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How Can You Become a Security Administrator in 2022

How Can You Become a Security Administrator in 2022

In today’s world, every organization is adopting the latest technology, and having a solid IT infrastructure security system is more important than ever. This is why organizations need a Security Administrator, and it is also known as a Systems Security Administrator, Network Systems Administrator, or IT Se...

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A Comprehensive Guide to CISSP

A Comprehensive Guide to CISSP Certification (2021)

In today's globally connected world, the threat of cybercrime is on the rise. The only way to combat cybercrime is to have a sufficient number of cybersecurity professionals. Organizations need these experts to help protect their sensitive data and systems from malicious hackers, defend an ever-expanding secu...

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Top Books for CISSP Certification

Top Books for CISSP Certification

The CISSP certification helps organizations identify which individuals have the ability, knowledge, and experience needed to implement solid security practices; perform risk analysis; identify specific countermeasures; and help the organization protect its facility, network, systems, and information. The CISS...

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Security in COTS software in SDLC

Security in COTS Software in SDLC

'Software security' is a crucial aspect of Information security that bolts the multitude of viruses, malware, breaches, hacks, and ransomware attacks in the tech world. This is perfectly described in the eighth domain of the CISSP certification exam. With "software" powering every sector of our digital...

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Preparation for CISSP

  CISSP is known as a Certified Information System Security Professional. Now it is one of the most globally recognized certifications in information security. So, the certificate is taken by people who are responsible for maintaining the security posture for an enterprise-level. It is not at all...

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CISSP 2018 vs CISSP 2021

CISSP or  ‘Certified Information Systems Security Professional’ by (ISC)2 is THE certification that is sought by InfoSec professionals all over the world. This gold certification validates an InfoSec professional’s knowledge and experience in the field of cyber security. With the new CISSP slated to be...

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‘CISSP’ or the ‘Certified Information Systems Security Professional’, CISM or the ‘Certified Information Systems Auditor’, CASP or the ‘CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner’ and CCISO or ‘Certified Chief Information security officer’ are all Information security domain’s leading certif...

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CISSP Domain 5: Identity and Access Management

The fifth domain of the CISSP certification is ‘Identity and Access Management’. ‘Identity and Access Management’ is one aspect of life that surrounds us all. The candidate is expected to know the following topics in this domain: “Physical and logical access to assets Identification and auth...

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CCISO vs CISSP : Choose The Best For Yourself

The field of cybersecurity is desperately in need of skilled professionals. There are various Cybersecurity certification courses available in the market, which make it tough for the individuals to decide the best one to suit their requirement. CCISO vs CISSP is one of the confusion that the aspirants try to ...

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Which is easy CISM or CISSP ?

To begin with the straightforward answer of your question: Neither CISSP nor CISM Certification is easy to get through. Both the certifications are meant to gain expertise in two different fields and depending upon your experience and interest in that particular domain, you may find the exam easy or diffi...

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What is the value of the CISSP certification?

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification is certainly a boon for the professionals looking forward for a brighter career in InfoSec as it is one of the most globally recognised InfoSec Certification. Why Is CISSP Certification Important?  The CISSP certification is your...

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CISSP Or CCSP – Which is better?

In order to understand whether CISSP or CCSP is better, it is first good to understand both the certifications and their details clearly. Let us first understand the CISSP certification. CISSP: CISSP or the ‘Certified Information Systems Security Professional’ from (ISC)2 is the most demanded cer...

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Domain 3: Security Architecture and Engineering

The third domain of the CISSP exam ‘Security Architecture and Engineering’ focuses on different processes, standards, structures to design a secure information system (An information system  comprises of the operating system, network, equipment, and applications) These are some of the following objective...

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CISSP Certification Training

What is the best way to prepare for the CISSP exam?

Congratulations on registering to take the most coveted exam in the InfoSec domain! The CISSP certification is an exhaustive exam and we have listed the exam details, exam tips, the resources, the endorsement process and the re-certification process in the paragraphs below: Exam details: 1. A CISS...

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Domain 2: Asset Security

‘Asset’ as specified by Google is “a useful or valuable thing or person”. In context to this, an asset in an organization can be information, equipment or facilities that have great value. Protecting assets is an important component of security programs and the second domain of the CISSP exam throws l...

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Domain 1: Security and Risk Management

The first domain of the CISSP exam is ‘Security and Risk management’. This domain of the CISSP exam expects the candidates to know the following sub-objectives: The concepts of confidentiality, integrity, and availability The candidate is expected to know the three core principles of Information ...

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