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An Essential Checklist to Cracking the SC-900 Certification

The SC-900 Microsoft security, compliance, and Identity fundamentals course is for people who are willing to familiarize themselves with security, compliance, and identity fundamentals over Microsoft cloud-based services. The learners or audience of this program may include:

  • Business shareholders
  • IT experts
  • Or the students who are enthusiastic about Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Solutions

An Essential Checklist to cracking the SC-

Momentarily, let us have a glance at the SC-900 Security, Compliance, and Identity solutions exam prerequisites.

  • Students who are looking ahead to attending this exam must be accustomed to Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365.
  • Students must be passionate about knowing how Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity can traverse these assets to offer end-to-end solutions.

Skills measured in this exam:

To successfully achieve this SC-900 Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity exam certification, you have to be skilled at some appropriate areas:

  • You need to be knowledgeable in theories of Security, Compliance, and Identity.
  • You must maintain the skills of handling Microsoft Identity and Access Management solutions.
  • You must have the capacity to handle Microsoft Security solutions.
  • You must own the capability to control Microsoft Compliance solutions.

SC-900 Security, Compliance, and Identity Exam Details:

SC-900 Exam (1)

SC-900 Exam Course Outline:

SC-900 (1)

Tips to pass the SC-900 exam(Exam Guide)

1. Understand Exam Objectives: Knowing the exam goals is one of the essential steps in qualifying for any exam. The objectives of the SC-900 Security, Compliance, and Identity exam are:

  • Describing the concepts of security, compliance, and identity
  • Describing the capabilities of Microsoft identity and access management solutions
  • Explaining the capabilities of Microsoft security solutions
  • Describing the capabilities of Microsoft compliance solutions

SC - 900-02

2. Microsoft Docs: Microsoft Docs are described as power sources of information especially designed to give accurate data associated with any certification exam. Furthermore, you will discover the various scales of this examination by utilizing Microsoft documentation for Microsoft SC-900 Exam. This also incorporates courses that will assist you in learning a lot regarding the recitals of the Microsoft SC-900 exam.

3. Microsoft Learning Platform: Microsoft presents SC-900 test applicants with a lot of learning portals that incorporate multiple materials to assist them in studying for the exam.

4. Join study groups: Applicants might profit greatly from study groups formed for the Microsoft SC-900 test. Joining study groups, in other words, will enable learners to keep in touch with specialists and experts who are already on this road. You may also utilize this group to address your exam-related issues or interests, as well as get the Microsoft SC-900 Exam study notes.

5. Get a study buddy: Having a partner who can help you clear your doubts and guides you in understanding the toughest concepts is very beneficial. InfosecTrain plays this role very well. Trainers here explain the concepts with real-time examples, and they will be ever ready to clear your doubts.

6. Practice Tests: It is necessary to take practice tests to enhance your preparedness. You will discover your vulnerable and robust areas by examining yourself with Microsoft SC-900 practice exam tests. Moreover, you will improve your response capabilities, enabling you to preserve a vital amount of time throughout the test. Practicing the Microsoft SC-900 practice exams after finishing an entire concept and then practicing the mock tests is the smart way to go. This can also assist you in revising efficiently. So, go online and explore the finest practice exam tests to help you prepare for the Microsoft SC-900 Exam.

7. Plan your preparation: Making a schedule can make your journey very easy because you will know when and what to prepare. My only advice is to make the plan realistic according to your ability to understand or learn the concepts.

Exam Retake Policy:

Microsoft’s exam retaking policy states that individuals who did not pass the exam in the first attempt have to wait a minimum of 1 day(24 hours) to retake the exam. And the individuals who have failed for the second time must wait at least 14 days to retake the exam. In the time of waiting you can go through the certification dashboard to reschedule for the next attempt.

Exam Reschedule and Cancellation Policy:

Microsoft offers the ability to reschedule or cancel your appointment; if you cancel your exam six days prior to your appointment, you don’t need to pay the money. But if you cancel your appointment before five or below days, you must pay the fee.

SC-900 exam training with Infosec Train:

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SC - 900-02

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