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Grab the Learning Bonanza with up to 50% OFF on Combo Courses + Buy 1 Get 4* FREE on All Courses*

AZ-305T00 : Designing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions Training
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Architect Your Future with AZ-305T00! Delve into the world of Microsoft Azure and equip yourself with the skills to design innovative infrastructure solutions. Whether you’re a cloud enthusiast, an IT professional, or a seasoned architect, this course is your gateway to harnessing the full potential of Azure. Get ready to embark on a journey of cloud design and innovation!

Microsoft AZ-305T00 Course Highlights

  • Course Duration – 32 Hours
  • Learn from Certified Experts
  • Real-world Projects
  • Certification Preparation
  • Practical Cloud Solution Design
  • Access to Azure Infrastructure Tools and Services

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Microsoft AZ-305T00 Course Description


Welcome to AZ-305T00: Designing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions! This immersive course takes you deep into the world of cloud architecture on Microsoft Azure, providing you with the skills and insights needed to design innovative infrastructure solutions. Explore the extensive capabilities of Microsoft Azure, learn to build and optimize cloud architecture, and discover the art of infrastructure solution integration. Whether you’re a cloud enthusiast looking to dive into the world of Azure or an experienced IT professional aiming to bolster your skills, this program caters to your aspirations. Delivered by Azure experts, this course combines theoretical knowledge with practical experience through real-world infrastructure design projects, all aimed at preparing you for success in the world of cloud design and Azure.

Why AZ-305T00: Designing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions?
  • Azure empowers you to create innovative and efficient cloud solutions.
  • Unlock career opportunities with Microsoft Azure certification.
  • Learn from Azure experts and gain hands-on experience in infrastructure design.
  • Become proficient in designing infrastructure solutions.
  • Boost your skills and expertise in cloud architecture on Azure.

Target Audience

Designed for cloud enthusiasts, IT professionals, architects, and anyone seeking to enhance their cloud design and Azure infrastructure capabilities. This course is suitable for both beginners and experienced individuals.


A basic understanding of cloud concepts is recommended but not mandatory.


7 + 22 =

Microsoft AZ-305T00 Course Objectives

  • Gain expertise in designing infrastructure solutions on Microsoft Azure.
  • Understand the full spectrum of Azure infrastructure tools and services.
  • Create, optimize, and integrate infrastructure solutions tailored to your specific needs.
  • Learn to architect cloud solutions for maximum performance and efficiency.
  • Prepare for Microsoft’s AZ-305T00 certification exam.

Microsoft AZ-305T00 Course Content

Module 1: Design a Governance Solution
Module 2: Design a Compute Solution
Module 3: Design a Non-Relational Data Storage Solution
Module 4: Design a Data Integration Solution
Module 5: Design a Data Storage Solution for Rational Data
Module 6: Design an Application Architecture Solution
Module 7: Design Authentication and Authorization  Solutions
Module 8: Design a Solution to Log and Monitor Azure Resources
Module 9: Design a Network Infrastructure Solution
Module 10: Design a Business Continuity Solution
Module 11: Design a Migration Solution

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Microsoft AZ-305T00 FAQs

1. How long does it take to prepare for Azure 305?
With a comprehensive online course featuring ample hands-on practice, individuals aspiring to become Azure architects can typically expect to be well-prepared for the AZ-305 exam within a month.
2. What are the prerequisites of Azure 305?
Candidates for this exam are expected to possess advanced expertise and understanding of IT operations, encompassing areas such as networking, virtualization, identity, security, business continuity, disaster recovery, data platforms, and governance. Proficiency in managing the impact of decisions in each of these domains on an overall solution is crucial.
3. What is the objective of the AZ 305 exam?

The AZ-305 exam is a Microsoft certification specifically designed for Azure Solutions Architects. This certification aims to verify the expertise and understanding necessary for designing and deploying solutions on Microsoft Azure. It encompasses various crucial aspects, including security, governance, identity, networking, storage, computing, and monitoring.

4. What is the difficulty level of AZ 305?
Prior to attempting the AZ-305 exam, it’s advisable to have a knowledge level equivalent to that of an Azure administrator. Successfully passing the AZ-104 administrator exam is a prerequisite for AZ-305. In terms of difficulty, the AZ-305 exam is considered challenging, given its status as an expert-level certification.
5. Can you take the AZ 305 directly?
To attain the AZ-305 certification, you must meet one of the following criteria: either obtain or hold a current Azure Administrator Associate AZ-104 certification and subsequently pass Exam AZ-305 once it becomes available. Alternatively, you have the option to directly pursue the AZ-305 Certification.
6. What is the passing score for Azure 305?

Although Microsoft strives to keep localized versions updated as indicated, there could be instances where updates to the localized versions of this exam may not adhere strictly to the provided schedule. The passing score for the exam is set at 700.

7. Can you get a job with AZ 305?

Achieving the AZ-305 certification enhances your candidacy for a range of roles, such as solution architect, cloud architect, and IT consultant. This accomplishment not only opens doors to diverse opportunities but also propels your career forward, facilitating accelerated progression.

8. What is the average salary for AZ 305?

Attaining this certification involves successfully completing the AZ-305 exams, formerly known as “AZ-303 and AZ-304.” Undoubtedly, this certification is recognized as both challenging and among the highest-paying in the cloud domain. On average, Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Experts command a salary of approximately USD 135,000.

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