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Become CHFI Certified For A Rewarding Career In Cyber Security

As a professional if you are looking forward to rise in the field of cyber security and still wondering about the importance of Computer Hacking Forensics Investigation certification (CHFI), probably you are new to the field of Cyber security. Companies around the world have realised that they are consistently under the threat of cyber attack. Thus, they all acknowledge the need of the skilled professionals who

  • possess knowledge to detect hacking attack
  • can properly obtain evidence needed to report the crime and prosecute the cybercriminal, and
  • can conduct an analysis that enables them to prevent future attacks.

CHFI Certification is a validation of an individual’s knowledge in all the above mentioned skills.


A survey reveals that with rise in the use of IoT (internet of things) products, the spending around the world on cyber security products and services is expected to increase by 12 to 15 percent each year until 2021. This is because any product or service connected to internet is a potential target for hackers. Thus, all the organisations are preparing themselves well in advance to defend and check these attacks. This has resulted in the aggressive hiring of the skilled professionals who can sense the cyber attacks well in advance and can fence the network.

We often confuse computer forensics for being a field of data recovery. Its high time we must get over this stereotype and understand that a typical computer forensics expert works for law enforcement agencies and works on cases concerning crimes committed on the Internet and examine computers which are suspected to be involved in cyber crime to find evidence of illegal activity. The unique and sensitive nature of work performed by cyber forensics expert make their job demanding to the extent that many organisations which deal with user’s confidential or personal information can’t even imagine to exist without computer forensics experts.

According to a recent survey the Global Digital Forensics Market is estimated to reach $7 billion by 2024. The requirement for Computer Hacking Forensic Investigators is soaring all over the world and so is the demand for CHFI course.

There are established organisation available for CHFI training. This certification course gives competitive edge to the professionals and help them to advance their career. Since the curriculum of this certification course is vendor-neutral, the certification holders can work in multiple computing environments and need not worry about a particular technology. The average salary in the field of computer forensics is $69,629 per year.

If you are planning to go through CHFI exam, it is highly recommended to join organisations like  InfoSecTrain for the better understanding of the course. The curriculum of CHFI course has been designed to keep the security professionals always a step ahead of the crowd. Faculty at InfoSec Train include experienced and the best trainers from the industry. They understand the requirement of each and every student and thus, train as per their requirement. Course can be attended in a group or can be tailor-made for the students. Online CHFI Training is also available which helps the professionals in coping up with their ongoing career. For more information please visit their official website.

Sweta Choudhary
Writer And Editor
Sweta Choudhary is a writer and editor for last 10 years. After completing her journalism from Delhi, she started her career with ‘The Pioneer’ Newspaper in 2003. She has also worked with other esteemed organisations like hindustantimes.com and Algerian Embassy. She has written various articles on wide range of topics like mainstream news, lifestyle, fashion, travel blogs, book reviews, Management courses, Information Technology, Workplace Organisation Methodologies (5S) and many more. Her work can be read on the websites of multiple organisation, magazines and Quora.