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CCISO Certification Guide

About CISO

CISO or Chief Information Security Officer is the topmost executive position in the IT industry which is almost similar to CEO or CTO. CISO is the executive-level position in the organization that is responsible for information security.

With the increasing demand of digital information in the IT industry, the demand for CISOs is also increasing at a higher rate. The CISOs focus mainly on the core areas where information security is in need. The CISO is also responsible for maintaining adequate level of security strategies and is also responsible for protecting proprietary information and assets of the company, including the data of clients and consumers. CISO works hand-in-hand with other executives to make sure company is growing in a responsible and ethical manner.

CCISO Certification Guide

CISO Certification: EC-Council Certified Chief Information Security Officer (CCISO) certification is highly recognized certification course for professionals to build successful information security program. This certification provides basic understanding of networking to build a strong and robust networking topology to secure networks. After completing CISO certification, candidates will understand best practices required to develop secure IT networking environments and infrastructure. This certification will validate and upgrade the skills of candidates to use devices for communication in CISO systems.

Target Audience for this certification

The target audience for this certification are those who want to pursue their career in Information Security and achieve a higher level of professionality in IT Security. The audience for this certification can be:

  • Network Engineers with security specialization
  • IT professionals engaged in information security management
  • Candidates who perform CISO functions, but don’t have an official title
  • All the professionals who want to pursue their career in information security and want to reach at top-level position in information security.

Requirement for CISO certification

  • Candidates who are appearing for this examination without training must have experience of 5 years in 5 core domains of CCISO verified by Exam Eligibility Application.
  • Candidates who have appeared for training must have 3 years of experience in information security management in 3 out of 5 core domains CCISO domains which is verified by Exam Eligibility Application.

How to become a CISO

The CCISO is for those who want to pursue their career in information security and make themselves expertise in information security domain. One can become a successful CISO by improving and upgrading their skills to align information security programs with specific business goals and objectives. Once achieving all objectives of becoming successful CISO, one can also enhance their technical and management skills, as well as other business procedures.

Five domains of CCISO Program

The CCISO Body of Knowledge gives an in-depth knowledge of the five domains that are crucial for a CISO. These five domains mainly shed light on technical education, as well as information security management principles.

  • Domain 1: Governance and Risk Management (Policy, Legal, and Compliance): This domain consists of structured planning, aligning information security requirements and business needs, leadership and management skills in cybersecurity and organizational laws and acts, understanding of the latest information security changes, trends, and best practices, and report writing.
  • Domain 2: Information Security Controls, Compliance and Audit Management: This domain mainly consists of information-security management controls to minimize the risks, test controls, and produce detailed reports. It also covers auditing management: understanding process, applying principles, skills, and procedures, evaluating and interpreting results, and develop new methods.
  • Domain 3: Security Program Management and Operations: This domain mainly shed light on project development, planning, implementation and budgeting, developing and maintaining information-security project teams, assigning tasks and training, managing teams, ensuring teamwork and communication, and evaluating the project to ensure that it meet business requirements.
  • Domain 4: Information Security Core Competencies: This domain mainly focus on designing and implementing proper plans for access control, risk management, phishing attacks, identification of theft, physical security, disaster recovery and business continuity plans, firewalls, IDS/IPS and network defense system, wireless security, virus and Trojan and malware threats and also the understanding of encryption technologies, and computer forensics and incident response.
  • Domain 5: Strategic planning, Finance, Procurement, and Vendor Management: Design, develop, and maintain enterprise information security architecture (EISA), perform external and internal analysis of the organization, design a strategic plan for business growth, acquire and manage resources based on budget, and understand other business financial requirements.

CISO certification exam details

Duration of the examination 2.5 hours
Number of questions 150 questions
Format of examination Multiple Choice Questions
Passing score 60% to 85% depending upon the exam form


Due to ever increasing demand of information security, CISO has become a crucial part of the organization. Maintaining and implementing new security policies in the organization is not a piece of cake, but maintaining security policies and implementing them for betterment of the organization totally lies on CISO. They need to be alert enough so that they can keep a watch on any security breaches that is taking place in the organization. So, in this case CISO act as backbone for the organization.

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