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Grab the Learning Bonanza with up to 50% OFF on Combo Courses + Buy 1 Get 4* FREE on All Courses*

ISO 31000: Risk Manager Training Certification Course
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The ISO 31000 standard offers recommendations for the risk management process’s principles, framework, and implementation. Organizations of various shapes and sizes that want to include risk management into operational processes can use ISO 31000. It addresses the fundamental principles of risk management and directs businesses in creating a framework for controlling risks. An ISO 31000 certification course can help you build the skills you need to help an organization create and protect value. Furthermore, it develops your ability to assist firms in designing a risk strategy, attaining strategic objectives, and making educated decisions.

ISO 31000: Risk Manager Course Highlights

  • 40 hrs of instructor-led training
  • Certified & Experienced Trainers
  • Authorized Training Partner
  • Mock Test and exam guidance session
  • PECB offer free retake for exams

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ISO 31000: Risk Manager Course Description


The ISO 31000 training course with InfosecTrain will help you develop the skills you need to assist a company in creating and protecting value. Additionally, it improves your capacity to help businesses create a risk framework, achieve strategic goals, and make informed judgements. This training will guide you through the development of a framework to effectively manage your organization’s risks. It will also introduce you to risk management guidelines, principles and concepts.

Why ISO 31000 Certification Training with InfosecTrain?

InfosecTrain is a proficient security training and consulting organization across the globe, specializing in various IT security courses and services. Our ISO 31000 certification training aims to explain to you all about risk management. You can leverage the following benefits with InfosecTrain:

  • We can help you present your qualifications and work experience for the designated profile.
  • We provide a flexible training schedule.
  • We provide post-training assistance.
  • We create groups for discussion.
  • We also provide a certificate of participation to each candidate

Target Audience

  • Risk Managers or Consultants
  • Candidates considering in building a career in risk management
  • Candidates who create and preserve value in the businesses
  • Candidates who want to gain an in-depth knowledge of risk management


A fundamental understanding of risk management.

Exam Information

We provide Exam with PECB for more detail connect with out expert


5 + 48 =

ISO 31000: Risk Manager Course Objectives

  • Show that you grasp the ISO 31000-defined concepts of risk management
  • Establish and improve a risk management structure that adheres to ISO 31000 standards 
  • Utilize the risk management approach in accordance with the recommendations of ISO 31000

ISO 31000: Risk Manager Course Content

Introduction to ISO 31000 and risk management and establishing the risk management framework

  • Training course objectives and structure 
  • Standards
  • Introduction to ISO 31000 concepts 
  • ISO 31000 principles, framework, and process 
  • Establishing the framework and defining the governance 

Initiation of the risk management process and risk assessment based on ISO 31000

  • Scope, context, and risk criteria 
  • Risk identification 
  • Risk analysis 
  • Risk evaluation 

Risk treatment, recording and reporting, monitoring and review, and communication and consultation according to ISO 31000 Certification Exam

  • Risk treatment 
  • Recording and reporting 
  • Monitoring and review 
  • Communication and consultation 
  • Closing of the training course

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ISO 31000: Risk Manager FAQs

1. What are ISO 31000 standards?
For managing risk, ISO 31000, Risk management – Guidelines, offers guidelines, framework, and procedure. Any company, regardless of size, focus, or industry, may use it.
2. What are the components of ISO 31000?

ISO 31000 comprises of the following components:

  • Principles
  • Framework
  • Process
  • Risk treatment
  • Monitoring and review
  • Recording and reporting
3. What is the difference between ISO 27001 and ISO 31000?
The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) developed the ISO 27001 information security standard, which offers a framework and guidelines for establishing, implementing, and managing an information security management system. ISO 31000 is the parent standard, providing the overall guidelines and principles to manage any type of risk in a systemic, transparent, and reliable manner, within any scope and context.
4. What is the ISO 31000 definition of risk?
The modern definition of risk, which emphasizes the impact of imprecise information about events or conditions on an organization’s decision-making, in ISO 31000 is defined as the “effect of uncertainty on objectives.”
5. What are the principles of risk management?

The 5 basic principles of risk management are:

  • Identify
  • Analyze
  • Plan
  • Control
  • Communicate
6. What are the types of risk management?

The 4 types of risk management are:

  • Risk Avoidance
  • Risk Reduction
  • Risk Transfer
  • Risk Retention
7. What is QMS in ISO?
QMS in ISO is the internationally recognized Quality Management System standard that can benefit organizations irrespective of their size.
8. What are the different types of QMS?

The four types of QMS are ISO 9001, AS9100, Six Sigma, and CMMI.

9. What are the principles of ISO 31000?

The 8 ISO 31000 Principles are:

  • Risk management is integrated into the organization’s processes.
  • Risk management is structured and comprehensive.
  • Risk management is customized to your organization.
  • Risk management is inclusive and transparent.
  • Risk management is dynamic, fluid, and responsive to change.
  • Risk management takes into consideration the best available information.
  • Risk management takes into account human factors and the company culture.
  • Risk management encourages and drives continual improvement.
10. What are the 4 major types of ISOs?
  • ISO 9000 – Quality Management
  • ISO 22000 – Food Safety Management
  • ISO/IEC 27000 – Information Security Management Systems
  • ISO 31000 – Risk Management
11. What are the benefits of ISO 31000?

The benefits of ISO 31000 are:

  • Improve operational efficiency and governance
  • Increase stakeholder confidence in your risk management techniques
  • Strengthen operational controls, including mandatory and voluntary reporting
  • Improve your business performance, crisis management and organizational resilience
  • Respond to change effectively and protect your business as you grow
12. What is risk treatment in ISO 31000?
Risk treatment is, by definition, the act of choosing and putting risk-reduction measures into place. Treatment options for risk can include minimizing, transferring, eliminating, or keeping risk.

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