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How does Microsoft Sentinel work

How does Microsoft Sentinel work?

Table of Contents What is Microsoft Sentinel? Stages of Microsoft Sentinel How does Microsoft Sentinel work? What is the relation between Microsoft Sentinel and Microsoft Defender for Cloud, and how do they work together? What is Microsoft Sentinel? In Microsoft's public cloud platform, Microsoft ...

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Microsoft Sentinel and Its Components

Microsoft Sentinel and Its Components

Table of Contents What is Microsoft Sentinel? Components of Microsoft Sentinel Stages of Microsoft Sentinel What is Microsoft Sentinel? The Microsoft Sentinel was previously known as Azure Sentinel. Microsoft Sentinel is a cloud-based SIEM (Security Information Event Management) and SOAR (Security ...

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Domain 3 of AZ-204

Domain 3 of AZ-204: Implement Azure Security

Table of Contents Features of Azure Security Azure Developer AZ-204 certification comprises a total of five domains Domain 3 of AZ-204: Implement Azure Security Implement user authentication and authorization Implement secure cloud solutions As we all know, all of our applications are now hosted in ...

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Domain 2 of AZ-204

Domain 2 of AZ-204: Develop for Azure Storage

Table of Contents Types of Azure Storage Domain 2 of AZ-204: Develop for Azure storage Develop solutions that use Cosmos DB storage Develop solutions that use blob storage Azure Storage is a cloud-based platform for modern applications. As we know, the amount of data is increasing day after day; so w...

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Reasons to choose Azure Certifications

Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft Sentinel

Going to the cloud does not imply that you are free of security concerns. Organizations have a SIEM solution for which they must plan for complexity in the on-premises world, and they must ensure that the hardware is in good working order, among other things. In Azure, they now offer a service called Microsof...

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All you need to know about Azure VM

All You Need to Know About Azure VM

Table of Contents What is a Virtual Machine? Uses of Virtual Machines What is an Azure VM? Types of Azure Virtual Machines Benefits of using VM In today’s cloud computing era, the Azure Virtual Machines are becoming more popular among IT Infrastructure. It has acquired great importance in the IT s...

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Key pointers to remember for the AZ-500

Key Pointers to Remember For The AZ-500 Exam

Microsoft Azure is the market's second-largest cloud computing platform, with an active expansion strategy. It was initially released in 2010 and has since gained a sizable market share. Compared to other Cloud Service Providers, it provides more services in more domains to a larger audience. More than 80% of...

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What’s new in AZ-500

What’s new in AZ-500?

Microsoft Azure is the world's second-largest cloud computing platform, and it is increasingly expanding. It was first introduced in 2010 and has since accumulated a significant market share. In contrast to other Cloud service providers, it offers more services in more domains to more countries. More than 80%...

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Importance of Azure Cloud Services

Importance of Azure Cloud Services

Cloud Service Providers When the Cloud was launched in the market, a few organizations bought the entire infrastructure, and now they provide these services to people across the globe. Thus, the Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) are the organizations that provide infrastructure, network services, or business a...

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How to Migrate the Server to Azure?

We can use Azure Migrate to migrate a server to Azure. Azure migrate is a service administered by Azure to render a centralized hub to appraise and migrate on-premises servers, infrastructures, applications, and data to Azure Cloud. It is a one-stop solution to not only just assess the infrastructure that we ...

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All about the Azure Internet of Things (IoT)

All about the Azure Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been in quite a trend lately in the cyber world. Its gaining popularity as vast numbers of gadgets multiplies worldwide because it brings down operational expenses, power breakthrough customer experiences, and creates new revenue streams. As businesses worldwide face extraordi...

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Overview of the Azure storage

An Overview of the Azure Storage

Selecting the right storage solution is a crucial part of any project. Storage accounts are one of the most robust storage solutions in Azure. It is managed by Microsoft and provides an enormous file system service for the cloud, a messaging store for reliable messaging, a scalable object store for data objec...

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