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Why Becoming Certified Network Defender Can be a Career Changing Move for You?

If you are an IT professional looking for an opportunity which will help you to get an exciting, in-demand, well-compensated career in network defense, becoming a Certified Network Defender will certainly lead you to your dream career. EC-Council’s Certified Network Defender (C|ND) is a credentialing program which equips the network administrators with security skills by protecting, defending and responding to threats on the network. These skills are important to excel in the field of cybersecurity as every organization is looking for an expert to defend itself against data breaches. In the last 10 years, there has been a rise of 1370% in cyber breaches and this has led to the severe rise in the demand for Certified Network Defender.

Cybersecurity as a profession is growing with opportunities on a daily basis. There are many certifications which can help in getting a long term career in this domain. So what is special about C|ND and why becoming Certified Network Defender can be a career-changing move for you?

C|ND is a specific program focused on the operations and processes involved in network defense and maintaining the infrastructure. A C|ND certified professional has to –

• test a network for weaknesses,
• install security programs,
• evaluate/monitor networks, and more.

Getting through C|ND all by yourself can be tough, therefore, it is suggested to find out a good certified network defender training to understand the C|ND course in a better way. Organizations like Infosec train helps you to get this training in the easiest and fastest possible way so that you learn a new skill set and get closer to a better career. Some of the reasons that have brought C|ND in demand are:

Long term job opportunity
The cybersecurity industry is growing up consistently and so it offers immense opportunity for the growth of career. This field is full of challenges as cyberattacker are improving their standards as per the improvement in the technology. This means that there will always be a demand for professionals with the latest skillset. This assures not only the availability of the job but also the stability in career.

Synced with NICE Framework
National Initiative on Cybersecurity Education (NICE) defines a cybersecurity task on the basis of skills, abilities, and knowledge required to perform it. C|ND is based on such job-task analysis and is in sync with NICE 2.0 Framework’s Protect and Defend specialty area.

Extensive learning
C|ND courses include learning of 14 latest network security domains. This extensive learning makes a C|ND certified professional an ace in defending the company’s networking assets and processes. This program is meant to offer information on network technologies like the working of the network, the automated software, and analysis of the subject material. It also offers skillset on the application of network tools, security controls, VPN and firewall configuration, vulnerability scanning in the network, protocols, and appliances, etc.

ANSI Accredited
American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is a private non-profit certification body which verifies certification programs and regulates them on the basis of international standards. C|ND is accredited with ANSI and therefore has more value in the field of cybersecurity certifications.

Highly paid certification
Since C|ND is a vendor-neutral certification, professionals certified with it can use their skills on various technologies used in different organizations. This certification validates your knowledge on the latest network security domains, thus, you can always expect a much better salary as compared to your non-C|ND peers. Organization are always looking for the professionals certified with C|ND, so it will help you to get recognized in your organization and you can take a leap in the career with that much-awaited promotion.

There are many more reasons which explain the benefits of C|ND. But it is important to understand the course structure at length to get through the exam. Trainers at InfosecTrain are well aware of the latest module of CND. Certified network defender course includes 50% hands-on labs and practical work. This gives a real-world experience in handling data breach issues. InfosecTrain assures that you get these experiences and turn out to be an authentic Certified Network Defender.

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