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CCISO Certification

The CCISO stands for the Certified chief information security officer. It is a high level of certification that is hosted by the EC-Council. CCISO certification aims to produce top-class information security executives for the industry. The exam content and course outline are developed by the high-level information security professionals and subject matter experts of the EC-Council. The certification focuses on technical knowledge and the application of information security management principles from an executive management point of view.

In this section, we have thoroughly explained how to prepare for the CCISO exam and become an aspiring chief information security officer. But before moving ahead, let us understand the job profile and responsibilities of a chief information security officer.

Job profile and responsibilities of CISO

The chief information security officer is a C-level position. They form a part of management in an organization.  CISO manages the organization’s security posture and ensures that all critical information assets and IT environments are protected from possible cyber threats. To become a successful chief information security officer requires strong leadership, communication skills, and a thorough understanding of the IT infrastructure.

Following are the responsibilities of a CISO:

  • Working with the executives and security teams to strengthen the security posture of the organization.
  • Hiring security professionals.
  • Ensures the coordination among multiple departments to maintain cyber hygiene.
  • Organizing campaigns to raise awareness among employees about possible cyber attacks.
  • Planning the security budget of the organization.
  • Ensuring all the software and security tools are updated.
  • Handling security incidents and making post-recovery plans.
  • Ensuring the safety of IOTs, managing enterprise risks, and establishing security analytics.

CCISO Exam information

  • There are 150 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) on the CCISO exam. The time duration for the exam is two and a half hours.
  • The passing score may vary from 60% to 80%, depending on the difficulty level of questions asked in the examination.

Domains covered in CCISO certification

The CCISO certification covers these five domains. The percentage weight age of the domains in the examination is given in the brackets.

  • Governance and risk management
  • Information security controls, compliance, and audit management
  • Security program management & operations
  • Information security core competencies
  • Strategic planning, Finance, Procurement and vendor management

Reasons to choose CCISO certification

  • Accredited by ANSI

The CCISO certification program hosted by EC-Council is recognized by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

  • Developed and by the SMEs

The CCISO executive board consists of security experts from prestigious universities, tech giants, and counseling firms who have shared their expertise and valuable information in outlining the content of this program to address the absence of administration in the Information security domain.

  • Emphasizes on C-Level Management

The CCISO program focuses on its five domains, ensuring that their goals line up with those of the NCWF and fulfill the needs of organizations and associations around the globe.

  • Combines Technical Knowledge, Executive Management, and Financial Management

CCISO focuses on providing technical expertise as well as executive management and financial management approach.

  • Perceives the Significance of Real-World Experience

A chief information security officer must have prior knowledge to understand what to expect in this field.  The CCISO Certification helps aspirants in getting a holistic view of it. The CCISO training program has multiple real-like scenarios faced by chief information security officers worldwide. The certification teaches them how to build up a business progression plan for an organization.

Recommended experience

  • Those candidates who are not opting for any training must have five years of experience in each of the five domains of CCISO. The candidates have to verify the experience through the exam eligibility application.
  • Candidates who have opted for training are required to have five years of experience in any three domains of the CCISO.
  • The candidates who do not have prior experience can attend the EC-Council’s information security management (EISM) certification and, after having experience, can apply for CCISO certification. 

Preparation guide for the CCISO examination

The CCISO exam requires a comprehensive methodological approach. The questions demand extensive thoughts and evaluation. Candidates can prepare for the CCISO exam in the following steps:

  • Understand the examination

The first step is to understand the CCISO examination. Plenty of resources is available on the EC-Council’s website, such as blogs and FAQ’s and exam breakdown. It is essential to understand the approach required to solve the problems asked in the examination. The CCISO exam tests candidates’ abilities with different learning levels.

There are three levels tested in the examination.

Level 1- knowledge: In this level candidate’s ability to memorize facts is tested. The questions are based on the basic definitions, standards, and concrete facts.

Level 2- Application: Level 2 tests the candidate’s ability to understand the application of the given concepts.

Level 3- analysis: Level 3 tests a candidate’s ability to analyze and resolve problems using the given variables and context.

  • Make a study plan

pick a learning method that is best suitable for you. You can opt for self-learning or can select an exam preparation course from any EC-council accredited Centre. Make your study plan considering the factors such as time duration for exam preparation and how much you can afford on training and other study resources.

  • Go through study material and guide

Candidates who chose to sit for the examination without any training can purchase the CCISO body of knowledge that covers all five domains. Candidates can visit the official website and utilize CISO Library resources to read whitepapers and news related to the CCISO. The website also provides webinars and podcasts to beef up the understanding of professionals regarding CCISO certification.

Purchase CCISO body of knowledge from here: https://ciso.eccouncil.org/cciso-certification/cciso-training-study-options/

Get access to the CISO Library resources from here: https://ciso.eccouncil.org/ciso-resources/

  • Study the domains of CCISO

Study the five domains of the CCISO certification thoroughly. The domains covered by the certification with their percentage weightage in the examination are as follows:

  • Governance and risk management (25%)
  • Information security controls, compliance, and audit management (25%)
  • Security program management & operations (20%)
  • Information security core competencies (15%)
  • Strategic planning, Finance, Procurement and vendor management (15%)

Check the domain details here: https://ciso.eccouncil.org/cciso-certification/cciso-domain-details/

  • Self-assessment

While preparing for the examination, it is vital to evaluate your progress at regular intervals. The regular self-assessment helps candidates understand the domains in which they are strong and the domains requiring more attention. It is recommended that candidates practice in a real-like exam environment as much as possible. Time is crucial in the examination as candidates have to attempt 150 questions in two and a half hours. Practicing time management enables candidates to keep themself calm during the examination.

Test a quick self-assessment here: https://ciso.eccouncil.org/cciso-assessment/

Final words

CCISO certification is one of the most reputed training programs in the industry. It combines all the necessary components that are required to secure a c-level executive position in an organization. The certification emphasizes on delivering a high-level understanding of the technical knowledge and teaches how to implement this knowledge in the field. CCISO certification helps candidates in moving from mid-management level to the higher roles of information security management.

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