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GRC : (Governance, Risk and Compliance) Hands-on Online Training
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InfosecTrain’s GRC Training Course explores Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) essentials in information security. Combining theory with practical exercises, it covers the CIA Triad, governance frameworks (COSO, COBIT), security policy creation, legal compliance, and risk management. Participants engage in case studies and hands-on tasks to learn about implementing security controls, risk assessment, and GRC plan development, equipping them for effective organizational GRC integration.

GRC Course Highlights

  • 40 Hrs Instructor-led Training
  • Access to Recorded Sessions
  • Accredited Instructors
  • Learn with a Practical Approach

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GRC Course Description


The GRC Training Course from InfosecTrain offers a comprehensive exploration of Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) within the realm of information security. This course encompasses both theoretical knowledge and practical exercises, covering essential topics like the CIA Triad, principles of information security, and the importance of GRC. Participants will delve into various governance frameworks such as COSO and COBIT, develop and implement security policies, understand legal and regulatory compliance, and explore audit methodologies. The course also provides hands-on experience in setting up security controls, compliance frameworks and standards, risk management practices, and developing a GRC plan. Through interactive case studies and role-play exercises, learners gain real-world insights into governance structures, board dynamics, risk assessment, and mitigation strategies, preparing them for effective GRC integration in businesses.

Why the GRC Training Course with InfosecTrain?
InfosecTrain is a leading IT security training and consulting organization offering best-in-class yet cost-effective, customized training programs to enterprises and individuals across the globe. We offer role-specific certification training programs and prepare professionals for the future. Our GRC Training Course explores information security’s Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) essentials, combining theory with practical exercises.

Here’s what you get when you choose InfosecTrain as your learning partner:

  • Flexible Schedule: Training sessions to match your schedule and accommodate your needs.
  • Extended Post Training Support: Ongoing assistance and support until the learners achieve their certification goals.
  • Recorded Sessions: Access to LMS or recorded sessions for post-training reference.
  • Customized Training: A training program that caters to your specific learning needs.
  • Knowledge Sharing Community: Collaborative group discussions to facilitate knowledge sharing and learning.
  • Certificate: Each candidate receives a certificate of participation as a testament to their accomplishment.
  • Expert Career Guidance: Free career guidance and support from industry experts.

Target Audience

  • IT Analysts
  • System Administrators
  • Network Engineers
  • Business Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Security Governance Consultant
  • Compliance Analyst
  • Risk Manager


  • Fundamental IT knowledge is required
  • Prior experience in IT, security, or compliance roles can be beneficial but is not mandatory


6 + 28 =

GRC Course Objectives

You will be able to:

  • Understand the basics of Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC), along with the principles of information security and the critical CIA Triad.
  • Analyze and derive insights from interactive case studies and real-world incidents to apply GRC principles effectively.
  • Gain expertise in key governance frameworks like COSO and COBIT and learn to identify and assess organizational governance structures.
  • Enhance knowledge of crucial laws and regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA, essential for legal and regulatory compliance.
  • Understand and apply best practices in audit methodology, including the purpose and process of auditing.
  • Develop practical insights into integrating GRC practices effectively within businesses through case studies and creating a GRC plan.

GRC Course Content

Module 1: Introduction to GRC

  • Introduction to GRC
  • Understanding GRC (Theory)
  • Principles of Information Security (Theory)
  • The CIA Triad: Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability (Theory)
  • Importance of Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) (Theory)
  • Interactive Case Study Analysis (Practical)
  • Analysis of Real-World Incidents (Practical)
  • Governance Frameworks and Models (Theory)
  • Overview of Various Governance Frameworks (e.g., COSO, COBIT) (Theory)
  • Practical Exercise: Identifying Governance Structures in Organizations (Practical)
  • Board Dynamics and Decision-Making (Theory)
  • Role-Play Exercise on Board Meetings and Decision-Making Processes (Practical)

Security Policies and Governance

  • Developing and Implementing Security Policies (Theory)
  • Key Components of Security Policies (Theory)
  • Workshop: Creating a Security Policy (Practical)
  • Governance Structures and Strategies (Theory)
  • Roles and Responsibilities in Governance (Theory)
  • Best Practices in Information Security Governance (Practical)
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance (Theory)
  • Understanding Key Laws and Regulations (e.g., GDPR, HIPAA) (Theory)


  • Audit Methodology (Practical)
  • Audit Definition and Real-Time Usage (Practical)
  • Best Practices in the Audit Methodology (Practical)

Security Controls and Compliance Frameworks

  • Implementing Security Controls (Theory)
  • Types of Security Controls (Preventive, Detective, Corrective) (Theory)
  • Types of Security Areas (Access Control, Change Management, BC/DR, Incident Management, Network Security, Communication Security, Encryption)(Theory)
  • Setting Up the Right Controls (Theory)
  • Hands-on: Setting Up Security Controls in a Simulated Environment (Practical)
  • Compliance Frameworks and Standards (Theory)
  • Walkthrough of ISO 27001 Framework Design and Implementation Aligning with a Real-Time Example (Practical)
  • Workshop: Aligning Policies with Compliance Standards (Practical)
  • Integration of Data Privacy Through Data Privacy Impact Assessment (DPIA) (Practical)
  • Role of Technical Knowledge in GRC (Theory)
  • Extent of Expertise Required in the GRC – Real-World Simulation (Practical)
  • Workshop: Assessing System Controls Based on ISO 27001 (Practical)

Risk Management in Information Security

  • Risk Assessment and Analysis (Theory)
  • Risk Management (Including Top Frameworks to be Followed for Best Practices) (Theory)
  • Techniques for Risk Identification and Evaluation (Theory)
  • Practical Exercise: Conducting a Risk Assessment (Practical)
  • Mitigation Strategies and Risk Treatment (Theory)
  • Developing Risk Response Strategies (Theory)
  • Case study: Risk Mitigation in Action (Practical)
  • Tools and Techniques for Risk Management (Theory)
  • Utilizing Software and Tools for Risk Management (Theory)

Integrating GRC

  • GRC in Practice (Theory)
  • Case Studies of GRC Integration in Businesses (Practical)
  • Developing a GRC Plan (Practical)
  • Final Project: Creating a Comprehensive GRC Plan for an Organization (Practical)
  • Typical Interview Questions (Practical)
  • Course Review and Q&A
  • Review of Key Concepts and Questions

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GRC Course Benefits

GCR Course Benefits

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Student-infosectrain Certified & Experienced Instructors
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1. Who should enroll in this GRC online course?
This course is ideal for IT professionals, risk managers, compliance officers, auditors, security professionals, and anyone looking to enhance their knowledge and skills in governance, risk, and compliance within an organization.
2. What are the prerequisites for the GRC training course?
Participants should have a basic understanding of IT concepts and principles. Prior experience in IT, security, or compliance roles can be beneficial but is not mandatory.
3. How long is the GRC online training course?
The duration of the GRC training course is 40 hours.
4. What will I learn in this GRC course?
The course combines both theoretical knowledge and practical application. It includes case studies, interactive sessions, and practical exercises to ensure participants can apply GRC concepts in real-world scenarios.
5. Will I receive a certification upon completing the GRC training course?
Yes, the GRC training course from InfosecTrain provides a certificate of participation as a testament to their accomplishment.
6. How can the GRC training course benefit my career?
GRC skills are in high demand across various industries. This course can enhance your career prospects by qualifying you for roles such as Compliance Officer, Risk Manager, Governance Specialist, or Information Security Manager.

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