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EC-Council Certified Incident Handler Certification Handbook for Professionals

E | CIH program is a highly interactive and structured approach for fabricating the incident handling and response. This latest deviation of the EC-Council Certified Incident Handler program incorporates various stages of the IH&  R like; incident handling and responsive presentation, escalating and notifying the incident, validating and prioritizing the incident, gathering forensic evidence and analyzing them, system recovery, incident containment as well as eradication of the incident.  Thus, the EC-Council Certified Incident Handler certification would adequate you to handle the post-breach cyber havoc by reducing the incident impact from both perspectives of the organization financial as well as reputational.

As said by the EC Council Group president “ Organizations are looking for professional incident handlers and response personnel who can prepare security policies and plans to tackle incidents with efficacy in time-constrained scenarios in order to reduce the impact of incidents.” The professionals have plenty of opportunities to flourish their career only by gaining the efficacy on E | CIH; therefore, the ECIH V2 Course would be a great choice.

The E | CIH course is a method-driven program that has a unified approach towards the vast concept of resuming the assets of the organization after the security incident. Training will help the professionals to analyze the threats and respond abruptly to prevent the organization from future cyber threats.

Let’s have a look at the purpose of the EC-Council Certified Incident Handler certification:

For Organization & Individuals:

  • Helps in identifying, containing as well as recovering the organizational assets from the attack.
  • Facilitates both the individuals and the organizations with the ability to respond to the cybersecurity crisis in the most potential and economic manner.
  • Gain the efficacy to built the cybersecurity policies that ensures maintaining the service quality up to the agreed measures.
  • Helps in reinstating the general operations in the organizations ASAP and helps in reducing the unfavourable impact on the business affairs.
  • Professionals can boost their employability by learning incident handling skills.

Focusing the Learning Objectives

  • This comprehensive EC-Council Certified Incident Handler certification training ensures to impart a keen understanding of the fundamentals of vulnerability management, risk management, incident response automation and orchestration and threat assessment.
  • Learn to cope with different types of cybersecurity threats, threat actors, attack vectors and their intentions.
  • Systematic implementation of the techniques to various cybersecurity incidents which includes malware incidents, cloud security incidents, email security incidents, insider threat-related incidents, network security incidents and web application security incidents
  • Helps in decoding numerous steps that are involved in planting the incident handling as well as the response program.
  • Assimilating the importance of the very first response procedure which incorporates the evidence collection, transportation, data, acquisition, packaging, volatile and static evidence collection, storing and evidence analysis.
  • Preparing the professionals to detect the cybersecurity incidents and respond with the right procedure to holistically.

The ECIH certification program is designed to outshine the career graph of the professionals, with its highly comprehensive training modules and real-time scenario-based sessions. This program helps the professionals in developing an understanding of the significant components of incident handling that will help them in reviving the secure IT infrastructure.

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