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What’s New in C|EH v12?

What's new in C|EH v12?

New and cutting-edge technology now dominates the planet. Information security is one of the most important aspects of today’s cutting-edge technology. As the amount of data grows daily, hackers target it with various harmful intentions, but certified Ethical Hackers within the organization are there to prevent these data breaches.

What is C|EH v12?

The threat in the internet world will continue to increase. Therefore, there is a surge in the requirement for professionals like Ethical Hackers capable of preventing cyber threats and attacks in organizations worldwide. A Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) is a fully trained professional who knows and understands how to look for vulnerabilities and gaps in the target network. C|EH certification prepares individuals to find vulnerabilities in the target organization’s systems by using the information and tools used by malicious attackers. C|EH has been the best ethical hacking certification in the world for 20 years, and different companies continue to rank it as the best. EC-Council launched the new C|EH v12, the latest version of the C|EH program, on September 7, 2022.

The updated learning framework includes an extensive training program to equip you for the certification exam and the most robust, in-depth, hands-on lab and practice range experience in the industry. The C|EH v12 certification will lead you to a successful career in the cybersecurity field.

What’s new in C|EH v12?

The updated C|EH v12 certification program includes training, laboratories, assessments, a simulated engagement (practice), and even a series of international hacking competitions. You will learn everything there is to know about ethical hacking with C|EH v12 certification. It has been thoroughly revamped as part of the Learn and Certifies process to meet the cybersecurity concerns that today’s cyber professionals encounter.

The C|EH certification is the first of its kind in that it truly takes participants beyond information and requires them to put their talents to practical use due to its revolutionary four-phase ‘Learn, Certify, Engage, Compete’ learning framework.

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C|EH v12 Revolutionary Learning Framework

C|EH v12 has developed a revolutionary learning framework that employs a four-phase methodology: Learn, Certify, Engage, and Compete. This revolutionary learning process means that students who complete the C|EH v12 program have an in-depth learning experience that offers extensive training preceding the certification exam and gives the hands-on laboratories and practice range experiences needed to enter the workforce. This is a one-of-a-kind learning framework available exclusively through C|EH v12. C|EH v12 combines training, hands-on learning laboratories, certification tests, practice cyber ranges, cyber events, and chances for lifelong learning into a single comprehensive approach guided by the new revolutionary learning framework: Learn, Certify, Engage, and Compete.

C|EH v12 Revolutionary Learning Framework

  1. What Will You Learn?

The C|EH v12 certification program is separated into 20 modules. Each module has a bunch of hands-on laboratory sessions that allow you to apply the concepts and techniques taught in the C|EH v12 program on real machines in real time. The 20 modules will help you learn ethical hacking basics and prepare for the C|EH v12 certification exam.

CEH-v12 Modules 1

Hands-on learning labs

Participants will get the chance to put every learning objective of the course into practice on real equipment and susceptible targets due to more than 220 hands-on labs that are conducted in the cyber range environment. Individuals will receive unparalleled exposure to and hands-on practice with the most widespread security tools, current vulnerabilities, and widely-used operating systems on the market due to the device’s pre-loaded selection of over 3,500 hacking tools and operating systems.

2. How Will You Get Certified?

  • Knowledge: The C|EH v12 exam lasts 4 hours and consists of 125 multiple-choice questions. The C|EH v12 equips you with understanding real-world hackers’ latest commercial hacking tools, practices, methodologies, and evading security controls. This knowledge-based exam will put your knowledge of identifying system vulnerabilities, attack vectors, attack detection, attack prevention, procedures, methodologies, and other topics to the test.
  • Skills and Abilities: The C|EH v12 practical exam, which lasts 6 hours, is challenging and demands that you show off your skills with ethical hacking techniques like port scanning, vulnerability detection, and attacks on a system (such as DDoS, DoS, session hijacking, web server, and web application attacks, SQL injection, wireless threats.), etc.
  • Exam Details:


  • Your Proof (C|EH v12 Master): The next stage after receiving your C|EH v12 certification is to become a C|EH Master. The C|EH 12 (Master) designation is given upon successful completion of the C|EH v12 (Master) program, which consists of C|EH v12 and C|EH v12 (Practical).

3. How Will You Engage

Through the hands-on C|EH v12 practice environment, the C|EH v12 program assists you in gaining real-world expertise in ethical hacking. It provides comprehensive hands-on coverage of the five phases of ethical hacking across various current day-to-day technologies. The five ethical hacking phases are:

phases of ethical hacking

Applicants will start their first simulated ethical hacking interaction, which is new to C|EH v12. During this four-phase engagement, participants must exercise critical thinking and apply the knowledge and skills they have learned in the course. In these four phases, the security assessment goals will be shown as a series of flags, and you will have to answer flag questions in order to complete the engagement.

CEH-v12 Engage

4. How Will You Compete?

The compete phase is a new feature in the C|EH v12 certification program, which features monthly Capture-The-Flag-style tournaments and introduces certified Ethical Hackers to various cutting-edge platforms and technologies, including web applications, OT, IoT, SCADA and ICS systems, cloud, and hybrid environments. Candidates compete across fully established network and application environments, including operating systems, actual networks, real technologies, and genuine vulnerabilities in scenario-based engagements.

Updated Technologies in C|EH v12

Here are the updated technologies applied to the new C|EH v12 certification program.

  • MITRE ATT&CK Framework
  • Diamond Model of Intrusion Analysis
  • Techniques for Establishing Persistence
  • Evading NAC and Endpoint Security
  • Fog Computing
  • Edge Computing
  • Grid Computing

Updated OS

Window 11 Window Server 2022
Parrot Security Window Server 2019
Android Ubuntu Linux

C|EH v12 with InfosecTrain

As we know, the C|EH v12 certification is one of the highest-regarded credentials in the cybersecurity field. However, the C|EH certification exam is challenging, and that’s what makes it unique. If it were easy, everyone would have the same title next to their name. Therefore, we at InfosecTrain offer excellent training for IT and cyber security professionals who wish to advance their careers with C|EH v12 certification. Our instructors are highly knowledgeable in a wide variety of fields, and we are a world-class training organization with a global reputation for training excellence. Enroll in InfosecTrain’s C|EH v12 certification training program to get started.


TRAINING CALENDAR of Upcoming Batches For CEH v12

Start Date End Date Start - End Time Batch Type Training Mode Batch Status
06-Jul-2024 11-Aug-2024 19:00 - 23:00 IST Weekend Online [ Open ]
31-Aug-2024 06-Oct-2024 09:00 - 13:00 IST Weekend Online [ Open ]
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