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Preparation Guide for the Microsoft Azure AZ-500 Exam

Preparing for the Azure Exam AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies? Follow this AZ-500 exam preparation guide and get ready for the exam!

There is absolutely no reason to doubt anything that comes with the name “Microsoft” attached to it. Microsoft Azure has been a strong competitor to top players in the public cloud landscape. With notable names in the Fortune 500 companies opting for Microsoft Azure as their choice for cloud transformation, the demand for Azure certifications among cloud professionals is increasing substantially.

Interestingly, Microsoft Azure has brought up a role-based model with the new Azure certification path that aligns with its new certification offerings. Therefore, the demand for Microsoft Azure AZ-500 certification is aptly justified in the present times when security is a top priority for all enterprises on the cloud. If you want to become a Microsoft Azure certified security engineer, then you have to find the right guidance for the AZ-500 exam preparation.

The following discussion provides you with a brief preparation guide for the Microsoft Azure AZ-500 exam. Most important of all, the discussion would include information about the AZ-500 Azure Security Engineer Exam. However, the major highlight of this article would be the recommended pointers to help you with the AZ-500 exam preparation.

Exam AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies

The foremost crucial aspect of Azure AZ-500 training is to know the exam itself. First of all, you need to know that the exam is suitable for the job role of an Azure security engineer. The exam would test the abilities of candidates in the implementation of security controls, maintenance of security framework, and identity & access management. In addition, the preparation of a candidate for the AZ-500 exam would also involve learning the methods for safeguarding networks, applications, and data.

Furthermore, candidates for the AZ-500 exam should also know that the exam will test their abilities for the identification of vulnerabilities in various security tools and addressing them. Additionally, candidates will also have to prove their abilities in the implementation of protection measures against threats and proactive response to the security threats.

Basic Information about the AZ-500 Exam

Awareness of the basic information related to the Microsoft Azure AZ-500 exam is also mandatory for the AZ-500 exam preparation. Basically, knowledge of details about the exam helps candidates anticipate the type of questions they would find in the exam. Candidates should also know about the specific details such as registration fees and languages supported by the exam.

The exam format for the AZ-500 exam would include multiple-choice and multiple-select questions.

According to reviews by qualified candidates, the exam would comprise of at least 40 to 60 questions.

The registration fee for the exam is $165 USD.

The AZ-500 exam is available in four languages, such as English, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese.

You can find an abridged version of the exam information for your AZ-500 certification preparation below. 

Exam AZ-500 Exam Information
Name of the Exam Exam AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies
Technology Microsoft Azure
Prerequisites None
Number of Questions 40 to 60 questions
Type of Questions Multiple-choice and Multiple-select
Exam Fee $165 USD
Exam Language English, Korean, Japanese and Simplified Chinese


AZ-500 Exam BluePrint: Domains Covered 

The most critical aspect that can help your AZ-500 exam preparation is an in-depth knowledge of the domains covered in the exam. Actually, if you know the domains in the AZ-500 exam thoroughly, then you can direct your preparations on specific topics. As a result, you can achieve a productive and efficient preparation for the AZ-500 exam.

The AZ-500 exam covers the following domains.

  1. Implementation of platform protection (35-40%)
  2. Securing data and applications (25-30%)
  3. Identity and access management (20-25%)
  4. Management of security operations (15-20%)

Let us reflect on the weighting of each domain and subtopics in the domains for improving this Azure AZ-500 preparation guide.

Comprehensive Guide for the Microsoft Azure AZ-500 Exam Preparation

Now that you know about the Microsoft Azure AZ-500 certification exam in detail let us move towards the  Azure AZ-500 exam preparation. Here are some of the proven steps to ensure the best preparation for the AZ-500 certification exam.

Step 1: Always Start with Official Website 

When you decide to start the AZ-500 exam preparation, your first step should be to visit the official certification page. You can explore all the necessary details of the exam, such as eligibility criteria, pricing, prerequisites, and exam objectives there. Most important of all, you can find timely updates regarding the exam, thereby keeping your preparations on track.

Step 2: Have Detailed Knowledge of the Exam Objectives 

The next critical step in your preparation for the AZ-500 exam is to know about the exam objectives in detail. Interestingly, you can use the AZ-500 study guide for reflecting on each exam objective thoroughly with insights into subtopics in each objective. Most important of all, your awareness of the exam objectives will not only help with your preparations but also give you the assurance of qualifying the exam easily.

Step 3: Enroll for Training Courses and Practice Tests

The importance of choosing the right online training course provider for the AZ-500 exam is also evident in the AZ-500 exam preparation. As a matter of fact, trustworthy names in the online certification training industry should be on your priorities while looking for online training courses for the AZ-500 exam. The Azure AZ-500 training by experts and qualified professionals gives an additional edge to candidates with their preparations. The training must be followed by the AZ-500 practice tests to check your preparation level and get ready for the exam.

Step 4: Whitepapers Can Help a Lot!

The next most important concern for candidates in preparing for the AZ-500 exam is the selection of ideal learning resources. It is extremely important for all candidates to access whitepapers and other learning resources, which can help in learning all topics for the exam thoroughly. Recommended books on Azure Security could also be extremely helpful for candidates.

Are You Ready to Become a Microsoft Certified Azure Security Engineer?

So, now you should get at your preparations for the AZ-500 exam right away! There is no barrier holding you back. When you start your preparation, make sure that you have a schedule that you abide by under any circumstance. The key to successful preparation is consistency, and you have to maintain it at all stages of preparation. In addition, candidates should not let the AZ-500 exam preparation ruin their physical or mental health.

Therefore, candidates should follow a healthy routine for exercise, daily activities, and diet. Moreover, candidates should also participate in online forums, study groups, and other online learning communities to obtain reliable insights from other aspiring candidates. We at InfoSecTrain offer high-quality training for the AZ-500 certification exam, provided by the industry experts. So, enroll now for the AZ-500 certification training and start your AZ-500 exam preparation to establish a promising career in cloud security!

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