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Domain 4 of AZ-204: Monitor, Troubleshoot and Optimize Azure Solutions

Domain 4 of AZ-204

As we know, all of our applications are now hosted in the cloud. To ensure that the application is functioning correctly, you need to provide a monitoring mechanism that allows you to obtain information about its performance. To understand what is occurring in the application, you also need to troubleshoot and optimize Azure solutions. The AZ-204 certification assesses an application’s and service’s design, development, testing, and maintenance skills in the Microsoft Azure cloud environment.

Azure Developer Associate (AZ-204) certification comprises a total of five domains:

AZ-204 certification comprises a total of five domains

In this article, we will discuss the fourth Domain of AZ-204, “Monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize Azure solutions.”

Domain 4 of AZ-204:  Monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize Azure solutions

This domain will teach how to use Azure Monitor and tools like Log Analytics and Application Insights to understand what is going on in your application. In this domain, you will learn how to employ Azure Cache solutions to improve the end-user experience and implement autoscale and instrument solutions to support monitoring and logging. You will also learn to use Azure Cache for Redis in an ASP.NET web app and build it correctly. When you have a thorough understanding of this domain, you will be able to utilize Microsoft Azure Monitor to inspect and troubleshoot solutions. You will be able to create Azure storage solutions.

The Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure (AZ-204) certification exam’s fourth domain comprises a weightage of (15-20%) and includes the following subtopics:

  • Implement caching for solutions
  • Troubleshoot solutions by using metrics and log data

Below is an overview of two sections of AZ-204’s fourth domain.

1. Implement caching for solutions

This section will teach you how to improve the performance and scalability of your applications by using Azure Cache Redis. First, you will learn how to configure cache and expiration policies for Azure Cache for Redis. You will learn to use Azure Cache for Redis with .NET to interact with the cache and connect an application to it. You will learn how to set an expiration value on Redis keys. You will also learn how to employ a secure data cache and messaging broker to enable applications with high throughput and low latency data access. You will learn how to leverage Azure Cache for Redis from any Azure application. Finally, you will learn to use data sizing, connections, encryption, and expiration to implement secure and optimized application cache patterns. In the end, through this section, you will understand how Azure Cache for Redis boosts the performance of an application by supporting common application design patterns.

2. Troubleshoot solutions by using metrics and log data

This section will teach you how to use instrument apps to enable Application Insights to monitor applications, detect performance anomalies, and assist with troubleshooting. First, you will learn to use Application Insights by configuring an app’s or service’s instrumentation. You will learn how to improve the performance and stability of your applications using the capabilities available in Application Insights. You will also learn to use Azure Monitor to analyze and troubleshoot solutions using metrics and log data. Azure Monitor is a service that gathers, analyses, and combines data such as matrices and log data from several sources. Application Insights makes it easier to find and troubleshoot problems across several applications and dependencies. Finally, you will discover how to use Azure Application Insights, including web tests and alerts. You will learn how to monitor the availability of Application Insight’s web test and how to receive alerts when it is unavailable. At the end of this topic, you will have a thorough understanding of how to use Azure Monitor to troubleshoot solutions and how to implement code to manage transitory problems.

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Exam AZ-204

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