

Certified Chief Information Security Officer (CCISO) Online Training & Certification Course
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EC-Council’s CCISO certification validates a candidate’s knowledge and expertise to meet the real-life challenges in the information security domain. It establishes a person’s suitability to work as the highest-level executive responsible for information security in an organization. Today, most mid to large-sized organizations around the globe have a CISO, who are paid really well.

CCISO Course Highlights

  • 40 Hrs of Instructor-led Training
  • Certified Training Experts
  • Training Certificate
  • Blended Learning Delivery Model

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CCISO Course Description


CISO, or Chief Information Security Officer, is an established top-level executive position in the industry, similar to CEO or CTO. CISO is the highest-level executive in an organization charged with information security. With the increasing awareness of digital information as an asset in the industry at large, the demand for CISOs across organizations is on a rise. The CISOs focus on the core areas pertaining to information security in an enterprise and lead the IS program.

The CCISO certification training is aimed at providing the learners with comprehensive knowledge and skills regarding the information security domain. The Chief Information Security Officer Certification Training covers vital areas such as policy setting, project management, audit management, executive strategy, contract management, and financial expertise. These areas of knowledge are essential for leading a successful IS program. The CCISO certification validates the competence of a professional in handling the top-level executive tasks and in effectively leading an information security program.

CCISO Benefits
  • Aimed at enabling managers to reach the top-executive level
  • Imparting knowledge to candidates to navigate through day-to-day responsibilities of a CISO
  • Providing in-depth knowledge in the five vital CCISO domains
  • Providing practical knowledge of applying IS management principles from top-management perspective
  • Preparing the candidates to pass the CCISO exam in a single attempt

Target Audience

  • Network Engineers with security specialization
  • Experienced IT Professionals engaged in information security management
  • Those who perform CISO functions, but don’t have an official title
  • All the professionals who aspire to reach top-level position in information security profession


  • Candidates who are sitting for the exam without training must have 5 years of experience in the 5 core CCISO domains verified via the Exam Eligibility Application.
  • Candidates who have taken training must possess 3 years of IS management experience in 3 of the 5 core CCISO domains verified via the Exam Eligibility Application.


Exam Information

  • Duration: 2.5 Hours
  • Number of questions: 150
  • Question format: Multiple Choice
  • Passing score: 60% to 85% depending upon the exam form


4 + 41 =

CCISO Course Content

Domain 1: Governance (Policy, Legal, and Compliance)

  • Information Security Management Program
  • Defining an Information Security Governance Program
  • Regulatory and Legal Compliance
  • Risk Management

Domain 2: IS Management Controls and Auditing Management

  • Designing, deploying, and managing security controls
  • Understanding security controls types and objectives
  • Implementing control assurance frameworks
  • Understanding the audit management process

Domain 3: Security Program Management & Operations

  • The role of the CISO
  • Information Security Projects
  • Integration of security requirements into other operational processes (change management, version control, disaster recovery, etc.)

Domain 4: Information Security Core Concepts

  • Access Controls
  • Physical Security
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning
  • Network Security
  • Threat and Vulnerability Management
  • Application Security
  • System Security
  • Encryption
  • Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing
  • Computer Forensics and Incident Response

Domain 5: Strategic Planning, Finance, & Vendor Management

  • Security Strategic Planning
  • Alignment with business goals and risk tolerance
  • Security emerging trends
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Financial Planning
  • Development of business cases for security
  • Analyzing, forecasting, and developing a capital expense budget
  • Analyzing, forecasting, and developing an operating expense budget
  • Return on Investment (ROI) and cost-benefit analysis
  • Vendor management
  • Integrating security requirements into the contractual agreement and procurement process

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1. What is the CCISO Program?
The Certified Chief Information Security Officer program is the first of its kind certification that identifies an aspirant’s accumulated skills to develop and execute an information security management strategy in agreement with organizational goals. Professionals need strong technical knowledge, and experience along with the ability to communicate in business value to reach to the role of CISO. CCISO program aims to build competent CISOs therefore, the program is a perfect mix of various skills required for C-Level Position. Thus, information security leaders are equipped with the most effective toolset to defend organizations from cyber-attacks with C|CISO.
2. What is the process for applying for the CCISO Exam?
To apply for the CCISO Exam,
Applicants need to fill out the CCISO Exam Eligibility Application and then email it to
EC-Council Authorized Training is available for this exam.
3. Is there any fees applicable for the exam?
Application fee of $100 has to be submitted along with the CCISO Exam Eligibility Application.
4. Is it compulsory to attend the EC-Council Authorized Training for CCISO?
Applicants who do not wish to attend EC-Council Authorized Training for this exam must have five years of experience in each of the five CCISO Domains (overlapping experience is accepted)
5. How helpful is the EC-Council Authorized Training for CCISO?
Applicants who purchase EC-Council Authorized Training, do not have to pay the application fee separately and only five years of experience in three of the five domains is required.
6. What is the expected time in which the CCISO Exam Eligibility Application gets processed?

Processing of CCISO Exam Eligibility Application can differ from from applicant to another.

  • Experience mentioned by the applicants needs to be verified and therefore, to speed up this process it is suggested that candidates should reach out to their verifiers to confirm they have received the required forms from EC-Council and respond well in time.
  • For the applicants who attend EC-Council Authorized Training, processing of exam application gets priority.
7. Do the candidates need to have separate 5years of experience in each domain, which equals to 25 years of experience in total?
No, the over lapping experience in the domains are well accepted. All the five domains included in the CCISO exam are part of every day responsibility in high-level information security management jobs.
It certainly doesn’t mean 25 years of experience.
8. Do the candidates need to fulfil the experience criteria to attend the EC-Council Authorized Training for CCISO?
  • Candidates can take the training even without having the required experience but they will not qualify to take the CCISO Exam will not be issued an exam voucher.
  • Applicants without complete experience can take the EC-Council Information Security Manager (EISM) exam after CCISO training.
9. What is the EC-Council Information Security Manager (EISM) program?
The EISM program allows students who are not yet qualified to sit for the CCISO exam to take the training course and attain an EC-Council certification. EISMs may apply for the CCISO Exam once they have acquired the years of experience. The eligibility application fee is waived and EISMs will receive a 50% discount from the normal CCISO Exam price.
10. For how long is the CCISO certification valid?
C|CISO certification is valid for a period of one year.
11. How can the certification be renewed?
To renew the certification, applicants must satisfy the Continuing Education requirements and remit a renewal fee of $100.00 (USD).
12. How to decided whether or not to go for CCISO?

All the aspiring CISOs and even existing CISOs who are interested in enhancing their skills regarding

  • governance
  • security risk management
  • controls
  • audit management
  • security program management and operations
  • information-security core concepts, and strategic planning
  • finance and vendor management can go ahead with CCISOCertification Training.

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