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Why Are Ethical Hackers Important For Every Organisation?

If you are an Entrepreneur wondering about the need of an Ethical hacker in your organization, this blog will definitely act as an eye-opener regarding cybersecurity and will make you to immediately act upon the cyber safety of your organization. Any business, irrespective of its size/turnover is dependent on the internet and has a personal network as well. The use of technology not only helps in growth but also brings along the risk of a cyber-attack. This consistent rise in cyber threats has increased the demand for information security and ethical hackers.

As described by the EC-Council, a certified hacker is someone who hacks into the information systems with the consent of the organization. There are various Ethical Hacking Courses available for those interested to begin their career in this domain. Let’s go through the role and usefulness of an Ethical hacker in an organization.

Ethical Hackers Are Foreseeing

Any business sector be it banks, healthcare, government agencies, etc., are vulnerable to cyberattacks. Professionals with certified ethical hacker training develop the ability to foresee the cyber threats and act accordingly. They can manage the security standards in advance and reduce the risk of being attacked.

Provide Offense Against Cyber Attacks

Efficient security management indeed plays an important role in checking the cyber attacks. Ethical Hackers do more than just offering strong security defense. They are responsible for:

  • the regular updating of anti-virus and anti-malware software updates,
  • installing firewalls,
  • finding vulnerabilities, and
  • other important tasks of security

Thus, they make sure to keep ahead of the attackers and prevent the breach of the network.

Offer Secured Transition To Cloud Technology

Businesses around the globe are gradually shifting to Cloud technology. But the process of transition is severely vulnerable to attacks. Under such crucial circumstances, Ethical hackers with CEH V10 Training are useful in handling the security challenges and safe completion of the transition to virtualization.

Ethical Hackers Limit Organisations Liability

Besides reducing the risk of breaches, ethical hackers are also responsible for reducing the risk liability if the breach happens. The availability of an ethical hacker improves the trust factor between the organization and its clients.

They Help In Educating The Other Employees

Skilled ethical hackers are aware of the actions on the part of employees which creates vulnerabilities. Thus, they can warn employees against vulnerable actions while using company computing systems. An aware and educated workforce acts as a fence to secure the network of the organization.

Ethical Hackers Abate Loss

During the event of a breach in the network, ethical hackers are boon for the organization.

  • They are quick in handling vulnerability and preventing an ongoing attack that abates the loss.
  • They also help in providing employee fidelity bond or suggest insurance that can reimburse organizational losses as a result of their activities.

Cybersecurity must be a top concern for any business. A cyber attack will not only interfere with profitability and expansion of the business but also with the hard-earned image and trust of the organization. An ethical hacker is a solution to all your worries regarding the cyber threats.

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Sweta Choudhary
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